The moment Sol uttered those words, he immediately regretted them. While Tiamat was without a doubt a beautiful woman and Sol did not really see her as his grandmother, there was the simple fact that Tiamat wasn’t just any woman.

She was one of the oldest beings in the world and even to this day, she had chosen no mates. 

“Ohoh? Who were you thinking about when you said this?”

Tiamat could see that those words hadn’t been really addressed to her at the given moment. Sol hesitated a little before explaining the situation and the facts about Lilith.

“Heh, so you thought about your aunt when you said this.”

Tiamat wasn’t offended by Sol’s words. 

Dragons and divine beasts in general had a very skewed view about incest. After all, most of the children of divine beasts weren’t ‘born’ in the conventional way.

Most divine beasts gave birth by separating a part of their energy to create totally new beings with the same energy wavelength as them. It was similar to how spirits were born from concentrated mana in a special environment. 

As such, in the proper sense of the term, Tiamat wasn’t the mother of the dragon race but its creator.

Thanks to this, any problem that might arise from inbreeding was nonexistent and incest wasn’t frowned upon either. 

In fact, many dragons had courted her throughout history, such as Nabu’s father. But even to this day, she was still alone without a mate.

“Yes, I am sorry if I offended you.”

Tiamat gave a mischievous smile as she shook her head and stood up from her throne.

“Well, it isn’t impossible. But…”

Sol was utterly floored by the words coming from Tiamat. 


Tiamat took one step and stood in front of him.

In terms of height, even though Tiamat was a tall woman, Sol was still somewhat taller than her.

Even though it was Tiamat looking up at him, Sol immediately felt suffocated. As if he was standing in front of an insurmountable wall.


He felt as if the walls of his mind were being shattered. 

In one instant, an overwhelming feeling of kneeling down and worshiping Tiamat filled his heart. 

His ears rang, his heart stirred, his mind screamed.


“You are really special.”

The moment Tiamat said this, like a lie, the feeling disappeared and she was back to her throne.

The only thing that had changed was the way she was looking at Sol.

“I am impressed.”

Sol shook his head as he tried to get back his bearings. 

“What was…No.”

Sol was about to ask what happened when a flash of inspiration struck him. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened to him after all.

“You used Pride?”

Sol worded, a little confused. 

“Oh? You know about this?”

“I looked at Luxuria’s face.”




An awkward silence fell as Tiamat looked at him as if she was looking at a crazy bastard causing Sol to cough awkwardly.

“You are…”

Tiamat tried to speak but in the end she simply pinched the bridge of her nose and released an exasperated sigh.

“What I just used on you was indeed the concept of Pride. But more exactly, I didn’t use it. I simply stopped restraining it. That was my most natural state. Do you understand now?”

Sol nodded in understanding. Even though he somehow managed to fight back, it was mainly because Tiamat once again restrained herself.

How could Tiamat have a mate when that mate couldn’t stop himself from kneeling and worshiping her? 


“Of course, that isn’t all. You may have a breathtaking talent. But you are simply too weak now. You wouldn’t even be able to impregnate me since your seed would be crushed by the mana in my body. In the first place, you wouldn’t even be able to perform the deed since lust would be the furthest thing from your mind.”


Sol gave an awkward laugh. Somehow his slip of tongue was pushing the conversation in a truly weird direction.

Sol wasn’t stupid enough to miss the hidden meaning behind Tiamat’s words.

He wasn’t worthy of being her mate…Yet.

It was clear that she would be willing to give him a chance if he reached a certain level.

This made Sol not quite know how to feel.

“Well, that is for the future. Now we need to think about the present.”

Tiamat’s smile vanished as she began to speak about more important matters than simply mating.

“You should go rest. I will deal with the problem of your black phoenix. Five days later, it will be time for you to inherit my knowledge.”

Tiamat would have wished to take more of her time and prepare him more, but she could feel the pull of destiny calling Sol. 

The future was becoming more blurred as if something was interfering with her. She hoped that with the help of the Norn sisters who were coming, she would be able to access a wider range of futures and prepare in case something happened.


After discussing the measures with Tiamat, Sol went back and explained the situation to a relieved Isis and Sheherazade.

For Sheherazade, it was like a mighty weight had been lifted away from her shoulders. She had always felt threatened because of the target on her back and always tried to not show her anxiety because she didn’t want to worry Isis.

Now though, at least nothing could happen to her in Tiamat’s territory.

After that, the three of them decided to spend some time together to sightsee.

Once Sol became prince of dragons officially, he wanted to form a Lust-type contract with Isis. In order to do so, it was imperative for the two of them to cultivate the feelings they had for each other.

Sol was sure that Isis was interested and had some slight feelings for him, but he also knew that it was far from enough. In a way, his relationship with Nent was stronger than the one he had with Isis.

All of this stemmed from the fact that Sol and Isis had few things to share together until now.

Aside from their great adventure in the desert that ended with him fighting Rio and White, he didn’t have much time to talk with her.

This resulted in them having settled in a comfortable relationship that was more about friendship than love. Which was of course something that couldn’t be accepted.

Thus he had an idea of a date to become closer to her.

The different floating islands had different facilities. After getting permission from Kiyohime, the three of them visited what could be likened to a theme park on an island in Hydra’s territory.

It was hard to imagine how a dragon famed for his powerful and sinister poison was the owner of a chain of parks for lovers and adventurers but that was the truth.

This time, the little date didn’t have any unexpected accident. 

He had been a little worried because until now all his dates ended with him either having a mysterious encounter or simply ending badly, but this time, everything went perfectly well.

Sheherazade fused with Isis’ body and completely stayed silent in order to allow Sol and Isis to have a great time together.

The park had many interesting ideas that were all about reinforcing the relationship between two or more individuals. After all, dragons were mainly polygamous.

For Isis, this was the first time she had so much fun. With Sol, she had a total blast as they went through the different events proposed that were as embarrassing as they were interesting. 

This day allowed both Sol and Isis to witness a different side of each other.

Isis had always seen Sol as a battle maniac and a sex-driven maniac. Of course, she also knew that he was a kind man who accepted her for who she was, but those two previous impressions were the strongest.

Isis was not against harem in general.

She just didn’t want to be nothing more than a +1 in Sol’s harem. She didn’t want to end with someone who only wanted her for her power and nothing more.

She wanted to be loved the same way her father loved her mother. She wanted to be with someone who would be able to face all adversities for her the same way her father didn’t hesitate to kidnap her mother despite Gabriel’s potential fury.

For Isis, Anubis represented the ideal man and thankfully, Sol didn’t disappoint her personality-wise. The way he thought and acted were very similar to her father. Albeit, way less jaded.

But was it really enough?

Could she really give her future away to Sol?

After all, becoming the first contract of Sol was not something to take lightly. It was a choice that would affect her for the rest of her life whatever the outcome.

All those worries had always plagued her mind. 

But after the recent events, those worries were slightly abated.

While Sol did doubt Sheherazade, and reasonably so, he did his best in helping them despite the situation and did not hesitate to ask for help from Tiamat.

No matter how appreciated Sol was, asking for too many favors would make this favor deflate over time.

Even so, he did not hesitate.

This helped her understand once more that Sol was someone special.

He was without a doubt a battle-crazed maniac.

He was also without a doubt a lustful bastard.

But, in the same way, he was someone she could believe without a doubt. His warm sun-like soul brought peace to her heart and his actions brought peace to her mind.

Was she in love with him? 

She didn’t know. She had no experience and couldn’t really explain his position in her heart.

Even so, the thought staying with him didn’t seem so bad. 




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Anonymous · 2022-05-21 at 4:09 PM

how many points does a contract consume? cuz sol has 500 iirc, does that mean he could form 500 contracts if a contract costs 1 point?

Anonymous · 2022-05-21 at 8:31 AM

cool! sherezada fall in the trap pf sol! ;D

loshi1505 · 2022-05-20 at 5:18 AM

i just realized something. sol as a half breed like isis should be able to be contracted by someone else if he wanted to. @Hikaru Genji any plan for that or did you forget about that possibility just like i did?

maybe if nuwa (if she has enough human in her) or someone has enough capacity they could contract sol instead of the other way around!

    Anonymous · 2022-05-20 at 10:39 PM

    They never said he can make only one contract all they said is That the first contact is special

      loshi1505 · 2022-05-20 at 11:03 PM

      not referring to him being able to make more than one contract himself, but rather someone else contracting him due to his half dragon side. it was specifically stated at one point sol has the capacity to make like 3 S-tier contracts or so. (don’t remember the exact number)

      what i’m saying is someone else, like say nuwa, camila, maybe athena who has enough capacity could theoretically contract sol if he allowed it. and that this might be an oversight we all missed. LOL

        Hikaru Genji · 2022-05-23 at 11:07 AM

        Haha. Nah this isn’t really an oversight. Sol is an Hybrid dragon/Blessed. His quality is essentially in the S+. So only someone with more than 100 CP could potentially contract him.
        This number generally only appear in members of the Royal family of Lustburg and the only two other royal aside from Sol are Lilith and Lilin who incidentally have 0 CP 😂😂.

          anon · 2022-05-24 at 8:01 PM

          so what your saying is that one of sol’s daughters will use this loophole maybe in an attempt to join his harem? 😛

          Hikaru Genji · 2022-05-24 at 8:42 PM

          Haha. Nah. I don’t mind aunt/nephew incest but I avoid father/daughter or Mother/son type incest 😂

          anon · 2022-05-24 at 11:19 PM

          strange place to draw the line at with the amount of incest this story already has setup. lol

          I could somewhat understand if you wanted to avoid it going too pedo, but once the characters are “of age”… all bets should be off imo. *shrug*

          Hikaru Genji · 2022-05-25 at 1:41 AM

          Mhm. I understand I comas hypocritical but I have weird hangup like that.
          For example, I like younger boy/older women stories but I dislike younger girls/older men stories.

          anon · 2022-05-25 at 8:36 PM

          Well this is an interesting topic, what makes you uncomfortable about it?

          Personally I could possibly see sol reactively accepting a daughter of his or two, if per chance they actively pursue him after becoming adults. But I also see sol as desiring to be a parent first and foremost and ideally wanting to be a parent for their entire lives as his own weren’t around for him. Thus if by chance his own daughter(s) fell for him and weren’t just simple crushes but legit probably can’t find it in them to love someone other than him, he’d feel forced to accept them. Knowing that parental-wise it’s the only move to make them actually happy.

          But back on your hangup what’s the distinctive element that makes the dynamic different for you? Is it related to gender maturity during growth? Because from what I’ve experienced with a parent working in childcare most their life, maturity comes from how they were raised as much as the person’s personality itself and has no major relation to gender. (though there are minor influences) Is it due to some other reason? Like idealization of romance? Because while different between the two genders boys do have their own version. So what is it that brings about this hangup of yours?

          Hikaru Genji · 2022-05-25 at 9:24 PM

          Haha. Well, I don’t have deep reasons. I guess this is mostly from my own understanding and desire. When I see a young man/older woman, I easily project myself since I did have desire for mature women even as a teen. Meanwhile, when I see younger girl/older man, I feel like I am observing an abuse.
          Lol, I do know that the two case are abuse but I am more uncomfortable with the second scenario. I guess it’s more because of how I was raised. Girls are weak/boy are strong. (I know this isn’t the case but yeah. Was raised in a pretty traditional house so yeah.)

          anon · 2022-05-26 at 1:52 AM

          Interesting, I’d say IRL your both right and wrong. The majority of older-younger relationships are rooted in abuse. Mainly because the older is manipulating the younger to satisfy them sexually without treating them as an equal or worse even requiring their consent. However the minority that get reported that actually have consent and some level of equality involved and got reported due to someone outside their relationship. But that leaves the question of how many aren’t reported that are consensual and treated as equals? *looks towards alabama*

          disclaimer in no way should incest or pedophile be promoted IRL. But with that said, this is a story of complete fiction where no one is harmed and only used for entertainment purposes.

          I’m not quite sure how your got stuck on the abuse if the male is the older bit. especially if they’re responding rather than perusing. maybe the easiest way to circumvent that is equating the younger female to a fangirl, one who the older man loves as a fan, but is being sexually pursued and is just responding to it rather than initiating it? idk but i’m guessing that your hangup applies to more than just a father-daughter type relationship right? but applies to older male, younger female in general no?

          Hikaru Genji · 2022-05-26 at 7:20 AM

          Yep. Indeed, I perfectly understand that Older/younger (when one is minor and sometimes even after becoming an adult) are quite abusive with a few exceptions. No matter what the sex.

          I just dislike Older men/younger women in general. Since like I said, the feeling of abuse look (for me) even stronger.
          I don’t know if you read my other work aside from SHK but you will remark that in all of those, my mc is always the younger one in his relationship.

          Of course, I don’t mind reading such story(young girl/old man) since I recognize it’s just fantasy. Just not really comfortable writing it myself.

Anonymous · 2022-05-20 at 12:45 AM

“Can I fuck you?” (Sol)

“No, you will kneel.” (Tiamat)

“Oh you into that? My mouth works just fine unless you have something else down there.” (Sol)

“Your misunderstanding me here.” (Tiamat)

Anonymous · 2022-05-19 at 11:22 PM

Great development here man.i think interesting chapters are coming.

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