After deciding what to do, Sol briefly wondered whether he should take Isis and Sheherazade with him to visit Tiamat.

But with how guarded the 9th Heaven was, Sol didn’t want to presume.

It was better to visit her alone and bring the other two if she gave permission. After all, infuriating the one you wished to ask help from wasn’t exactly the smartest decision.

Since he liked to act fast, he began to move and left them after assuring them.

He didn’t know whether Tiamat would give a hand but in the worst case, they would go hide in the Mortal Realm.

He didn’t believe that those Fae would dare to wreak havoc in the mortal realm.

“Well, let’s go.”


The elevator finally opened after it reached the 9th heaven where Tiamat resided.

‘This is my second time coming here but I still feel overwhelmed.’

The atmosphere and aura in this part of Tiamat’s territory were at a completely different level.

“Come inside.”

Before he even knocked at the gate, he was told to enter. He easily recognized Tiamat’s beautiful voice full of authority and didn’t hesitate to answer.

The gate opened wide and gave access to the throne room where Tiamat used her throne as a makeshift bed. 

The way she sat on her own throne was quite the wonder but Sol understood very well how boring it was to sit on one. It was hard to stop oneself from playing around while on it.

When Sol reached a certain distance from Tiamat, he could once again feel the gravity suddenly change. This was the same level as the last time.

The first time it happened, Sol had been nearly unable to move without mobilizing all his power.

But this time, aside from a slight stagger at the unexpected change in gravity, Sol showed no visible strain as he continued to advance.


Tiamat, who had been nonchalantly playing with a crown raised an eyebrow at the display and sat more properly on her throne.

She had once again forgotten to stop the increased gravity around her. But this wasn’t her fault. For her, only this level of gravity felt somewhat right. She was so used to it that for her the normal gravity made her more uncomfortable than anything.

Still, as she watched Sol advance one step after the other one, each step completely steady with no excess strength until he finally stopped in front of her, a smile lit up her face as she clapped.

“Beautiful. I see that your trip to Tartarus was really helpful.”

In terms of pure power, while Sol had somewhat evolved, it was hard to say that he was vastly more powerful than in the past.

But, true power wasn’t just about having strength, but knowing how to use it well. The flow of mana in Sol’s body, the toughness of his veins, the sturdiness of his body, and the mind honed by hundreds of fights to the death.

All of this combined to bring an explosive result. A result that she was really pleasing to see.

Hearing her praise, Sol smiled and nodded, “I have realized many things through the training and I believe my vision of myself is clearer than ever. Entering the Duke rank shouldn’t be a problem.”

Tiamat shook her head, “Entering the Duke rank is just a formality for you. What is truly important is how you will enter it. Don’t forget my warning. I will teach you my own art to help in the formation of your Zone. Don’t go doing anything stupid before that.”

If Sol broke through to the Duke rank with some trashy concept like bloodlust, she would go crazy at the wasted potential. While she didn’t like the thought of helping further the plans of the goddesses, this was her grandson they were talking about.

Of course, it would be even better if Sol’s Zone changed him into a singularity. The chances were low but it wasn’t impossible. Everything would depend on how they played it.

“So? While I am happy to have you visit me, I believe that this wasn’t the reason you came.”

Sol nodded and began to explain the situation. The worst thing to do when facing people like Tiamat was turn around without bringing up the main topic.

Tiamat listened attentively while he explained the situation and the more she did so the more her eyes gleamed.

In the end, she couldn’t help but laugh lightly, “How ridiculous.”

The power of wishes? 

This was indeed a quite dangerous power. Though it still fell within the bounds of the rules, it could bring quite the unexpected power when used well.

She could understand why the Fae courts were going crazy about her. Though she doubted that Tuatha De Danann itself had intervened yet. After all, this organization had quite a number of demigods. 

‘Should I give them a warning?’

Tuatha De Dannann or not, the fairy was now Sol’s possession. How could she let those upstart bastards disturb her beloved grandson?

Then again, “If they know Anubis’ daughter is involved, they will back off immediately.”

Tiamat was very powerful. But because she wasn’t interested in expanding her influence and such things, her presence was quite weak. The only thing people knew about her were her legends.

Anubis, meanwhile, was the bogeyman of the Astral world. He had destroyed quite the number of worlds in his crusades and his death army was the stuff of nightmares. 

In Crossroad, his name was synonymous with death, and even crying children would shut up when he was mentioned.

‘Huh. Now that I think about it, will we become related through his daughter?’

The relationship between her and Anubis was quite stiff. 

In the past, when he spread the art of necromancy and some bastard thought of making bone dragons, she stormed into his lair and destroyed a good chunk of the underworld in vengeance.

She then proceeded to storm the mortal world and brought chaos to quite a large part of the world.


“I told you to call me Big Sis.”

Sol called out to Tiamat as she had fallen strangely silent after his demands but her automatic response made him laugh.

It reminded him of Theresa back in the Mortal World and how insistent she was about him calling her aunt. 

“Anyway, you did well in informing me. I will send a warning to them and that will be it. While a Wish fairy is extremely rare, she hasn’t reached the level where they would dare to fight me over her.”

“I knew that Big Sis was the best.”

Tiamat chortled at his actions, while she knew that he only acted to please her and stroke her ego, she had to admit that being looked at by those eyes filled with pure admiration was quite the mood booster.

“By the way, Sol, do you already have a mate?”

Sol was quite bewildered at the sudden topic shift but simply nodded and explained some of his relationships.

“Hum. Well as expected of my grandson I guess. Not even the daughters of Ambrosia and Gabriel escaped from your clutches.”

She laughed out loud but then shook her head, “But this wasn’t what I meant. I was wondering if you were interested in taking a mate in the dragon tribe.”

Tiamat exposed her worry. She had already lost all hope in someone else awakening as a Chaos Dragon or a Dimensional Mage.

But then after Blaze came Sol. Perhaps his children could also inherit her power?

“Well, should I remind you that just after coming here I was thrown into Tartarus?”

“Hahaha. That’s true. Oh well, what does it even matter? You can choose any female and any number of them and mate with them. The more the better in fact.”

Tiamat wasn’t into forced marriage so she didn’t choose to impose anything on Sol. As for the female dragons? She was sure that many of them would fight it out just to have Sol for one night. 

Even those already in a relationship.

Break up between a dragon couple wasn’t rare and in fact, happened quite often. After a couple had children together, the female would generally kick the male away from the nest and take care of the children if she is stronger. 

‘Why does it seem so familiar?’

Sol meanwhile found the situation quite familiar. It reminded him of the day everything began to change for him. 

The day when Lilith called out to him and explained the situation of the royal family in Lustburg and how having more children was necessary.

Back then, he had one thought he hadn’t dared to blurt out. Sometimes, he wondered how things would have changed if he had the courage to voice out his hidden desire.

This was why, unconsciously, he blurted out.

“What if I choose you?”




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