Kaiser Superbia, the grandson of one of the four Dragon King, Fafnir.

In the dragon tribe, Kaiser and Nidhogg were the two brightest stars since they showed the most potential to reach the level of King.

The Dragon tribe had been rather unlucky when it came to King level since all those who became one aside from the first four ended up dying one way or another.

In the current generation, the two had been given many important resources and many believed that the one who would win the vacant title of prince would be one of them.

Kaiser in particular was extremely popular. Not only because of his looks and talent but also because he inherited a part of Tiamat’s foresight power, making him a deadly opponent in battle. His power was less developed than her, but in a way, it was a blessing.

Tiamat’s foresight was extremely specialized and she could only observe the future of people with dragon blood. But Kaiser, while losing a lot of power, suffered no such restriction.

“What’s going on?”

That was why, the moment he entered the scene and asked with a cold voice, all the others who were clamoring earlier couldn’t help but shut their mouths in uneasiness.

“Kaiser! I am sorry that you were disturbed. I wonder what you are doing in the Queen’s territory?”

Kaiser sneered at the veiled intention in the words of the dragon who spoke to him.

While the 7th Heaven belonged to all the dragons, it was divided into smaller territories with each of them belonging to one of the dragon kings or princes.

Kaiser, as the grandson of Fafnir, had technically no authority in this part of the 7th heaven.


“I believe I asked a question.”

He completely ignored the dragon that spoke to him, as if he was nothing more than a pebble on the road.

“My lord…”

In the end, one of the elves decided to intervene to stop the situation from worsening. They did not want to see dragons fight for petty reasons. Even more so since the winner was already evident.

In the end, the elf began to explain the situation as it was. He did not bother to embellish or demean anyone. Such an action was beneath them after all.

When he finished, the dryad continued.

“I am not trying to start a conflict. The fairy on the shoulder of that…Phoenix is a criminal researched on our territory.”

“I dare you!  I swear you will be reduced to charcoal before you can even approach me.”

Isis who had stayed silent this whole time growled. She did not miss the disgust in the eyes of the dryad as well as most of those present.

Since she wasn’t fused with Sheherazade currently, her death aura was on full display and it was clear that it wasn’t appreciated.

But for once, Isis did not care about those looks. Protecting her friend was far more important than this.

The moment Isis stopped holding back, those that had crowded around her couldn’t help but take a few steps back in fright.

It had to be said that Isis was a very powerful Duke in her own right. She wasn’t someone people at their level could afford to underestimate.

‘Oh? What a fiery woman.’

Kaiser threw her an interesting look. If he had to be honest he did dislike her at first instinctively. 

But it didn’t take long for him to push back those instincts. Kaiser believed that only mindless beasts let themselves be controlled by instincts.

As divine beasts and superior beings, it was their duty to only judge people based on the most objective facts.

Sighing, Kaiser looked at the dragon that he previously ignored.

“You should drop it and go away.”

“Kaiser! Aren’t you acting a little too much?”

Kaiser pinched his eyebrows and sighed.

‘This is why dealing with lustful morons is such a pain.’

He could smell the scent of the dryad on the dragon. Clearly, the reason he was helping her was either that he had received some kind of less than savory payment or simply because he was courting her.

Either way, this was another case of a dragon thinking with their lower members.

“Tell me. Do you want to start a diplomatic incident?”


“Shut up!”

Kaiser roared, barely containing his anger, 

“Firstly, whether that infuriating fairy is a criminal or not, who gave that woman the right to chase someone down in our territory? In fact, who the hell does she think she is even?”


“I said shut up! Secondly, when such a case happens, the regulations are to reach the lord of the territory to settle the dispute. The one who holds office in this territory is Aqua. Why the hell did you not inform her first before making a scene here?”


“*Sigh* Finally, you dumb fuck whose IQ lowered because of lust. Do you even know who the hell you are antagonizing? Or what? Do you think there are many Phoenixes shrouded in death in this world?”

The dragon that had grown sullen because of the repeated insult closed his mouth as he went deep into thinking. Though it didn’t take long for him to remember the information.

After all, there was only one Death Phoenix alive in this world.

He looked at Isis in horror as realization finally struck him like a hammer.


This time Kaiser smirked, 

“From the pitiful look on your face, I think your little brain finally stopped disturbing the bigger one. Also, as if it wasn’t enough. Do I need to remind you that they are guests of honor of the Empress?”


“Whoooo! It was crazy! You went whoosh and whoosh. Completely destroyed those bastards with just your words! Badass!”

A few minutes later, after Kaiser berated that dragon until he realized how foolish he had been, the dragon profusely apologized to Isis and even promised to send some compensation.

As for the matter of Sheherazade being a criminal, it had been completely thrown on the wayside.

Currently, Kaiser and Isis were sitting in an open-air terrace as Sheherazade had proposed a meal as a thank you for helping them.

Listening to the excited words of Sheherazade, Kaiser’s lips twitched as he fought to control his growing tension. That fairy had a little too much energy for him. 

Tasting an ice cream, Isis nodded, “I didn’t need your help there but thanks.”

Kaiser didn’t know how to react to such a half-hearted thanks and shrugged.

“It seems like you don’t appreciate my presence?”

Isis sighed, “I am sorry. That was too much for me.”

Looking at him in the eyes, she smiled.

“Thanks for helping us.”

“…*Ahem*…It was nothing.”

Kaiser coughed as he could feel his cheek redden at the unexpected smile. The gap between the previous stone-faced Isis and this one was pretty wide and all the more striking.

“Well then. Time for us to leave. It was a pleasure.”


Kaiser stood up at the same time as them unconsciously, prompting Isis to look at him with bewilderment.


“*Cough* Nothing…I mean…I have a business with Aqua. Let me accompany you.”

Isis tilted her head, but in the end, simply shrugged. It wasn’t like she could stop him from visiting his own family.

“Suit yourself.”

Like this, the two walked in near relative silence and used the tower of Babel to ascend to the 8th heaven. 

Sometimes, Sheherazade would buzz around him and ask a few questions, and Kaiser would answer but that was it.

Kaiser couldn’t believe how flustered he was because of Isis. After all, it wasn’t as if he was an inexperienced man. He had his fair share of flings. After all, he was so popular. 

If all the women who wanted him in this territory formed a line, it would be enough to cover a few hundred meters.

But this was the first time a woman really managed to make him feel that weird flutter in the stomach.

‘Well, not really the first time.’

He remembered that he did have a crush on his cousin, Nidhogg.

In fact, for a time, there were even talks about them becoming mates. After all, with their talents and identities, the two of them suited each other quite a bit.

Sadly, Nidhogg rejected him. She never explained her reason but there was nothing that could be done. Dragons respected each other’s individual desires and there was no such thing as forced marriage in their tribes.

‘I wonder if she would be open to courting?’


[8th heaven]

After getting out of the tower, the three of them easily reached Kiyohime’s island.

All this while, Kaiser could see that Isis had absolutely no interest in him as a man and would have most likely not talked to him if not for his earlier help.

Still, he wasn’t discouraged. Feelings needed time to grow and he was willing to take his time to woo her.

“Hah…A ship.”

Suddenly, Isis, who had been completely silent, reacted.

‘The white pearl?’

Kaiser was a little surprised at first at the sight of the ship.

The white pearl was the exclusive ship of Kiyohime and was also a weapon of mass destruction.

She normally only used it when on important business.

“Ah! Sol is back!!”

Next to him, Sheherazade cheered as she flew excitedly towards the young man that came down from the ship alongside Kiyohime.

Kaiser recognized the name. How could he not?

‘What a heavy killing intent!’

Even though that intent was completely restrained the moment the fairy approached him, Kaiser could never mistake that feeling for anything else.

But from the information he had, Sol was still only barely an adult in human standard. How could he have such a big killing intent?

‘Don’t tell me…?’

Since Kiyohime was with him, the answer was pretty evident but not even Kaiser nor Nidhogg had the honor to step on the White pearl when it was their turn to go through Tartarus.

“So this is Sol…”

Muttering those words he threw a glance at Isis and immediately fell silent.

The expression on her face as she followed behind Sheherazade was something that he was used to seeing on many women who faced him.

No, in fact, it was an emotion far more pure and beautiful.

Giving a sullen smile, Kaiser ignored the weird churning feeling in his guts as he approached Sol and stretched his hand in a sign of handshake.

“Hello Sol, It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Sol smiled as he politely answered the handshake but inwardly, he was completely bewildered.

‘Who the hell is this dude?’


SHK CH 218: KAISER (2)

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