“Mother! The servants have finished preparing the west wing and have guided the guests there.”

A blue-haired young girl wearing a short blue skirt smiled at Kiyohime while giving her report.

Kiyohime, hearing that everything was alright, nodded and went back to reading her documents in her hand.

The dragon’s territory was divided into Nine Heavens, and each of those heavens were the equivalent of a kingdom.

In short, as the Dragon’s Queen, Kiyohime had to deal with the equivalent of nine kingdoms.

It went from mundane problems like taking care of women who were impregnated by dragons to recuperating the taxes from different heavens to settling disputes between dragons or others who lived in this world.

“Good job, Aqua. By the way, what did you think of your cousin?”

After coming back home with Sol, Kiyohime had introduced her daughter to Sol for a short instant then asked her to take care of him and his accommodations.

“Hum… Aside from the fact that he is hot as hell?”

Kiyohime chuckled, after he met with Tiamat, Sol did not hide his draconic features. 

For Kiyohime, this was a very welcome change since the appearance that made her think of Mars had diminished greatly. 

“Aside from him being hot.”

“If it’s so then…not much?”

“Are you sure?”

“I mean. I can feel his power. He seems to be very talented and from what I have heard after the council, he should be a true monster full of talent. But…That’s all.”


Kiyohime tapped her finger on the table slowly.

“What do you think he lacks?”

“Experience mainly, I guess. His killing intent also seems pretty weak.”

Kiyohime took a look before nodding to herself before scribbling in what looked like a notebook.

‘Mental and physical training.’

Generally, when training dragons, what Kiyohime had to do first and foremost was assess their personalities and talents.

Not all forms of training were suitable for everyone. 

Some people answered better to stressful situations while others needed to be coddled.

Some were the kind who needed to see results fast while others could accept steady improvement.

For Sol, her understanding of him was shallow, but she still had a preliminary understanding of sorts. At least enough to know that standard training wouldn’t suit him.

Sol had no pride to destroy, for he didn’t seem particularly prideful in the first place.

Kiyohime did not understand how it was possible for someone with so much to be so humble.

Of course, if she knew that Sol had lived all his life around monstrously powerful women, she would understand that Sol would have needed to be extremely narcissistic to feel exaggerated pride in himself.

‘Either way, there’s nothing wrong in developing his killing intent.’

Since he was a Blessed and a future King, war was something Sol could not escape. As such, it was upto her to make him used to death.

Fortunately, it was clear that he wasn’t innocent to the point of never killing anyone, but the number should be rather limited.

If possible, she wanted to develop his killing intent to a level close to that of a Zone.

‘Should I give soldiers to him?’

Since the blood of dragons was strong in him, then he should be able to emit dragon fear.

This was another point worth grooming.

Kiyohime was showing her talent as a trainer as she drew a training map for Sol’s mental and skill development.

Of course, this wasn’t enough. It was necessary for him to have fighting skills fitting for a dragon.

From the way he walked, she could deduce that he had been trained in the way of the sword, which was ridiculous.

Most dragons did not use weapons, for their bodies themselves were the greatest weapons.

But out of those who did, they favored weapons like long weapons like spears or sticks, blunt weapons like hammers, or long-range weapons like bows.

Basically all kinds of weapons that could only show their worth in the hand of someone physically strong.

‘Blaze was a pretty skilled spear user.’

Since Blaze was a Chaos Dragon, she had no fear of magic and could rush into the battlefield without any fear.

Of course, just because the mother was skilled in spears didn’t mean that the son should follow. But it would be a waste for a Chaos Dragon like Sol to not be specialized in close combat.

This would mean that his only weakness would be physical attacks.

She noted that and decided to prepare a way for him to increase his endurance as well as his defense and natural regeneration.

It would hurt like hell, but the results would be there.

Putting down her pen, Kiyohime sighed while relaxing her shoulders.

“Aqua, I will be absent for a while from tomorrow onwards. Can you take over for me during my absence?”

Aqua gulped.


She was positively frightened. Once, thirty years ago, when she was still young and naive, she had begged her mother to let her at the helm of the realm.

Normally, Kiyohime would always refuse, but that day—she accepted.

At first, Aqua had been elated. She had finally reached her dreams. Unfortunately, it only took three days for the dream to shatter and be replaced by the cold reality that was paperwork and politics.

This was a lesson she had never forgotten.

Even so, she couldn’t exactly refuse since Kiyohime was taking a leave to train Sol as per Tiamat’s wishes.

In the end, all Aqua could do was submit herself to her fate.

“I will do it.”

“Good girl. Don’t worry. You can call me if things get too crazy. Furthermore, I will come to visit every week.”

Those words sounded like the grace of dod in Aqua’s ears.

“Thank you! Though, where are you going with Sol? There should be enough facilities in the palace.”

Kiyohime smiled.

“I will let him witness one of our most important secrets.”


“How was your meeting with Tiamat?”

Mounting Sol, with her top naked but her robe covering the place of their union, Nent gently gasped while moving slowly.

Sol meanwhile, lying down tranquilly, was looking up as her heavy breasts continued to shake in an erotic way.

The day had been rather stressful and he had to admit that this was a beautiful way to wind down.

Raising his hands, Sol was about to massage her breasts, but

“No, you don’t have to do anything. Just rest and let me do all the work.”

Chuckling, Nent pushed his hand aside and tightened herself down there, bringing more pleasure to Sol.

“Ugh… Well, it went rather well.”

‘Man, how soothing.’

It was as if he was lying down in the sea while riding the wave—Though he was the one being ridden currently.

The interior of Nent felt like a furnace and the contrast between the heat on his neither part and the cold air caressing his chest was heavenly.

Nent chuckled a little at the sight of the speechless Sol. While she liked submitting to him, it was nice to be in control from time to time.

Furthermore, she wanted to pamper him. 

She could see that something was weighing down on him, and while she couldn’t do much for him, she could at least help him relax.

“Now that I think about it. You should be careful with Fafnir.”


Nent did not answer directly as she slowly began to increase the movement of her hips.

“He is your uncle. He was also one of my suitors and might have become my mate. So yeah, if you want we can hide our relationship to avoid problems.”

Sol did not even bother giving it the slightest thought, “No way. Why should I hide?”

It wasn’t as if any of them were cheating or whatever. If his uncle was jealous then it was his problem to deal with.

“Fufufu~! Good answer.”

Nent had nothing to reproach herself and she would have been saddened if Sol asked that they act like criminals.

Her pupils seemingly took the shape of hearts while the amount of juice flowing down from her garden increased.

“I guess it’s time to increase your reward.”

Forming a string with Mana, she tied her hair into a ponytail and licked her lips hungrily.

Leaning forward, she licked his right nipples while gently pinching his left one. The movement of her hips increased greatly as she went up and down.

In the end, the two of them hugged and kissed each other while fucking like rabbits all night.


On the next day, Kiyohime who was walking down the hall towards Sol’s room stopped once she reached her destination.

“I hope he is already awake.”

Without thinking, she opened the door wide, and entered the room but immediately froze at the sight of the two entangled and naked bodies.

Even though Kiyohime had no direct experience herself, you didn’t need to be some genius to understand what kind of acts had taken place in this room.

‘This…What the hell?’

All Kiyohime could do was stare in surprise and bewilderment.


SHK CH 200: Lux~Lux~Luxuria


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