“I have decided to open the Blood Pool and the Summoning Room for Sol.”

At Tiamat’s words, an uproar sounded in the room, even Kiyohime could not hide the shock on her face.

It had already been a few hours since Tiamat’s discussion with Sol.

After saying everything she had to say, Tiamat had not allowed him to answer just yet. She did not want to listen to a hurried response, but rather one that was carefully thought of.

Of course, she knew what choice he would make in the end but this simple act was necessary as a way for him to reaffirm his beliefs.

Since the conclusion was already set in stone, Tiamat had decided to prepare everything on her side and called the Highest Assembly, which was composed of her eight remaining children and the twenty most powerful dragons aside from her direct children.

“Empress…please! Isn’t this a little too much!?”

In the end, one of the elders couldn’t help but shout. Even though his reaction seemed a little exaggerated, no one stopped him.

As the name said, the Blood Pool was a pool filled with blood – but not just any blood. It was the blood of all the dragons who fell in the war, mixed with Tiamat’s own blood.

This pool was used to baptize the body of dragons who had made enough contributions for the race, and some of them could even obtain rare skills that belonged to those who died.

Of course, those inheritances were normally limited and incomplete. The best example was Kaiser who ‘only’ obtained partial foresight.

As for the summoning room, it was a room that recorded all dragons that had reached the Duke level or more. 

When activated, the room allowed the one who entered to face the ones that were recorded. The summon worked like an AI that had the personality and habits of their original counterpart.

This room was one of the reasons dragons were so strong since they could repeatedly face their predecessors and learn how to maximize their talents.

The problem was that the room used an astronomical amount of faith coins, so much that even the rich dragons could only open it a few times every decade.

In the end, it was decided that the room would be used jointly for all young dragons in one go, as long as they made the cut after a high number of strident tests.

Now though, Tiamat was saying that she would use those resources for Sol, despite the fact that he just came here.

After one of them complained, the others slowly followed, but the eight main children still stayed silent.

It wasn’t because they had no complaints. It was just because they knew how useless complaining was.

As they thought this, an overwhelming pressure filled the room as Tiamat’s cold voice resonated in their ears,

“It seems like there’s some deep misunderstanding about the current situation — When did I ever ask for anyone’s approval?”

It was like a cold winter wind swept through the room.

All the elders shuddered as they awakened from their stupid disillusions.

This wasn’t a democratic state.

Their inputs held no weight.

The only reason Tiamat even created this council was for them to deal with most of the administration she found bothersome.

In the end, the absolute power of decision was and would always be in her hands.

As if to drive it in their minds, the atmosphere became even more suffocating while her eyes shone with an eerie light as she looked at all of them.

“It seems like my nearly twenty years of absence made you forget the reality.”

She smiled,

“Listen well. Discussion and compromise only happen between equals. You are not my equal. Therefore—shut up and obey. If you aren’t happy, then fight me and win. Simple, right?”

Someone gulped.


How could they have forgotten?

This was the Dragon Empress.

The one and only who could stand above all of them with absolute pride and absolute power.

Her whims were the rules and her words were the laws.

Looking at the depressed face of everyone, Kiyohime sighed and gave a bitter smile.

‘I feel like Blaze is back.’

This wasn’t the first time such a situation happened. When Blaze was alive, the number of resources at her disposal was completely out of the chart.

When she made trouble wherever she went, Tiamat would always shield and protect her. It was really a wonder how Blaze didn’t become an arrogant and stupid child.

If she had to be honest, she did not care whether or not Sol got those precious resources. But, she couldn’t just stay silent,

“Mother. I understand your position. But please, do not place your anger on them. They only wish the best for the dragon race as a whole.”

“Heh, are you implying that, unlike them, I do not care for our race?”

Kiyohime shook her head, “We exist because of you. Our everything is yours to do as you fit. But…We are not puppets. We also have feelings and none of us would feel happy seeing Sol get so much without doing anything in exchange.”

Tiamat leaned down on her throne and looked at Kiyohime with interest.

‘You have really grown up well.’

“What do you propose?”

“As you said, compromise only exists between equals. We cannot and will not stop you from giving those resources to Sol. But…What if even after all that he shows no results?”

“Such as?”

“The fight for the title of prince. If after getting those resources he is still unable to become a prince, then I suggest that the winner get the same resources Sol obtained.”


This was a very interesting proposal. In short, whether he succeeded or failed did not really matter since Sol would have already obtained all those resources.

This way, Tiamat was happy, and Sol was happy.

If he won, it would prove his worth and the elders would be happy.

If he lost, someone worthy would get the resources and the elders would still be happy.

In short, everyone would be happy.

Tiamat mulled a little. She had absolutely no obligation to accept this proposal.

But Kiyohime was her daughter and the one who ruled the dragons in her stead. She had no desire to affect her dignity.

But, more importantly, she knew that the chances of Sol losing were close to none.

That child was simply a monster of talent. Once he received the perfect resources and the correct training, his potential would explode spectacularly.

If despite all that he still lost to some brat in the Duke class, then he should just commit suicide out of shame.

The heavy atmosphere vanished when Tiamat nodded, “Very well, I accept your proposal. Now, everyone, leave. I wish to be alone.”


“Good job, big sis!”

After coming out of the room, Fafnir laughed loudly and took the small Kiyohime in his arms.

“How many times did I tell you to not treat me like a child!?”


Fafnir groaned and let go of Kiyohime before slowly slumping on the ground while holding his crotch.

“Haha. Be careful, you know his only redeeming value is his virility.”

A stunning woman wearing only bandages as clothes smiled, looking down at Fafnir.

“Welsh, you have been strangely silent during the reunion.”

Welsh, the fire dragon, one of the four dragon Kings, shrugged her shoulders in response.

“You know very well that you are the only one who can speak to mother when she is angry.”

Welsh was brash and also one of the most prideful dragons, but not even she dared to raise her head when Tiamat was angry.

After all, Tiamat was never above administering an epic beating to anyone who stood up to her.

Kiyohime sighed and looked at Fafnir, “Stop playing. I know I didn’t hurt you that much.”

“Hahaha” Giving a sheepish smile, Fafnir stood up.

“I am just very happy. After all, you just gave a great opportunity to Kaiser.”

“*Snort* You think that little pup, Kaiser, is the one who will win?”

A slim man with a mask on his face snorted as he gently punched Fafnir on the shoulder.

“Hydra, you want to bet?”

Hydra, the poison dragon, and the fourth King gave a mysterious smile, “You seem to forget Nidhogg. I sent her to the territory of Yggdrasil for her training. But I will call her back.”

Fafnir scowled. Nidhogg was a very talented child. She neither inherited the powerful body nor the powerful magic of the dragons.

What she inherited was a poison so powerful and dreadful that Hydra found calling himself the poison dragon shameful.

Because of how deadly she was, she was generally forbidden from participating in any competitions. But the one for the title of prince was obviously different, exempted from such a regulation.

The other four princes entered the discussion while everyone boasted about their children or grandchildren with passion.

In the end, though, it was Fafnir who poured cold water on everyone’s enthusiasm.

“Kiyohime, I heard that Sol inherited a dimensional magic and chaos body. Is it true?”

Kiyohime did not know how to answer as she was equally shocked.

“From whom did you hear that?”

The others stayed silent as they were too shocked by the revelation Fafnir threw.

“Nent, or more precisely, a little fairy that was with her.”

Kiyohime furrowed her before sighing,

“If Nent did not refuse the statement of that fairy, then it’s most likely true.”

They all looked at each other and showed thoughtful and bitter expressions, “I guess even in the afterlife, Blaze is surpassing us.”

It was the bitter truth.

Blaze was the first dragon after Tiamat to ever be born with a Chaos Body. This was one of the reasons Tiamat loved her so much.

As if it wasn’t enough, her first and only child also inherited the Chaos Body and even went further by becoming a Dimensional Mage.

None of them hated Blaze, but that didn’t mean that the truth hurt less.

In the end, Fafnir shrugged, “I could never win against Blaze. As such, I will do my best so that Kaiser wins against her son.”

He expressed the feelings of everyone as he walked away.

Now, it wasn’t just a matter of profit — but of pride.




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