“Hahaha! He did that?”

When Tiamat asked why Gabriel was suddenly blushing and stuttering after calling Sol, the previous heavy atmosphere vanished due to her laughing out loud.


Blushing, Gabriel shouted. Even though she did not find a partner, she wasn’t naive and had quite the knowledge about sex. Still, it was one thing to know and it was another to see your future son-in-law shagging your great-granddaughter.

Her face flushed even more at the memory of the scene she witnessed.

Tiamat though, on the other hand, seemed quite proud.

“What? I was really worried that he would be like that prude father of his. Thankfully it seems like he inherited more of the dragon blood than I thought.”

The spite in her words was unmistakable. 

As a warrior, Tiamat respected Mars very much. He was nearly unmatched in the mortal world and had been the youngest demigod ever.

But as a man?

She scoffed, ‘Even the newborn girls in the clan were more of a man than that wuss.’

Even now, she couldn’t understand why someone as proud as her daughter signed a contract with Mars. Even worse, it was a Pride type. Meaning that Blaze had decided that Mars was superior to her and accepted him as her ruler.

It was simply unthinkable for Tiamat. Blaze was the kind of brat who dares to shout about becoming the strongest divine beast. For that brat to lower her head was unimaginable but reality was what it was.

No matter how much a wuss he was. She still respected him since he had managed to tame that unruly brat.

Thinking about Blaze, Tiamat’s heart began to ache.

Blaze had been the kid she had been the most emotionally invested in. She had even given her an inconspicuous name in the hope that she would not have to bear any huge Fate. 

If she hadn’t been hibernating during that small war against Echidna, rules be damned, she would have intervened and killed Echidna herself if it was necessary.

The same went for her Sol. A dragon should be raised by dragons. Had she been awake, she would have taken Sol away when he was a kid.

So many coincidences. Clearly, the amount of Fate around her grandson was off the charts. 

She really hoped it was Fate…if those coincidences weren’t actually coincidences or her hibernation had been caused by any external factor…

Her eyes narrowed slightly at the thought. She really didn’t know what she would do but  at least she was sure of one thing — it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.


Tiamat smiled, hiding the thought in her heart. It wasn’t time yet. She wasn’t strong enough yet. 

“Sorry. I was just imagining the scenes you must have witnessed. Pfft! Now I really can’t wait to meet him.”

Indeed she couldn’t wait. After all, not only was he the son of her beloved daughter. But he was most likely the key for her to reach greater heights.

“I really hope that he will come soon.”

Even if he wasn’t, she wished to hold him in her hands and raise him as a worthy dragon, teaching him everything he should know.

“Trust me, you won’t be disappointed when you finally meet him.”

Gabriel, finally calming down, showed a mysterious smile. After all, she had intentionally hidden the full talent of Sol, be it his Dimensional Magic, Chaos Attribute, or War Form.

For one, she wanted to give a surprise to her friend, and another reason was that she knew that if she informed Tiamat about all this, the woman would be capable of leaving her territory and coming here.

In normal times, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but now?

“Tiamat…Did you hear about the Wings of Freedom?”

“Huh? That broken organization?”

The Wings of Freedom was not a new organization. In fact, even during the great war, they already existed, though under different names. Chaos always tried to get some followers and chess pieces in the mortal world.

Of course, every time such an organization was created, it would be destroyed soon after or would fall into silence.

Gabriel gave a bitter smile, the Wings of Freedom were indeed not a problem from what she gathered. The problem was, “The Nihil of this generation is someone we know very well — Dahlia.”

Tiamat narrowed her eyes at this name and stood straighter, “I thought that she was sealed in the territory of your son-in-law.”

Gabriel let out a bleak laugh, “I thought the same.”

Tiamat sighed, she knew very well why Gabriel was so distraught. Back then, after her betrayal, Dahlia should have been executed. But the one who pleaded for her life was none other than Gabriel.

After all, Dahlia was…Michael’s daughter.


After taking a short bath and leaving a red-faced Nefertiti in his room, Sol walked toward the throne room of Gabriel with calm strides. 

Entering the room, he looked around, surprised to see that only Gabriel was present. 

‘Now that I think about it, this should be the first time we talk alone.’

“You seem surprisingly calm?”

Sol gave a faint smile. He had no reason to be flustered.

For one, neither he nor Nefertiti were doing anything wrong. Furthermore, he was already used to being under observation 24/24. Be it with Medea back then, or Ambrosia. Hell, he was sure that even the goddesses should have observed him having sex one or two times. Because of that, shame was really the furthest thing from his mind.

Still, “I apologize for the display.”

He had to admit that he went a little too far. Nefertiti was still a princess of sorts and going at it outdoors with her, while exciting, had been a little disrespectful to Gabriel.

Gabriel was a little taken aback. She had been ready to go on a rant, but it seemed that she had underestimated how mature the boy was. In the end, she sighed, “I was in contact with Tiamat just now.”


An eyebrow rose at this name. 

“She already cut the communication. She wishes for your first meeting to be done in person rather than through a screen and this is why I called you…When do you plan to leave?”

“Hahaha, from the way you speak, I feel like you are chasing me off.”

Gabriel scoffed, “Of course I am. You came here to this place less than one month ago and you are already in a relationship with my daughter and great-granddaughter. You are also in an ambiguous relationship with my granddaughter. At this rate, the entire phoenix’s territory might fall in your clutches.”

Gabriel wasn’t joking around. Even she felt some attraction for the boy. She was sure that a free spirit like Hator would fall in his bed in no time. 

As for Neith, that girl was a training maniac. But it was exactly such people who were the easiest to bring down.

Sol simply answered with an awkward laugh, prompting Gabriel to shake her head.

“More seriously though. You need to visit the dragon’s territory if you want to complete the contract. Now that I think about it. Did you decide?”

“Yes. I still didn’t officially ask her. But I chose Isis.”

“Hum… What about Nefertiti?”

“I consider her as mine.”


The atmosphere solidified slightly, but the tension did not last long.

“Since she is willing, I have nothing to say.”

Gabriel had a really hand-off approach to relationships. Everything was good as long as it was consensual.

If the results were good, she would be happy and wish for their happiness.

If the results were bad, she would comfort them.

This was why she didn’t reduce Anubis to ashes when he kidnapped her daughter back then.

For the same reason, she would not intervene in this relationship. 

Sol was relieved, he honestly didn’t want any conflict with Gabriel. 

Tapping the armchair of her throne, she thought for a while before speaking again.

“Normally, you should have passed through Crossroad, to enter the territory of Tiamat. But she agreed to pay the price to open a direct channel between our two territories. When you are ready. inform me.”

Gabriel continued to mutter about how Tiamat was openly flaunting her wealth, but Sol did not pay attention to this.

What mattered really was, ‘It seems like my trip here came to an end.’

He wondered what would happen in the dragon’s territory.

Whatever it was, he hoped that he would come out of it better and stronger.

(AN: Mhm. I wonder what you will think of the dragon world. Gabriel’s territory was a desert. Who can guess what Tiamat’s territory will be?)




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