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Before the start of the chapter. I received an interesting question on Qidian. Sadly it got deleted by the bots on Qidian so i couldn’t answer there.

Anyway the question was about whether two lesbians could form a lust type contract. This is a very interesting quandary. Because for one, Lesbians can only have sex by using goods and fingers. But here the problem, Sol already had sex with Setsuna by using his fingers and mouth. So if I simply say that lesbian could, it would mean that technically Setsuna isn’t virgin anymore and as such unable to form the Lust contract. 

As such, I decided on a simple solution. Penetration. Be it straight or not, the answer is penetration. (Sol used his fingers but never penetrated Setsuna with his fingers. He just lightly caressed.) As for gay, welp. I already said that using ass doesn’t take the virginity of the woman (with Camelia). Though I guess it does for men. That all I can say.

Anyway, I hope I answered the question. Now enjoy the chapters.


[Gabriel’s Palace]

A new day was coming as the suns were rising in the sky, but Gabriel, who usually enjoyed watching the rising suns, could only hold her head because of an oncoming headache.

The source? The woman on the screen hovering in front of her

“When will my grandson finally come?”

“Ugh!” Gabriel groaned, feeling her headache growing by the minute, “How many times did I tell you that he will come soon? Please stop contacting me like this. Do you know just how much faith coins cost to keep an Interdimensional communication active?”

“I am rich.”

Gabriel held back thousands of curses and showed a restrained smile.

“Well, excuse me but not everyone has deep pockets like yours.”

“It’s not my fault if you suck at managing your territory.”


The armchair of her throne slightly broke under Gabriel’s pressure. 

“You…You are doing it intentionally, right? Just know that antagonizing me won’t make your grandson come sooner. In fact, It might even make me want to hold him longer here.”

“You don’t dare.”

A simple affirmation and a calm voice, containing neither anger nor worry. Her words were uttered in the most natural way possible, and anyone who heard her would feel that it was as it should be.

This was the strongest divine beast and the representant of the sin of pride — Tiamat.

Watching her, even though it hurt her to admit it, she indeed would not dare to keep Sol against his will. After all, “You have somehow grown stronger.”


Tiamat neither agreed, nor denied Gabriel. 

“You really reached the level of the Four Great Jotun?”

During the Great War between the forces of Order and Chaos, if the ones that stood with Order were the goddesses and the divine beasts, the ones that sided with Chaos were none other than the Titans and the Giants.

In terms of powers, aside from the primordial titan, Ymir, who was at the same rank as the fourteen goddesses, most Titans were equal to the divine beasts, which was basically the demigod level. 

But even then, some Titans had managed to reach a higher level.

They managed to become gods without holding a concept. Through pure power alone. As such, they were called false gods.

Looking at the shaking Gabriel, Tiamat shook her head slightly, 

“I know what you really want to ask is if I have reached the previous Divine Beast of Pride’s level.”

Gabriel did not deny this. Not all the current divines were the original ones created. After all, a war of this level couldn’t be without casualties. 

Many of the original divine beasts had perished and were replaced. One of them, the previous strongest out of them all, was none other than The Divine Beast of Pride.

“I have sadly never met him but from the information I have gathered. I should be more or less equal to him.”

Gabriel closed her eyes. Her mind drifted to her old friends she would never manage to see again.

‘Michael, Lucifer, Azazel…I hope you can see this from wherever you are.’

She had lost many friends and had made many others. Out of the original fourteen, only her, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Belzebub, and Raphaël were left. 

Sighing and burying the memories deep in her mind, she commented after seeing Tiamat’s somber expression.

“You don’t seem happy.” 

Of course, she already knew why. After all, Lucifer had shown the same expression back then. 

As she thought, Tiamat gritted her teeth, “Why should I? After all…” 

“You have reached the limit.” 

Tiamat did not speak further but her eyes clearly showed her emotions. 

At the end of the day, a false god was still a demigod. Since they did not manage to bring a true qualitative change to their power and leap to transcend life and death. 

Unlike goddesses who were immortal as long as the concept they held existed, false gods were still mortal and very much killable. 

Even so, this was the end of the path. No one, in all history had managed to break through the shackles and ascend to Godhood. 

Clearly not willing to continue the discussion, Tiamat went back to the previous topic. 

“Make Sol come as fast as possible.”

Sol Dragon Luxuria. Perhaps if it was him, it would really be possible to break through those shackles. 

“Did you see something?” 

Gabriel couldn’t help but grow worried at the clear insistence in her words. Tiamat was a powerhouse who wielded a territory as well as her own dimension, the Sea of Stars. 

She did not know all the abilities of that dimension, but the most known one was the power to predict the future of the dragons. 

“His star is being covered by a shadow. Soon, he will face a great ordeal and if he isn’t strong enough by then — He will die.”


The world belongings to Gabriel wasn’t just a large desert. Here and there, large green fields could be seen close to oases. 

Of course, the closer one was to one of the main cities and the more beautiful the scenery became. 

This was even more so in their personal gardens that were filled with large and beautiful trees, giving the impression of being in a tropical forest. 

It was in one such a garden, in Gabriel’s palace, that an uncommon scene was happening. 

“AhAhAh~!… Nn !” 

One girl, her arms resting on a tree, was facing a continuous deep and relentless assault from the boy behind her and all she could do was bite her lips to stifle her moans. 

Her upper body was still clad in a white robe, but the lower part of the dress had been pushed up on her back, revealing her firm and toned brown ass. 

Pounding her from behind with deep strokes was none other than Sol, the very man who had been sentenced to a sure death by Tiamat should he not train. 

Of course, currently, Sol was unaware of the prophecy and was going through a great marathon. 

Holding Nefertiti by her waist, Sol began to accelerate further under the encouraging moan of Nefertiti. 

The only sounds in the woods were here the groans and sighs of the two as well as the sound of clapping, coming from Sol’s repeated movements against Nefertiti’s ass. 

In the end, with a sigh of pleasure, he released himself deep inside of Nefertiti, his brain melting because of the pleasure. 

Of course, he did not forget to activate the technique Nent had taught him. Making sure that he would have no kids for the time being. 

Once he was completely spent, Sol slowly began to withdraw his flaccid cock from her honey spot. 

The moment he did so, white cloudy liquid began to slowly seep out of her and slowly trailed on her thighs. 

It was such an erotic scene that Sol felt his penis rise again, but it had already been the seventh time today. 

Since the day Sol took Nefertiti and Nent’s virginity, only three days passed. 

But those three days were like a year for Sol as he proceeded to fall into complete debauchery. 

It was like he had decided to make up for the missed time without touching a woman and proceeded to live a life worthy of the best hedonist. 

His only partners were Nent and Nefertiti, but for those three it was like the three of them had gone crazy. 

There wasn’t a moment where Sol wasn’t in bed with one of those two. 

Fucking, eating, drinking, sleeping. A deep and dangerous cycle that was slowly pulling Sol in. 

Anyone else would have already done in lust by now and forget whatever goal they initially had. But for Sol, the current situation was no problem. 

After all, he literally had many regular orgies organized with tens of maids back on the mortal realm. Compared to those days, what was happening now was just an appetizer. It wasn’t even the first time he had tried outdoor sex. 

Of course, this being not the first time didn’t dampen the thrill and the pleasure such an act was bringing. 

Gently caressing Nefertiti sweaty face, Sol was wondering if he should really go for another round when he heard a voice ring in his head, 

{Pl-please… Come to… *Ahem* Take a bath first, then come to the throne room.}

He easily recognized Gabriel’s voice, and from how shaken she was, it was clear that she had seen what had happened. 

‘Well, well, well. Let’s see what it’s about.’ 

He hoped that it wasn’t some punishment for indecent acts in public space. 

(AN: Sooo, just before anyone calls SNK reference, Ymir is really a figure from myth. More precisely, Norse myth and in the myth, it’s the progenitor of the Jotun, who are shapeshifter giants. Yeah, Isayama really used the myth well. Also for those who aren’t too knowledgeable about Christianity. Basically, the original fourteen divine beasts were based on the seven demon princes for Sins and seven archangels, also known as seven princes of heaven for Virtues, with Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael being the highest-ranked Archangels.)


Before beginning, I wish to say that this list is open to debate. For example, aside from Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, the name of the other four archangels are really up to debate. You can type seven archangels ten times and find ten different lists. Honestly, I am pretty sure most make the list based on the better-sounding name. But yeah. Same for the seven demons since sometimes not all lists are uniforms. Anyway, here I go for MY list.

Pairing sins vs virtues: Castitas vs Luxuria/ Temperatia vs Gula/ Caritas vs Avaritas/ Diligentia vs Acedia/ Humanitas vs Invidia/ Patientia vs Ira/ Humilitas vs Superbia

The seven demons are: Belphegor sin of sloth(Acedia)/ Azazel sin of wrath(Ira) / Mammon sin of Greed(Avaritia)/ Beelzebub sin of Gluttony(Gula)/ Asmodeus sin of Lust/luxuria/ Leviathan sin of Envy(Invidia)/ Lucifer sin of Pride (Superbia)

The seven archangels are: Michael virtue of Humility (Humilitas)/ Gabriel virtue of Chastity(Castitas)/ Raphael virtue of temperance (Temperatia)/ Uriel virtue of Kindness (Humanitas)/ Jophiel virtue of Patience (Patientia)/ Camael virtue of Charity (Caritas)/ Zadkiel virtue of Diligence (Diligentia).

Those are the original divine beasts. Most of them died though. With Gabriel and Asmodeus plus a few others surviving.




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Why didn’t Chaos create its own gods like the order with 14 goddesses did? Due to the fact that her concept did not allow her, unlike the goddess of creation?
By the way, this Ymir was as I understood the “true” god and owned the concept, right? I wonder which one.

    Hikaru Genji · 2022-01-01 at 8:54 PM

    Lol Trust Me it got erased. Otherwise I would have simply answered you there rather than writing an AN for it.
    And yeah False gods can face true god without simply dying like becoming mad just by looking at their face. A few false gods can even potentially win against a true god but most of them would die.
    Ymir is indeed a true goddess like the fourteen on Order side. As to why Chaos didn’t create more or what was Ymir’ concept, you will have to continue reading 😁

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        All that for the goddess to simply come back to life a little later and hunt down all those who survived.
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          Yep. Since I became more serious about the story, I systematized many plot that were initially just used for smut and made them more logical.
          I am currently preparing a Light Novel version of SHK and vol 1 will be out on Amazon by February or March. In that version, things will be even more logical (as much as possible)

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          Author, so will some of the goddesses become MC’s wives?
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