After shooting his load on Nefertiti’s body, Sol felt as if all his senses were coming alive rather than feeling exhausted.

It was hard to explain, but it was like a weight on his shoulders had been lifted and he could breathe freely now. 

Feeling his dick still standing proud, Sol spared a glance at Nefertiti that had seemingly fallen asleep, and gave a look at Nent who answered with a smile.

“The first time should have been too intense for her so she fainted. Shall we continue in another room?”

Sol tilted his head, curious as to why she was presenting herself up. Since she wanted an insurance for their alliances, he could understand making him form a relationship with Nefertiti. Marriage has always been one of the most used ways to tie interests between two groups.

An idea flashed his head and he said seriously.

“I have no intention of having a child with you, just to be clear.”

Nent neither showed a startled nor a dissatisfied look. In fact, she seemed pretty happy. The fact that Sol could stop himself from drowning in lust and still think carefully was an endearing quality for her. 

This was why-

“Don’t worry. I have no intention to coerce you into doing that. I can even teach you a way to kill all your seeds before shooting them inside. It would be a waste for you to have any child now.”

Sol blinked a little but then understood what she meant fast. 

One of the reasons Nent formed an alliance with him was his potential. She already recognized that he would become a demigod as long as he did not die early.

Any child he would make then would undoubtedly be genetically superior to any child he could make now.

Even though it was a cold way of seeing things, it was the truth. At the same time, the way to kill the seeds she spoke about should be the way she restricted the untalented children from reproducing.

“Well, enough heavy topics. Why don’t we have a little fun?”

Smiling coyly, Nent pushed the still asleep Nefertiti and began to advance towards Sol. Her eyes were shining with repressed lust.

‘Now that I think about it…’

Luxuria and Castitas were the oldest twin goddesses, making Gabriel and Asmodeus were the oldest divine beasts. Since Nent was the second child of Gabriel and never had any relationship until now….

‘Damn. Am I about to take the virginity of one of the oldest virgins in existence?’

Sol gulped a little at this thought and suddenly felt much hotter than before.

Once she reached him, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, she moved her hand, creating a pint of water, and carefully washed his dick before making the water disappear as if it had vaporized because of a sudden spike in heat.

‘I thought her element was lightning and heat?’

“I am not a water element user. But simply gathering the water in the atmosphere isn’t that complicated at my level.”

Refusing to explain more as to not break the mode, she stretched her hand and gently pushed him back with a finger, making him lie on the bed.

“I have never tried it. But, I have read some of the books written by that witch[1]. They were truly… Inspiring.”


Sol’s train of thoughts was scattered when Nent opened her mouth wide, and slowly, very carefully, began to engulf his members.

‘Incredible. A deep throat?’

Watching his cock slowly vanish in her mouth, Sol even had the faint illusion that she was devouring him.

Nent’s red hair shook as she moved her head up and down and skillfully ran her tongue along the head and shaft, rubbing saliva over it all. She also formed a ring with her soft lips to stroke the surface of his erection and sucked in her cheeks while sucking.

Gathering her hair on the side and giving a look, she began to bob her head up and down. The force of suction alone was already out of this world, but as if not satisfied, Nent began to twirl her tongue while moving, bringing him a new sense of pleasure.

Nent was not just stopping at simple movement. Sometimes she would spit out his cock and lick the tip or the shaft. Sometimes she would even lick his balls and massage them before once again engulfing his cock in her moist and warm mouth.

‘I am receiving a blowjob from a King ranked phoenix.’

This thought alone was enough to bring Sol to a new peak. He could feel himself already getting on the verge of cumming. 

He warned Nent of the impending release, but, rather than stopping, it made her accelerate even more.

Finally, letting out a low roar, he grabbed her head and pinned her down, releasing gallons of sperms in her throat.

Nent was startled at first, but she easily managed to swallow everything. He could even feel her throat move slightly.

It was only after he finished ejaculating that he realized what he had done.

“Sorry! Are you alright?”

Letting go of her head, he took a look at her face with worry. He wasn’t apologizing because he was scared, but rather because the way he had acted could have been dangerous for any normal girl.

“It was very rude, but also pretty exciting.”

Nent was not offended at his rudeness. In fact, she could even feel her heart beat wildly in her chest.

Looking at her expression of ecstasy, Sol’s eyes twitched as he began to wonder if all those under Castitas had submissive tendencies.

‘Now that I think about it, Anubis got his wife by kidnapping her, right?’

Thinking about the possibility, Sol smiled and suddenly grabbed Nent by the hair, 

“It seems like you had your share of fun, right?”

Nent’s eyes opened wide and her breath became hurried. 

The current situation was completely absurd. If she wished, she could completely kill Sol and erase him from the face of the earth in seconds. Despite this, all she did was let him do as he wished.

‘Heh, it seems like I was right.’

He didn’t know if all phoenixes were like this, but at least Nent truly had such tendencies, although not as high as Camelia’s.

Thinking so, he pushed Nent away on the bed, and grabbed her by the hips.

“Since you had your fun, it’s time for me to have mine, right?”


He could feel her breath roughly as she answered him with difficulty. He was curious about how far he could go but wasn’t really in the mood of exploring now.

‘What a beautiful ass.’

A plump sexy brown ass. The kind of dream body that could only be imagined. 

Raising her by the hips, he managed to get her on all four, and gave a slight slap on her face.

“Since you are already sopping wet, it’s about time for the main dish. Don’t you think so?”

Sol was so turned on his pulse raced painfully fast and he pushed his penis against her revealed vaginal entrance. As he had said, there was no need for further foreplay, since her most intimate place was completely drenched and was still slightly leaking juices.

Different from Nefertiti; with just a slight push, Sol could feel himself sink all the way to the base and easily break through a thin protection that hardly stopped him.

“So hot.”

Her vagina was just as hot, if not more than Nefertiti’s. Her soft vaginal flesh wrapped all around his dick. She was not as tight as Nefertiti, but the amount of love juices and folds created a pleasure that made his dick feel like it was melting.

“How are you?”


“Heh, is that how you ask a favor?”

Sol gave some small nudges with his hips but did not move as she wanted. Even when she tried to move herself, he would stop her from doing so.

In the end, Nent relented, 

“Please…I beg you… Fuck me.”

Even though she felt it so humiliating, she also felt a rush of heat in her chest and began to gush even more juices. 

For Sol, putting it inside her felt so good he was afraid he would be unable to avoid cumming once he started moving. Nevertheless, he could not resist the cute woman’s seduction and began moving his hips.

“Nn! Yes!”

When the head of the dick rubbed at her vagina, sweet moans escaped her mouth. The cold and calculating Nent was no more and was replaced by a woman in need that wished nothing more than to be satisfied and Sol wished nothing more than to do so.

Like this, a wild night full of passion continued until the morning suns rose. They were even joined by Nefertiti in the middle.

It was not Sol’s first threesome. But it would without a doubt become the most memorable one.

[1] In case anyone forgot. Freya is the author of smut novels. Though she specializes more in SM.

(AN: Welp this is the end of the hot threesome. Perhaps I can write another part where he fuck Nent and Nefertiti at the same time. But it will be for a special chapter and if people want it. Otherwise, you can just imagine it.) 



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