In the end, Sol decided to begin with the youngest one first.

“Nent, could you help me?”

Nent showed a confused expression at first, but blushed when she heard what Sol whispered in her ear.

Still, she couldn’t hide the expectations in her heart and did as she was asked.

“Dear, let me hold you.”

“My lady…?”

Smiling at a confused Nefertiti, Nent laid down behind her and took her in her arms. The head of Nefertiti could be seen resting comfortably on the large breasts of Nent. 

Now what stood in front of Sol was a delectable sight, 

“Please…don’t stare too much….it is a little embarrassing.”

Sol was a little taken aback before he showed a gentle smile and leaned down to kiss her.


“Sorry, you were just so gorgeous, I was completely mesmerized.”

He wasn’t lying, Nefertiti’s beauty was already a lethal weapon on its own, and when paired with the current situation, it had already surpassed the level of a nuclear bomb.

“Are you scared? Do you want to stop?”

He could still feel her shaking a little. He knew that in such a situation, the man should take the lead and reassure the girl, but he also knew that their relationship wasn’t normal.

Whatever happened next, it was important that Nefertiti never forgot that she was the one who wanted this and that he had in no way coerced her.

Nefertiti showed a shy expression before shaking her head. She was indeed a little scared, but she did not wish to stop. She knew that sooner or later, she would have to find someone to settle down with and Sol was without a doubt the most perfect partner in her mind.

Sharing a quick glance with Nent, Sol silently nodded to her and Nent smiled mischievously. She leaned down from behind and began to suck on Nefertiti’s neck.


Nefertiti released a gasp at the sudden attack, but Nent wasn’t done yet. Biting her ears gently, caressing her breasts, and even pinching her nipples. It didn’t take long for all tension to vanish from Nefertiti as she became putty under the caresses of Nent.

‘What an immoral but arousing sight.’

In the end, Nent’s hand slowly drifted down before reaching Nefertiti’s thighs and gently, spread her legs apart, showing Nefertiti’s most intimate part in its full glory. It was of a beautiful pink color, like a jewel and it was completely drenched in love juices, showing how aroused she was, 

“She is all yours.”

Sol felt his reasoning nearly snap.

Approaching her, his erect member slowly traced her slit up and down, coating itself in her juice, and then, slowly advanced forward.


He felt like he was entering a furnace. It was so hot that it was unbelievable. Advancing slowly, he finally encountered an obstacle, which honestly surprised him. 

At the end of the day, despite her appearance, she was not a human. 

Since she had a hymen, and he knew that it could be quite painful, he leaned down and gave her a deep kiss. Then, once she was lost in bliss, he pushed himself completely in with one stroke.


Both Sol and Nefertiti groaned. Nefertiti, out of pain and Sol because she was so hot and tight. He felt that if he didn’t pay attention, he would cum in a jiffy.

*Huff* *Huff*

Raising his torso and wiping her forehead matted with sweat, Sol gave a gentle smile,

“You are all mine now.”

Laying down on the bed and looking up at the one she decided would be the first and last man of her life, Nefertiti replied with a smile filled with happiness.


All this while, Nent simply stayed silent. She did not wish to break this beautiful picture and in fact, even envied her granddaughter a little.

“I will begin moving.”

Once Sol was sure that Nefertiti adjusted to his size, he carefully began to move. At first, Nefertiti was still showing a pained expression while gritting her teeth, but it didn’t take long for her expression to loosen.

Even though her vagina’s entrance was tight, it was thankfully rather deep and could accommodate his full length. 

He then began to go back and forth, while slowly accelerating. It did not take long for Nefertiti to begin moving her waist alongside him. 

She moaned out loud. She looked to be in pain, but her body twitched with pleasure. When he pulled out, she felt a burn from her inner walls, but once he pushed in again, her entrance swallowed him hungrily. 

Her soft inner walls continuously stimulated his shaft. He felt a surging sensation that was about to burst at the back of his neck.

With each thrust, her womb twisted, her slender body jumped, and moans escaped her thin lips.

He firmly held onto her hips and bore deeper into her. As he continued to thrust, the viscous fluids created a constant moist slapping sound.

From time to time, Nent would participate by massaging Nefertiti’s breasts or sucking on her neck.

The more he acted the more he felt like he wanted to cum, but it would be a humiliation for him to cum so fast without bringing her enough pleasure.

That meant he had to do this right.

He resisted the pleasure, searched out her weak points, and stirred up her vagina.

“Ahh~! Th-this feels weird…ahh, s-so weird.”

She clung to her pillow and trembled and murmured deliriously. 

The pleasure increased the amount of love juices, the love juices reduced the pain, and the penetration provided wonderful female pleasure. Her girl’s body was transformed into a woman’s body. 

It was a virtuous cycle that made everything more pleasurable for the two of them.

Seeing her melt in pleasure like this was the greatest aphrodisiac for Sol. At the same time, Nefertiti wasn’t just letting everything happen.

Hugging Sol, she also wrapped her legs around him and began rolling her slender hips to match his movements.

Soon, the room was filled with grunts and moans of pleasure.

“Ah~! Ah~ !”

Beads of sweat appeared on her flushed face and heated breaths escaped her lips thanks to the unknown feeling surging through her entire body.

Her love juices dripped out with an obscenely wet sound while his massive member thrust in and out of her.

Her mind gradually faded away and she had trouble thinking straight, almost like she had a serious fever. A vague white feeling surrounded her and she could focus only on the presence of the giant penis thrusting up into her crotch.

Whenever he rubbed her vaginal wall, a pleasured panting voice leaked out from her mouth. Her panting voice was as clear as a bell, hearing it pleased him to no end. 

When he changed his angle, her body started trembling. He focused on the same place and rubbed his glans.

He slowly changed the direction of his thrusts as he penetrated deeper. He concentrated on her panting and groaning, and stubbornly hammered into her most sensitive spot.

“Ah! Aah…”

Her insides squeezed and started to spasm. Sol saw that she was about to climax and plunged deeper into her.


She screamed again and hugged him tightly. Her hot vagina began to contract. 

For Sol, this was the pushing point. 

Growling deeply, he pulled out of her and began cumming. His seeds, spilling on her stomach and her breasts. 

The contrast between her brown skin and the white cloudy liquid was such an erotic sight that despite having ejaculated so much, Sol was still hard. 

This night promised to be very long. 



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