Back in her room, Isis jumped on her bed and let out a muffled scream full of frustration. 

Fluttering out of her hair, the true Sheherazade, which had managed to stay hidden from Sol’s perception by using her glamor, let out a bell-like laugh while floating. 

This laugh did nothing but increase the frustration of Isis, as she took out a pillow and threw it at her little friend. 

“Hey! It isn’t my fault that you got completely owned during your little clash.” 

Even as she dodged the rather slow projectile, Sheherazade continued to laugh at her friend. 

It had been quite some time since she fell in the Phoenix territory and became friends with Isis and because of this, she understood the circumstances of her friend. 

Isis’ position within the Phoenixes community was hard to place. 

Divine beasts in general did not care about the authority one obtained from birthright. 

As such, even though she was the daughter of the Nephthys, the Phoenix Queen, it did not really matter to most of them. 

What mattered though was that Isis was, without a doubt, the strongest in her generation and already stood out as a Duke. 

There was no doubt that she would soon reach the King level and all the Phoenixes were in agreement that she had high chances of becoming the second demi-god of the Phoenix clan. 

Such pedigree should have made her the most loved and respected Phoenix.

But, there was a little problem—her father. 

All divine beasts, no matter how sinful or virtuous, absolutely hated necromancy since it went against the natural order. And as the first and strongest necromancer, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that Anubis was the most hated being in the Astral realm. 

There were many instances where some of the divine beasts proposed an all-out attack against him before he became a demi-god. 

This put Isis in a very awkward situation. 

The Phoenixes did not outright bully her but at the same time, they did not hide their dislike toward her. 

That’s why-

“Tell me the truth. You were happy, right?” 

Sheherazade stopped laughing as she landed on her friend’s head. 

When she was with her father, no one defied her as she was the princess of the dead. Meanwhile, in the world of her mother, no one talked to her. 

Because of this, for Isis, this should have been the very first time she had found someone with whom she could argue. 

Blushing a little at this, Isis humphed and turned her head away, 

“Anyway, I need to take my revenge. Could you change him into a frog or something like that?” 

Sheherazade shook her head, “You know very well that wish magic doesn’t work like that. Also, his resistance is too powerful. If I tried, chances are that I would be the one changed into a frog.”

“What about changing his luck?” 

This time Sheherazade completely blanched. 

“Don’t even think about it! He’s a Blessed! His luck was bestowed by a goddess! Not even a demi-god can affect his luck without risking repercussions.”

Isis pouted but did not force her friend. 

Despite its name, wish magic was not something that could realize all wishes and there was much danger surrounding it if one was too greedy. What’s more, she just wanted to play some pranks as revenge, not harm him. 

Clenching her fist, she swore to herself, 

“I will get back at him.”

Of course, she totally ignored the fact that she was the one who started this whole debacle. 

What she didn’t know though and that Sheherazade avoided to point out was the giddy smile on her face. No matter how much she tried to hide it, Isis was really happy. 

Sol, meanwhile, was also very frustrated, though for different reasons. 

He did not know who Sheherazade really was, but it didn’t matter. At least he was sure that she was not an enemy.

Demigods weren’t omniscient, even in their dimension, but there was no way they would overlook an intruder so close. 

Resting on his bed, Sol groaned and covered his face. 

He could not understand why he had acted so childishly with that girl. 

Back in the mortal realm, even after being taunted by Arachne Milaris for years, he never lost his composure. 

But this wasn’t all.

“What am I doing wrong?” 

He remembered the words of that girl before the whole argument began. It did not seem that she was lying and this frustrated him. 

He had been training with Lilith, Medea, Persephone, and even Ambrosia. If there was something wrong with the way he was training they should have caught it. 

What could they have overlooked? 

He wondered if he should ask Gabriel, but the two of them weren’t that close. She had absolutely no reasons to help train him. 

‘This feels pretty weird.’

Calming down, Sol began to look at his ceiling absentmindedly. 

All his life, he had been surrounded by people who thought of his life and needs as the most important thing in the world. 

People that were completely devoted to him, who would not hesitate to lay down their lives if it was to save him. 

Even outside of his closed circle, he was surrounded by people doing their best to fulfill all his desires since he was the future king. 

As such, the transition from there to here had been a little jarring. 

Here, he wasn’t the center of the world. 

The fact that it displeased him said many things about the way his personality had slowly been changing and he was honestly grateful. 

Because at this rate—he would have taken the love of his women for granted. 

Not only that, he would have begun to expect everyone else to do the same. 

At least, the bad way of thinking that had been unconsciously growing in his heart had been squashed. 

He wasn’t the center of the world. 

His existence only really mattered to a few people. 

This was something he should not forget in order to not fall into hubris. 

‘Well, I should sleep now.’

He just hoped that he wouldn’t have to deal with that weird girl tomorrow.


‘I should have known better.’

The next morning, after a little session of training and a good bath, Sol sighed as he took a seat on the table for breakfast.

Normally, he would spend a little time with both Nepthphys and Gabriel before asking for a servant that would guide him in the city.

Thanks to the influence of the goddesses, all intelligent beings spoke the same universal language. Of course, there were some little differences in dialect and so on, but that wasn’t the problem.

The customs and traditions of this place were obviously different from his, and as such, he wanted to avoid a situation where he created a problem because he didn’t use the right expression. 

He learned this lesson during his first outing when a weird kind of crocodile man took his smile as a sign of aggression. 

This time though, the atmosphere was clearly different.

After taking a sip of the ice-cold drink that was served to him, Sol threw a look at the black-haired beauty sitting on the side, two-place away from him who was grinning at him.

“So… What are you doing here?”

“I told you I was a guest here, right?”

“I see.”

He sighed and was about to stand up but was stopped by her, 

“Where are you going? I was asked to serve as your guide this time, or are you too much a coward to go out with a frail and beautiful girl like me?”

Sol hesitated a little before nodding and sitting down. He was obviously not moved by her provocation. He simply thought that this would be the perfect occasion to obtain the information he wished out of her.

Isis, meanwhile, let out a triumphant smile.

She did not wish to throw away the identity of Sheherazade she had managed to obtain yesterday. As such, she had asked her mother to back her up this morning but it hadn’t been easy.

Phoenixes were creatures who absolutely hated lying — even lies by omissions. The greatest compromise her mother had allowed was simply being absent and as such not being forced to lie. 

‘Well, this is going to be fun! Should I lose him in the desert? Send him to exotic creatures? Make him fall into debt?’

She hummed to herself as she thought about all the possible pranks she could play that would embarrass him while not really harming him.

(AN: Mhm. Really feels weird to write such a childish character. But it’s interesting. After all, before her, all the women of Sol could have been main characters of their own Soap opera. Developing their relationship will be funny. What is your opinion on Isis currently? Isis is basically that sad child that plays pranks not out of spit or intention to harm, but simply because she is lonely and wants attention. )


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