Watching the scene while sitting on her throne, Gabriel couldn’t help the warm smile that appeared on her face. 

Such a sight was really gratifying. 

Though divine beasts were loyal to the goddesses, It wasn’t some blind worship. 

In fact, the goddesses never tried to act high and mighty in front of those who really knew them. This was also one of the reasons why most Holy Daughters, initially filled with staunch fervor, would become disillusioned once they became Supreme Daughters. 

When Lady Luxuria had asked for Isis to form a contract with Sol, she had been pretty displeased though she complied. 

Thankfully, now it seemed that Isis would willingly follow him. All that mattered now was the choice he would make. 

‘I guess he will soon leave.’

Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but feel a little lost. 

Those few days had been pretty fulfilling for her. Even though all she did was just watch, It had been a long time since she had so much fun.

The greatest enemy for people at her level was boredom. It was one thing for an Innate demi-god like her, but for mortals who reached that level, she knew that more than half of them either went crazy or killed themselves because they could not support the eternity that was opened to them.

A great part of the other half would pass their time sleeping and only a very small number of them were still active.

This was the sorrow of mortals. Even after they became demi-god, the divinity in them was usually too low to allow a complete change in cognition. As long as they kept the subjective time of mortal while living as immortal, all that would result in was sorrow.

For divine beasts like them, they were already born as near immortal even without becoming demigods. As such, they couldn’t avoid boredom, but it wouldn’t lead to suicidal tendencies.

‘I wonder if I will see him again.’ 

She didn’t think she would find anything as entertaining as this any time soon. From the little she managed to decypher, Sol was an anomaly of the highest degree born from thousands of years of machination.

Since the Goddesses existed outside of time, they were able to observe all possible futures, past and present.  But time was like a never-ending stream divided into trillions of possibilities. There was a limit to how far they could see and how many possible futures they could see.

If a goddess forcibly broke the limit, she would receive backlash from the law of causality set by the Supreme Mother, the Mother goddess of Order. Even for goddesses, such a price was not a small matter.

She could more or less guess what Lady Luxuria wished to accomplish, but this made her even more confused.

In the end, she sighed.

‘Why should I bother trying to pry in the mind of the goddesses?’

It wasn’t as if she could do anything even if she found the answer. In fact, she may even have more problems.

‘Well then, who else should I observe?’

Screens appeared in front of her as she pondered and in the end, she chose the one showing the discussion between Nefertiti and Nent.

At first, she was simply listening to them without much interest, but, when the mention of a true name came, she immediately paid her full attention.

Aside from anomalies like Tiamat who had both a Dimension and a Territory, or Asmodeus that could bestow power to mortals, the divine beasts could be said to be at a more or less equal level. Be it in terms of personal power or the power of their children.

As such, one more king would mean that Gabriel could pull ahead of them. So she was indeed happy, but

“What a powerful name.”

There were many secrets in this world. Some even Gabriel was not privy to. But she knew that not all names were the same.

Some names had power, a weight, a legend behind them. By receiving those names, be it at birth or during the ascension of King level, people obtained a destiny and would be pulled by fate.

She did not know where those legends came from. But she could feel them and feel the weight behind them. In fact, all divine beasts could.

This was why they were very careful when choosing a name for their children. Since this would mean bestowing a fate to them.

Of course, there were always some outliers. 

Some of them, despite possessing legendary names were able to break through the constraints of fate and follow their own road, the little monkey, Sun Wukong was such an example.

Some others, despite possessing powerless names, were also able to break into the flow of fate and become powerful. Blaze was such an example.

Those people were called Singularity. Existences that were a headache even for the goddesses since reading the future around them was basically impossible without using some trickery like reading the future of those close to them. Even then, the results were often failures.

But in Gabriel’s opinion, those singularities were not a problem. By breaking from fate, they made the possibility of becoming a demigod far more complicated. This was even more so since the act was done unintentionally.

The truly scary singularities were those who became aware of the fate binding them and manipulated the weight of their names to accelerate their growth, becoming frightening existences. 

For such existences, even the aloof goddesses gave them some measure of respect as they did not fall short of the divine beasts and even surpassed them. 

Thankfully, in all history, there were only three such existences.

The first was Anubis, the Necromancer King, and the first necromancer.

The second was Ambrosia, the Thousand Spells Witch, and the first witch.

The third and final one was Echidna, Mother and Thousand Monsters, and creator of the Chimera.

“Mother, can you hear me? I can feel you observing us.”

Gabriel was brought back from her daze by Nent’s voice. 

Looking back, she could see Nent raising her head toward the ceiling,


Nent continued a slight tremor in her voice.

“-I wasn’t wrong.”

Gabriel showed a bitter smile.

How could she not feel it?

The relief, the joy, the resentment, and so many more complex emotions that were hidden in those short words.

Was Nent’s choice right?

Gabriel did not think so. She knew very well what had happened. How could she have missed the thread of fates that went haywire the moment Sol, Nefertiti, and Isis met?

Even more so, she could feel that Nefertiti’s Avatar name was related to that of Isis.

But was her daughter wrong?

It was hard to say. The truth of the matter was that three hybrids with superior genes met and each of them were indeed very talented.

She wanted to tell the truth, inform her daughter about the reality. But, in the end, she sighed.

“Congratulations my dear daughter. I am proud of you.”

Gabriel did not know if what she was doing was right. The best would have been to say that everything was a result of fate.

But, watching the faint tears of happiness gathering in the corner of her daughter’s eyes, she felt no regret.

(AN: Well, from a happy chapter to a somewhat heavy one filled with very very important information. It’s a good transition I think. But, what do you guys think? If you were in the place of Gabriel. Would you tell the truth to Nent and crush all her happiness or would you hide the truth from her? This is a question I always asked myself. The truth hurts and sometimes a lie can do more good than the truth. But at the same time, if the lie is exposed later, the effect can be many times worse.)





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Anonymous · 2022-02-19 at 3:29 AM

“Congratulations my dear daughter. I am proud of you.”
and instantly i hate this character.

Ry · 2021-12-10 at 12:15 PM

Woman, just say the truth. Your daughter is already an adult

Man of Culture · 2021-12-09 at 5:21 AM

I would’ve been blunt she’s old enough to know, idk why Gabriel hid it she knows the most that this world is cruel

Anonymous · 2021-12-09 at 4:37 AM

gabriel say the truth ;/

Anonymous · 2021-12-08 at 11:15 AM

Just be straight up blunt, if someone gets hurt so what? the truth is inevitably found out it, unless there’s minimal contact between the parties so its subconsciously forgotten or something.

Anonymous · 2021-12-08 at 9:29 AM

I’ve been silent for more than quite a while. No need to ask: I’m well and perfect.
As one from the cult of party poopers, nothing is more orgasmic than dashing one’s hopes with the harshest of slaps from reality. But even then, I live by ‘we live to see.’ After all, coming this far was as a result of many trials and errors that forged a surefire path to accomplishing anything (more often than not).
Anyways, thanks so much for making my day as always.

Sage · 2021-12-08 at 3:47 AM

Ummm what was nent was trying to do again. I am kinda lost

Anonymous · 2021-12-08 at 1:52 AM

She should have definitely told her the truth Nent was in the wrong and so we’re her methods telling her the truth would certainly hurt her but would bring about a better change for her. Hiding the truth isn’t a kindness it’s cruel and when Nent eventually finds out I fear the backlash this one lie may cause.

    Anonymous · 2021-12-08 at 2:41 AM

    She wasn’t hiding the truth, she was simply not stating the most probable possibility. Gabriel herself couldn’t say for sure that it was fates plan all along, all she had was a strong suspicion. If there is a possibility yr kid is right, you shouldn’t go out of your way to shut them down. Especially if you’ve not exactly been mother of the centuries. A simple Concession to your kid can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes

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        I’ll disagree with you on the whole “not telling the truth” since she literally hid the fact that it most likely had nothing to do with her daughter methods. It’s been 700 years since Nent started her little program and since her granddaughter birth she has not discovered her true name and all of a sudden boom without any special methods after meeting isis and Sol she suddenly knows it which means there’s a high possibility she’s wrong and Gabriel needs to tell her that. Normally I would agree that shutting down a kid when there’s a possibility they are right isn’t the right thing to do but Nent is not a kid she’s a grown ass adult who’s lived hundreds if not thousands of years she can handle the truth albeit it would definitely hurt to hear her methods and work up until this point haven’t led to he desired result. Sometimes not telling the truth is a LOT crueler than telling a lie as is the case with what Gabriel told Nent and this will backfire on her later on. And Nent will definitely find out the truth sooner or later it’s just a matter of time. It’s fine if you disagree with what I said and you can continue to think not telling Nent the truth was the correct option there’s not a definitive right or wrong to this decision after all. That being said I’m not going to bother arguing about this topic after this comment so sorry but I won’t be responding to your response if you do end up responding to this comment.

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