During the last few days since his fight against Rio, Isis had been agonizing about what she should do.

It was only after seeing Nefertiti try to solicit Sol that she decided to put aside any form of hesitation and confess the truth.

“It might shock you, but — my name is Isis, daughter of Nephthys.”

The moment she said this, she looked at Sol with a worried expression. She wondered what he would think of her, knowing that she had lied to him all this while. Sol was her second true friend, Sheherazade being the first, and she did not wish to lose one of the few people she was close to.


“Well…I already knew about that.”

Her expression turned bewildered at those words.

“You…You knew? How?”

Her voice lacked her usual spirit, showing how surprised she was at the revelation. 

“Well…” Showing an awkward smile, he said, “You weren’t really all that good at hiding it.”

After that, Sol began to list everything one by one. 

“One, You already told me Isis was Nephpthys’ daughter but she was nowhere to be seen while you could wander the castle as you wished, it was already a big hint. 

Two, many times you almost called Nephpthys, mother. 

Three, the servant showed too much respect to you, some of them even almost calling you princess. 

Four, just this morning, your presence alone was enough to make Nefertiti retreat. 

I could give many more, but those are the ones I can give at the top of my head.”

Sol could have given way more obvious hints she let out but…seeing Isis turning so red that she looked like a tomato, he decided to spare her further humiliation.

‘Argh…I want to die!’

Isis, on the other hand, had never felt so much shame in her life. She placed her hands over her face in order to hide how hot her face was currently.

In the end, she couldn’t help but ask with a small voice 

“Since when?”

Sol hesitated a little, wondering if he should really tell the truth. But, thinking about how funny her reaction was, he thought, ‘Why not?’

As such, he told her the truth,

“I already knew you were lying about your identity the day we met. Though, I only discovered your true identity after you made so many mistakes.”

Just as Sol predicted, Isis’ reaction was priceless. Watching her squirm and groan while the red of her face reached even her ears, he had to fight to rein in the sadistic glee that was surging in his heart.

Sekhmet meanwhile, still at the top of Sol’s head, opened one of her eyes and looked at the weird creatures making disturbing noises and closed her eyes again.

For Isis, this moment was pure agony. 

Now that she thought about it carefully, her disguise and story were so full of loopholes that it was terrible. If not for the fact that she could fuse with Sheherazade and change her aura, he would have already known that she was a hybrid phoenix.

This made her feel a little downcast as she gritted her teeth.

“It must have been funny…”

Isis couldn’t help but feel like a clown when she thought about everything that had happened.

Sol chuckled and crouched to be at eye level with her, 

“I admit that it was pretty funny. But even more so, it was very cute. Furthermore…” A gentle smile replaced the grin on his face as he asked softly, “You had your own reasons, right?”

Isis raised her head in surprise.

“You are not angry?”

Sol may have discovered her secret by himself, but it did not change the fact that she lied to him. Even though she only lied about her identity, a lie was still a lie. 

Sol hummed before shaking his head, “Everyone has the right to hold secrets in their hearts. Of course, had you lied in order to hurt me, I would be very disappointed. But…that wasn’t the case, right?”

Isis shook her head in a hurry. She had never entertained the thought of hurting him. The most she initially planned to do was some harmless pranks. In the end, she wasn’t even able to implement those pranks because of his fight against those two Dukes.

“Then everything is fine, isn’t it?”

Isis became lost at those words. She scrutinized Sol’s expression and detecting no falsehood in his eyes, she couldn’t help but feel even more ashamed about her previous conduct toward him. 

“I am sorry.”

“Haha! Don’t lower your head like this.” Sol ruffled her hair, “The Isis I know is a strong-headed girl with many sassy remarks. Not one that acts so down.”

Sol did not wish to receive apologies. Isis may be a willful girl, but if he had to be honest, he quite liked that aspect of her.

In her presence, he could act lightly without having to show his mature side. The last few days here had been very rewarding for Sol, both physically and mentally and the major reason for that was Iris.

He hadn’t understood just how high his nerves had become until he finally found the time to unwind. Now that he was more relaxed, he could see everything in a clearer way.

Isis blushed and batted his hand away before standing back up, her hands on her hips, 

“Humph! I do not need you to comfort me. I am a big girl, you know?”

“Aye aye, whatever you say, princess.”

Following her, Sol also stood up and raised his hands in mock surrender.

The two of them looked at each other with a smile, before exploding in laughter.


Once the two of them calmed down. They sat at the edge of the roof and calmly watched the moons, finally, Sol asked, 

“So, when will you present to me your friend?”

Isis shrugged and said, “Sheherazade, Sol. Sol, Sheherazade.”


Sheherazade complained before floating until she stood in front of Sol, her face filled with excitement.

“I have been trying to stay silent while you two spoke to each other but now that I am in front of you Sol, I am super happy! I am like a huge fan! You are sooo handsome! Even more now and those horns! Damn, the girls back home will be so jealous if they learn I managed to get close to a dragon!! How old are you? How did you become so strong? Are you in a relationship? No, silly me. You are a dragon. How could you not be in a relationship? Even more so with how handsome you are. What do you think of Isis? Even though her character is pretty bad she is a true—Argh.”

Sheherazade’s onslaught of words was stopped as her small frame was clamped by Isis.

“Why are you talking nonsense?” Isis’ eyes twitched as she thought about her friend’s words.


Sheherazade couldn’t answer as her face became purple because of how tight Isis’ hold was.

“Then die!”

Yelling fiercely, Isis threw her away with all her might in the direction of the sky.


Looking at Sheherazade that was vanishing in the sky like a shooting star and Isis who was still breathing heavily. 

Sol gave an awkward laugh. But inwardly, his heart felt warm as he found that he would really never get bored when spending time with those two. 

(AN: Honestly, at first I wanted to make this discussion serious and heavy. But then, I remembered that this wasn’t why I introduced Isis. Even though she has a lonely past. It isn’t really that sad. I don’t want to make another mature and heavy character. But rather this lively girl that always helps you calm down and relax. Hope that even if you didn’t laugh, this chapter drew a smile from you.)





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