Nent was a beautiful woman. The red shade of her hair had a deeper crimson shade to it, giving it the color of blood. 

Even though, appearance wise, she seemed quite similar to Nephthys, the two of them couldn’t be any more different. 

It wasn’t just because of her impressive curves that dwarfed many women Sol knew, but also because of her sultry aura and her extremely revealing clothes. 

All she was wearing was a black satin dress that barely hid her massive breasts and showed off the curves of her ass. 

Looking at her, Sol even wondered if Nent was really a Phoenix and not a succubus. 

“Sol! How have you been?” 

When Sol entered the room alone, Nent enthusiastically stood up and greeted him with a tight hug before letting him go.

Being pressed against her like this, even though for a short time, he could feel how soft she was. Anyone else in his place would have been lost because of this sensation, but thankfully, Sol was already used to intimate contact with women and did not make a fool of himself. 

“Take a seat. I wish to discuss something with you.”

Even though he was curious about her sudden display of friendliness, Sol knew that he would get his answer soon.

Taking a seat as he was instructed, Sol gave her another look as he thought back to the information he had received not long ago. From them, he knew that even though this woman seemed quite flirtatious, she was no easy woman and if he let her looks deceive him, things wouldn’t end well.

Leaning back on the seat and crossing his legs, Sol rested his head on the palm of his hand as he looked at her nonchalantly.

Silence stretched between the two of them, but no one seemed to be ready to burst the bubble. In the end, after a few minutes, it was Nent who caved in as she asked coyly, 

“Sol, aren’t you curious about the reason as to why I called you here?”

Sol gave a meaningful smile, “I am definitely curious.”




Silence fell again between them, as Nent expected Sol to ask something, but all he did was look at her with the same smile.

In the end, Nent sighed and conceded, 

“You won. It seems like I quite underestimated you.”

Sol nodded with a proud smile as if he was happy to have won this short face-off, but inwardly, his guard against her had heightened.

Winning a face-off against a millennia-old divine beast after just a few minutes? Was that woman really taking him for some arrog…

‘Ah…She is dealing with me as if I was a true dragon.’

What she just did was quite insidious. Creating a short tension, then conceding and giving him the impression that he won something when in reality, she lost absolutely nothing. Following this, his guard would be lowered because of a useless sense of superiority.

Sol had decided to play the game with her, and see what she was up to. Thankfully, playing the idiot blinded by arrogance was not particularly difficult. He just had to let his instincts take control.

Not knowing what was going through his mind, Nent finally cut to the heart of the matter, 

“I have heard that you have rejected the invitations of the phoenixes that wished to talk with you?”

‘Hum, so this is her deal?’

From what he had just learned, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that at least 70% of living phoenixes, pure or hybrid, were directly related to her. The fact that she was a virgin despite all this made it pretty weird, but Sol was not interested in this point.

Nodding, he answered, “This is indeed the case. But I did not really reject them, I just decided to postpone my decision to a later date.”

‘Though this date might never come.’

“I see…” Nent mulled over his words before nodding, “Sol, let me be candid with you. I did not call you here to talk about this. Truth be told, I think that pairing you with any of the children would be a waste of your talent. While it may cost a little more on your Capacity point—What would you think about forming a contract with me?”

“Nent really said that?”

Looking at the moons while sitting on her throne, Nephpthys showed no surprise when she heard Gabriel’s words and only raised her eyebrows slightly.

The two of them were discussing as always when Gabriel brought up the meeting between Sol and Nent.


“Well, this isn’t surprising. She had personally watched the fight and saw Sol’s War Form. For her, seeing a perfect hybrid like Sol must have been like a dream come true.”

“*Sigh* You are right. Since that event centuries ago, she has changed quite a bit.”

“You mean, what happened with that witch and the scientist who developed the Human Genesis Theory?”

“Indeed. The three of them must have met each other at crossroads and hit it off. But this did not really matter. Their execution hit her badly.”

Nephthys sighed while agreeing inwardly. The Nent from 700 years ago and the current one were completely different. In the past, Nent was the very epitome of everything that a Phoenix should represent. Now though, she had many extreme views, and while she did not use any coercing means, she was very skilled in manipulating people.

“So, what did Sol answer?”

“He asked for some time to think.”

Nephthys released a helpless sigh. It wasn’t as if she could blame him. Nent wasn’t just a beautiful woman. She was also a high-tier King. No matter how you looked at it, making a contract with her was good.

‘I hope Isis will stop playing her childish game now.’

She didn’t understand why her daughter had decided to hide her identity, but she couldn’t say that she approved.

From what she had observed of Sol, he was a very good boy and would make a great son-in-law. 

She wouldn’t mind if Sol chose another phoenix as a partner because he did not like Isis or because Isis did not wish to form a contract. But losing him because of some stupid game when she was obviously interested would be a true shame.

Of course, if she had to be honest, the talent Sol had and his destiny had also attracted her. She had no doubt that she was looking at a demi-god in the making. Which would result in the dragons in specific, and the Order’s race in general, becoming even stronger.

Even though Chaos had lost and had been sealed, the abyss was still spewing its spawns, furthermore, not all the Titans and Giants under her had died.

Thinking about those cockroaches that refused to die no matter what, Nephpthys couldn’t help but bite her finger in anger.

“Dear daughter of mine, could you stop melting everything in the throne room?”

Waking up, Nephpthys blushed a little when she observed the state of the room, 

“I am sorry.”

“*Sigh* It’s fine. You should go talk to your daughter.”

Gabriel knew that Isis making a contract with Sol was one of the most important steps for the plan of Luxuria to bear fruit. Even though Luxuria was not her goddess, she still respected her since she was the eldest twin of Castitas. Failure was not an option.

Nephthys nodded and began to walk away.

“I will see what I can do.”

Now alone, Gabriel closed her eyes and sighed. Her daughter wasn’t the only one worried about the activities of the Titans and the spawn of chaos.

Castitas had already informed her about the fact that the leader of the Wings of Freedom had managed to escape from their seals. 

‘It seems like a great turmoil is coming up. Should I call for a summit of the divine?’

She hoped that it was just a false alarm.

(AN: Welp, new things were introduced. New concepts and some backstory. Let’s see how everything goes.)





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