Standing in the middle of the pool-sized bath of Gabriel’s palace, Sol released a sigh of contentment as the hot water took away his fatigue of the day and allowed him to relax. 

Saying that the day had been tiring would have been the understatement of the year. In just one day, he had fought more and caused more deaths than in all the previous years of life combined. 

If he had to be honest, it was a wonder that he did not collapse. 

“Honored guest, please raise your arms.” 

One of the two servants that had been taking care of him since the start of his stay in the palace spoke gently. 

After a few days of getting to know each other better, the previously cold way they treated him was just a thing of the past. 

While it was hard to stay that they had become close, they would at least not stay silent when in his presence. 

Turning his head, his gaze landed on the soft and womanly curves of his caretakers. The two of them were beautiful twins whose bodies had the allure of amazons. 

Letting his gaze roam on their bodies, Sol felt himself harden ever so slowly and shook his head. 

He normally had good control over his urges, but he was still feeling high from his previous fight and his libido was at all times high. 

It didn’t help that the two servants seemed far more enthusiastic than usual the moment he came back and liked to caress him. 

From the way they would linger on his horns and how they would blush whenever they met his eyes, he had come to the conclusion that their sense of beauty was somewhat different from the norm. 

‘Sigh, I am really beginning to get pent up.’

He ignored their surprised reactions at the sight of his erection. He had no doubt that should he ask for it, they would happily accept. But, while he did not mind laying down with his maids, those two servants were not his. 

It would be tragic if he ended up offending Gabriel and lost the chance to get a Phoenix. 

‘I need to study the customs of the Phoenixes.’

It was something very important. After all, he only had little information about them. Much of which was from hearsay. He did not want to make assumptions over misguided or incomplete information. 

Feeling the gentle but innocent brush of their hands over his penis, Sol sighed as he fought the desire to simply throw them down and have his way with them. 

His member was throbbing, painfully so. 

Sighing yet again, Sol seriously began to wonder if he should just masturbate. Otherwise, he might really attack someone. 


Back in Isis’ bedroom, Isis sat curled on her large queen-sized bed deep in thoughts. 

The events of the day kept filling her mind as she scrutinized everything with magnifying glasses. 

After she showed her power to Sol, the two of them returned to the headquarters of Rio and White. 

On the way, she had watched as Sol made sure to bring down any member of the squad that had survived the fight between him and the Rio White duo. 

It was funny that she was initially supposed to deal with them but most of them ended up incapacitated because of the aftermath of the fight between the three Dukes. 

Once they made sure all the perpetrators were dead, they dealt with the people saved in the same way as the previous ones. 

Thinking about Sol’s stiff expression as he kept receiving their thanks, she couldn’t help but laugh. 

After all, she knew very well that he hadn’t stormed Rio out of some sense of justice. He simply wanted to use her as a way to sharpen himself. Saving them had just been a byproduct of his actions. 

“Hehe~! Seems like someone had a good day!” 

Buzzing all around, Sheherazade let out a bell-like laugh as she mocked Isis openly. When she fused with Isis, she could still see, feel and hear everything. 

Isis blushed a little and shook her head in denial, “What are you talking about? This is just your imagination!” 

She took a pillow and throw it at Sheherazade who deftly avoided it, 

“How many times do I have to tell you that you can’t hit—” 

She sadly wasn’t able to avoid getting hit by the second pillow that was right behind the first one. 

Smirking at having finally managed to shut up her friend, Isis sighed. After all, no matter how much she lied to herself, she had to admit that this outing did make her happy. 

In all her life, the only friends she had were the undead soldiers of her father or the souls that lingered in the afterlife. 

When she first entered the Phoenix territory, she had been filled with expectations. After all, they were her kind. She thought that she would finally have true friends with whom she could share everything. 

But reality had dosed her enthusiasm with a cold shower. 

Here, aside from her mother, no one liked her. No one wanted her. Having to walk around while under the barely disguised gazes of disgust had been such a shock that she had been nearly traumatized and wouldn’t get out without completely covering herself in black. 

Had she not met Sheherazade, Isis could not even imagine what would have happened to her.

Today had been like a dream for her. She had gone out, played around, fought a little, and watched an epic battle. 

But the peak had been when she revealed her power to Sol. 

Divine beasts were beings of nature. For them, a necromancer wasn’t just something that opposed their beliefs. They opposed their very existence down to the core. 

For a divine beast, being next to a necromancer was extremely uncomfortable, and observing the transformation of a body in undead was like pushing the nose of a human in a bag full of trash. 

That was why she did not hate the Phoenixes. Even though they hated being next to her, they had never mistreated her either. They just avoided her. 

This was also why no one could understand just how it was possible for Nephthys and Anubis to fall in love with each other and have children.

After all, since phoenixes represented life, they were basically antithesis of each other. 

Whenever she asked her mother, all she would receive in response was Nephthys blushing heavily and stammering before chasing her out. 

“He didn’t change.”

Sheherazade, who flew out after pushing the cushion away, landed at the top of Isis’ head and listened calmly. 

She knew that there were moments for jokes and moments where all she had to do was shut up and listen. 

“You know I have been really worried. I mean, it hadn’t been that long since we met but I really didn’t want to face another rejection.”

No matter how he was raised, Sol was still a hybrid divine beast. 

Even without him being a divine beast, few living beings could accept the existence of a necromancer. After all, no one liked to face their own mortality. 

The moment she used her power to awaken both Rio and White as undead, rather than any sign of fear or disgust, all he had shown was an honest wonder. 

She knew that it wasn’t much. 

Sheherazade didn’t fear her either and it wasn’t as if her father did not have friends. 

But, only someone who had been isolated would understand how much such little acts could mean. 

“At least I did not lose my friend… We are friends, right?” 

Isis seemed a little uneasy. Now that she thought about it, she did not really know what her relationship with him was. 

Would it be too forward of her to call him a friend? 

‘Isis can be really cute sometimes.’

Chuckling a little, 

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” 

“I… *Humph* forget it! He should be the one begging to become my friend. Not the other way around.”

“Hehh… ” Sheherazade drawled a little, 

“But you know. Now that Sol further awakened his dragon blood, I don’t think you will be able to monopolize him for much longer.”

Isis stopped short, “What do you mean…” 

Flying away from her head and finally hovering in front of Isis, Sheherazade explained herself, 

“I mean… You didn’t forget why he came here, right? If he is to make a contract with a Phoenix, he will have to pass time with many of them before making a choice. As for you—He doesn’t even know that you are a Phoenix.”

From the silence of Isis, it was clear that she had forgotten about this very important fact. 





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Well Sol might be able to handle Isis but I’m not sure if his subjects or lovers can hopefully he finds some way around this as whether or not he likes it they will find out about her sooner or later.

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Anonymous · 2021-11-16 at 6:09 PM

I don’t get these misconceptions, Fire Phoneixs are the representation Of Fire/(Purity) and Reincarnation. Ice is well ice and Life. And Death/Necromantic/Black are Death and Necromancy and sometimes darkness

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      There are Phoenix of every element , and not simply fire
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