Well, the new schedule is that there is no schedule anymore. Haha.

Been four days since I posted a chapter of SHK (Just posted one now) and two days since the last chapter of Gojo. I don’t really have to explain myself but I will.

Rested on the 1st January because, well. It’s new year and I wanted to spend it with my mother rather than writing.

The next day was Sunday and I rest on Sunday.

Finally, I took the plane on the 4th to come back to France and landed on the 5th morning, which is today. So yeah, pretty busy.

Also, my classes are resuming tomorrow. So I decided to stop stressing myself and simply erased the schedule announcement. From now on, I will post whenever I am free. It’s my last year as a student and I don’t want to fuck it up. Though since I don’t have an internship yet, I don’t think I will be too busy so I will try to maintain the 3 weekly chapters(each) for SHK and Gojo. No promises though. Since School will always take precedence.

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Anonymous · 2022-01-06 at 3:48 AM

Take your time, don’t need to stress yourself. It may affect the plot of your stories. XD

Anonymous · 2022-01-06 at 1:20 AM

Take your time no need to stress yourself . weekly chapters are fine

HeikyZX · 2022-01-06 at 1:04 AM

You are doing and posting such a great works for free, seriosily, take your time and focus on your stuff before sufocating yourself like that. I saw many good authors building stress and even health problems due to this, so take care!

Anonymous · 2022-01-05 at 11:54 PM

Take your time, you dont want to burn out. As long as you keep posting i’ll keep reading regardless of the schedule

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