In the student council room, Sona Sitri was listening to the report of the newest member of her peerage— Saji Genshirou.

Even though he was only a new reincarnated devil and was quite weak, she believed in his potential since he had a dragon-type sacred gear and it cost her four pawn pieces to change him into a devil.

To think that he would be so outmatched…

Pondering a little, she turned towards her best friend and the one who played the role of Queen in her peerage.

Tsubaki Shinra.

“What do you think? Is he really the one?”

Like Sona, Tsubaki was also a slender bespectacled woman. Though, unlike Sona, she had long beautiful black hair that extended down all the way until her knees.

Currently, looking at the photo of Basara, she nodded at Sona’s question.

“He changed a great deal but from his name and the color of his eyes, there is no doubt that he is really the Basara I knew.”

“Hum…why is Rias still unable to find his identity then?”

“Even though both Akeno and I were part of the five clans and ostracized by them, I was at least able to live in the main compound.”

In Japan, five families stood above all when it came to exorcism. Each of those five families was related to the Shinto Gods and Guardian Spirits called Sacred Beasts.

The Shinra Family which she was once part of was guarded by the Sacred Beast, Byakko – The white tiger.

As for the Himejima Family which Akeno was once part of, they were guarded by Suzaku, the Vermilion Bird.

As a form of honor to the sacred beast, the heads of the five families must give up on their given name and take on the name of one of the beasts— more specifically, the one they worshipped.

About seven years ago, the new head of the Himejima family, Suzaku Himejima, was chosen and Jin Toujou was invited to participate in the ceremony.

It was there that she met the young Basara Toujou.

“Back then, Jin-dono wanted to meet me because he was a little interested in the ability of my sacred gear.”

She still remembered how excited she had been to discuss with the legendary war god of the hero faction.

Even now, she didn’t know why he had wanted to observe her power, but she couldn’t forget how he teased her by saying that she could be a good match for his son, because of how similar their abilities seemed.

‘Well, if it’s him. I guess I wouldn’t mind.’

She had a thing for younger boys, and Basara really fitted her taste to a T.


“*Ahem* I am sorry.”

Adjusting her glasses, to hide her embarrassment at her straying thoughts, she continued,

“Anyway, I can say with certainty that he is Basara Toujou. I know that he was expelled from the Vatican five years ago, but the reasons are still unknown. They are very tight-lipped about it.”

Sona furrowed her brows tight.

“Do you think he would join me? From what you said he is a very good swordsman. Having him as a knight would be perfect.”

Tsubaki shook her head, “Very good is an understatement. Toujou-kun is a genius, a prodigy amongst prodigies. At five, he was already strong enough to follow some exorcists for missions and when I met him, he was comparable to a mid-level devil.”

This time, it was Sona’s turn to be shocked.

Humans were extremely limited in terms of power. To hunt low-level devils, generally, a group of elite exorcists would have to join hands and even then it would only succeed after many casualties.

Few humans could even dream of reaching the mid-level without being born with a sacred gear or using any of the holy swords.

Even when considering devils, this wasn’t a level anyone could reach. Sona for example was only barely comparable to a high level devil and she was one of the strongest in her generation.

“As for him joining us…”

Tsubaki fidgeted a little.

“I…I honestly don’t know? Jin-dono is really a powerful hero – Very Very powerful. Even if Toujou-kun was banished from the Vatican, would his son accept to become a devil? I really doubt it. But then again, I don’t know him enough to give an accurate statement.”

Tsubaki was very careful with her words. She didn’t know how powerful Jin exactly was, but she knew that he was at least at the Ultimate Level and possibly at the Satan level.

There was no reason to provoke such a man by converting his son into a devil even if Basara didn’t mind that.

In fact, because of his identity, if Basara really became a devil, it would be like pulling one of the strongest soldiers who were on the side of heaven to the side of devils.

This kind of action could cause quite a diplomatic incident. Even more so since the three factions were keeping a very precarious balance.

No one wanted a new Great War.

“Leviathan-sama might have to intervene too, if we bring him in. I have heard that Jin-dono fought against her. So they might have some bad blood between them.”

Sona shuddered at the mention of her sister having to intervene.

‘No! I’d rather die than let that walking embarrassment intervene in my affairs.’

“I guess we will have to give up on him.”

She immediately canceled all plans she might have had about bringing Basara in as a member of her peerage.


“Still…since we have an appointment, it’s necessary to meet and discuss with him, right?”

She may not be able to recruit him but, having him as a friend would always be helpful.

Furthermore, she could see that Tsubaki seemed quite interested in him. She might not be able to do much, but she could still help her friend.

Adjusting her glasses, she smiled,

‘Well, let’s test him a little first.’






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