The next day went pretty peacefully. During the previous night, after his dinner with Lucia, Basara had managed to contact Jin and Sapphire and confirmed that Lucia was indeed someone trustworthy.

From what Sapphire had informed, Lucia would have been his personal maid if Sapphire did not give up on her noble title and if Jin wasn’t his father. 

During this talk, Basara had been pretty curious about which family his mother was initially from but in the end, it didn’t matter much to him. He had no hatred for the devils, but it didn’t mean that he was blind to the truth.

Devils were not evil in general. At least the latest generation of devils were rather human-friendly compared to the old ones who saw humans as mere livestock. That didn’t mean that it was all roses and sunshine, however.

If he had to choose, he would rather not have to deal with anything related to the supernatural. Unfortunately, he knew that this was just a naive dream. Yet, he wanted to relish this dream for as long as he could.



Despite what he initially thought, the next few days had been relatively peaceful. 

In the morning, he would have a good breakfast with a beautiful woman which sometimes ended with her teasing him about bathing together—though he wasn’t sure most of the time because she would mention those embarrassing suggestions in a monotone voice and an emotionless face— but it would never escalate.

Then, once he was done, he would walk to school while observing the neighborhood. Kuoh Town was a beautiful and calm place and though he hadn’t explored much of it yet, he really planned to do so soon.

When he entered school, the day would go on without much problem. Koneko and Maria acted a little distant and would only salute him seemingly out of politeness.

Then after classes, since he didn’t have a club, he would go back home and have a good dinner with another round of ‘monotone’ teasing.

Everything was peaceful and without many ripples in the gentle flow of happenings.

At least it was in appearance.

‘Sigh, at the very least they could do a better job at observing me.’

Whenever he walked into the school, he could feel that he was being observed. He had already recognized Maria and a blonde guy. Furthermore, he could also find a few girls who, from their armbands, were from the student council.

‘To think that even the student council is implicated.’

Currently, he was lying down on the floor of the rooftop of the school after sneaking in there but he could still feel that he was being followed.

He had to admit that he was becoming worried and was wondering if he should simply send an anonymous call to the exorcists and sync them to the school.

At the same time, as far as devils went, the group seemed rather harmless and pretty forgiving to humans in general.

…This was the only reason as to why Basara didn’t simply exorcise them himself. After all…

‘Aside from three of them, the rest are all low-class devils, the other three only being mid-class.’

Even though he was a little weaker than he was in the past because he did not wish to use certain aspects and forms of his powers, he would have no problem subduing a high-class devil if necessary.

The cold light in his eyes flashed only for a brief instant before diminishing as he let out a troubled sigh.

“I shouldn’t let things continue like this.”

Being under constant surveillance as if he was some kind of criminal was extremely upsetting, infuriating even, and grating on his nerves. At this rate, he might truly declare war on them and simply annihilate them just to be done with it.

‘I think… It’s time to end this.’

Munching on a bit of bread, a young man with short blonde hair and grey eyes was busy observing the new transfer student.

This was a mission that had been given to him by his beloved Sona-Kaichou. As such, while he didn’t really understand why he had to waste his time like this, he didn’t complain.

Inwardly though he could only grumble.

‘I really hope that Kaicho will give me a reward.’

Thinking about the beautiful and cold woman that acted as the student council president, the boy couldn’t help but show a somewhat perverted smile.

“If you are going to observe me, at least be serious about it.”



Before he had the time to understand what was happening, he felt his back smacking against the wall.

The shock was so powerful that it practically emptied all the air out of his lungs and he had difficulty breathing.

Opening his eyes with difficulty, he looked at the person who was slowly tightening his grips around his neck.

‘The transfer student!’

“Wh-who are…you?”

He shivered a little under the cold steel green eyes of the boy that was obviously younger than him.

How could such eyes belong to a student? 

Basara, though, was in no mood to play along and spoke curtly.

“I have no reason to answer any questions. Let’s make things clear now, once and for all. Contact your King and let her know that I am open to discussion.”

Relaxing his grip, the boy fell down and gasped for air greedily.

‘I-I thought that I was going to die.’

Looking down at him, Basara narrowed his eyes briefly as he thought of something but in the end, he began to walk away.

Once he reached the stairs, he stopped and asked,

“What is your name?”

The boy did not wish to answer but at the same time, he did not wish to suffer more.

It had only lasted a brief instant, but he understood that the man in front of him wasn’t someone he should make an enemy of.

Thinking so, he answered carefully, 

“S-Saji. Saji Genshirou.”

“Saji…huh? Got it. I will remember it.”

After those words, he walked down the stairs, leaving a somewhat stunned and bitter Saji.

‘I wasn’t even able to summon my sacred gear.’

What he didn’t know was that if he did, then Basara might have broken some of his bones too, making him suffer even more.

After all — A dragon could never accept another dragon looking down on him.



LP CH 8: NEW DAY (2)


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