“Should I take a peek at him?”

While placing the food on the table, Lucia couldn’t help but wonder, her face as impassive as ever.

Basara had been taking an awfully long time just for a bath.

“It doesn’t seem like he is masturbating either.”

As a succubus Devil, Lucia was able to feel the lust in the air. When she initially met Basara, while his lust level had increased a bit after he saw her, that was all there was to it.

In fact, she was surprised at the amount of control Basara had over his own feelings. Devils were beings who didn’t put a particular hold on their needs. Be it lust, anger, greed, or anything related to a sin.

‘I guess it makes him more charming.’

She knew the hidden intention behind Sapphire asking her to take care of Basara.

From what she had seen and sensed till now, Basara had absolutely no need for anyone to protect him in this town.

If those pesky dark flying chickens were to bother him, their end would be miserable to say the least. As for her two unruly little sisters, they were no match for him either.

‘I guess they want me to become a member of his peerage.’

Lucia shook her head. Until now, she had never chosen a master. She had been briefly interested in following Sirzechs, but she didn’t wish to intrude in his relationship with Grayfia.

As for Rias, she was currently too weak to even think of putting her in her peerage. The same went for her Mio too.

Lucia was very picky about who would become her master.

It wasn’t about her rank. She didn’t care about taking the pawn piece and in fact, would be more at ease if she did.

After all, she had something way above the power of the evil piece — A ritual that allowed an incredible boost in power as long as the conditions were met.

This ritual was also one of the reasons nearly all succubi were exterminated during the Great War.

“Well, it’s a little too soon to speak about these matters.”

From what she had seen, this power didn’t really seem to suit Basara very well.

“What is a little too soon for you to speak?”

Lucia turned around, a little surprised that Basara had managed to sneak up behind her.

‘…I seriously need to re-evaluate the power of my young master.’

Then, looking up and down at his well-toned muscles, handsome face, and beautiful jewel-like eyes, Lucia smiled inwardly as she thought that this job wasn’t bad after all.

Once Basara took his seat at the dining table…

“You don’t plan to sit down?”

“I am but a maid, It’s not pro–”

“Since you are a maid, you should follow the orders of your master, no? I order you to sit down.”

Lucia was a little surprised at the authority brimming in Basara’s voice. 

If earlier she thought that he wasn’t suitable for the special ritual and what it entailed, then now it seemed that she should review her judgment.


Once Basara placed down his fork and knife, and wiped his mouth with a towel, he let out a sigh of deep contentment.

“I must say, you are a very good cook.”

His mother wasn’t bad by any means and his father was also a good cook. Even Basara knew how to cook for himself since he had to live alone many times in the past, when his parents had to go on their missions for prolonged times.

Lucia, however, was on another level altogether. It had been a while since he stuffed himself with food like this.

Chuckling a little, Lucia took away the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

She had to admit that the conveniences of modern society were always a delight to use. She always found it funny how old nobles looked down on humans in general.

Once that was done with, she served some tea to Basara and sat on the other side of the table.

“Basara-sama, I am sure you have many questions about the evil pieces but you should not worry. After all, your pieces are very different from the norm.”

“How so?”

“Those pieces were created with your own blood. You could say that they are the only ones of their kind in existence.”

Basara stopped and his eyes narrowed.

“You mean to say that if I bestow one piece to someone, that person would become the same race as mine?”


Lucia waved her hand. Few people were privy to it, but Basara was a being outside of all norms. From what she remembered, Ajuka had lost months of sleep and was still unable to understand the components of his blood.

“Once the pieces are integrated into someone, it will fundamentally change their race and turn them into something akin to dragons.”

Dragons were one of the superior races in this world. In fact, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that they were the most superior race, right alongside gods.

She didn’t exactly know how Basara inherited dragon blood nor which dragons it came from. All she knew was that about all those years ago, Jin Toujou, who was already a monster, came back after vanishing for a few years and surprised the world with his might all over again.

What surprised everyone were the obvious dragon features he was showing when using his power which gave him the nickname of Red Dragon King.

Of course, this wasn’t only what all those pieces were capable of. They had placed another interesting feature in it…though that was for Basara to discover himself.

Basara was a little surprised at the information he just received. What really intrigued him furthermore was…

“Why did Ajuka work so much to create special pieces for me?”

He couldn’t really understand. Ajuka Beelzebub was one of the four Maou, ruling over the underworld — land of the devils. 

He had created the pieces in order to increase the low numbers of devils. Why then, would he create pieces with a different setting? 

“Heh! Sapphire-sama was the one who convinced him by bringing one of the life debts he owed to her.”

Lucia let out a mischievous laugh when she remembered how helpless Ajuka seemed to be in front of Sapphire’s unreasonable demands.

‘Mom seems to be even more powerful than I thought.’

Ajuka was someone who stood at the top of the world — literally one of the top ten most powerful beings in the world.

Even if he was weaker back then, for his mom to have saved him not just once but many times meant that she was at least near or equal to the Satan class.

‘Perhaps…she even surpassed it.’

Basara had never really been interested in the past of his mother. 

Not because he didn’t care about her, but because he knew that she was uncomfortable when speaking about it. Her past was a page she had already turned over and all she wished now was to be Sapphire Toujou.

His mother should have been someone pretty well known, but since he was excommunicated from the Vatican before becoming a full exorcist, there was much information he wasn’t privy to.

Sighing, Basara shook his head. Now that he knew how much his mother paid to get those pieces done, he couldn’t simply refuse them.

‘Well, it isn’t like I will have an occasion to use them, anyways.’


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