“…How did it come to this?”

Basara mumbled absent-mindedly, pure incomprehension plaguing his faintly disoriented mind.

Currently, Basara was in an enclosed space with white steam rising from the hot water below, pervading his surroundings—the bath. After coming back home and letting Lucia clean Asia’s body before tucking her in the guest room, he briefly spoke about the events that spanned across the night before deciding to take a refreshing bath to relax his moderately strained nerves; a foreseeable drawback due to the hectic situation that ensued earlier in the night.

With only a towel tied around his waist, Basara was sitting on a low plastic chair with his elbows firmly positioned on his lap while resting his chin on his hands showing a lethargic expression of slight helplessness. There,

“Is that not obvious?”

A bright voice originated from the bathtub, containing steaming hot water. It was his maid, Lucia, the mastermind behind this sudden and absurd scenario. She was looking at him from her laid-back position with her chin resting on her hands, mirroring him, that was on the edge of the bathtub.

“The only true way to deepen one’s bonds in this world is to get naked together.”

Indeed, therein lay the problem; the debauched mindset of his dastardly succubus of a maid that chronically projected him with lustful scenarios that he clearly didn’t appreciate too much. Just as he was about to dip into the reinvigorating hot water, Lucia had rushed in and boldly showed her masterfully sculpted body without even batting an eyelid, in all its naked glory, while pulling a hesitant and nervously fidgeting Asia behind her. 

Then and there she had taken off Asia’s clothes in a swift motion, stripping her bare, and said to the bewildered Basara in a flat tone as if she was talking about an everyday matter.

“Now then, let us all take a bath together.”

Since he was already used to Lucia pulling such stunts, he didn’t really care, but he, for the life of him, had zero clue about how she had convinced such a pure-minded girl like Asia to follow her into her devious machinations.

“That only applies to the same gender. Why would you think the same would apply for individuals of the opposite gender?”

When the opposite sexes got naked together, it was just the prelude to an inevitable erotic sitch, and he wasn’t in the mind for any of that.

Lucia’s expression was strangely serious as she promptly nodded to his words, her eyes stern as she reasoned,

“What is the problem? Cramped together nearly completely naked in a small room—sharing the same shame will bring results even if you are against it. You can treat another person kindly once you know his pain.”

“What’s with this licking each other’s wounds mentality! Or rather, there’s no point in forced results!”

“Not quite, Basara-sama. A girl’s ‘No’ almost always means ‘Yes’.”

Or so said the debauched maid in her trademark flat tone and serious visage. Coming from her, however, it gave no assurance to the troubled half-naked youth.

“Huh…No. That ain’t how it works at all. No means no, nothing else. Don’t twist facts like that.” 

Anyone who believed the opposite was simply a menace to society. Consent should always be obtained. At the very least, tacit consent was a prerequisite for any events concerning more than a single individual which became all the more inexorable when members of the opposite sex were involved.

“B-Basara-san… I-I am the one who requested Lucia-san to help me… Am I being a bother?”

“*Sigh* This isn’t the point at all. I wouldn’t say dislike…”

He was defeated instantaneously the moment he glanced at Asia looking at him with pleading eyes, that ostensibly begged him to accept these utterly scandalous events. He had already seen a part of her naked body earlier during the fight, but he hadn’t been in the right state of mind then. Now, however, he could fully appreciate how beautiful Asia was. Her lithe body was full of youthful charm that made him nigh breathless.


In the bathtub, next to Lucia, Asia’s cheeks flushed red in shame when she caught Basara looking at her form; a natural reaction— after all, while she was naive and lacked some knowledge about sexual matters, she still knew that being naked in a bath with a boy wasn’t exactly a normal occurrence. That, and her instincts as a girl also caught onto the depravity of the matter and prompted a wave of shame and embarrassment to wash throughout her mind and soul.

Lucia did not let the awkward mood settle down for long and immediately moved things along to the optimum events she desired to enact today.

“Now then—How about you wash Basara-san’s back, Asia?”

Lucia, from her laid-back position in the bathtub, suggested with a completely serious look plastered on her exquisite face, yet her eyes danced in a playful and mischievous light, hidden from the other two’s eyes.

“Eh? No need. I can wash myself.”

“That will not do. It would defy the meaning of taking a bath together.”

Basara tried to vehemently decline, but Lucia declared decisively, obstinate in seeing this through.

“Of course, you can wash your back by yourself. However, here you should dare to openly expose your back to us. That is precisely what trust is all about, just like entrusting your backs to each other in a fight.”

And then she elaborated further without letting her momentum fall,

“Asia and I will properly wash your back for you. But not only will we wash it, but we will also respond to the trust of exposing your back to us. You can only trust someone, who openly exposes his back.

“Getting naked together in the bath is precisely a situation where you defenselessly bare your lives to each other. This is an appropriate scenario that builds up a mutual trust, would you not agree?”


After being told something unreasonable but with such fine logic that he was left with no words to retort Basara could do nothing but groan helplessly at the wits of the devilish maid. In the first place, deep down in his heart, it wasn’t as if he wanted to reject the tempting offer.

Basara was not a lustful buffoon that would think about sex every day, but he was not a eunuch either, nor was he an impotent man or had any problems with his sexual inclination. How could he truly reject such a proposal from the bottom of his heart? It was just too tempting.

“Okay. If it makes you trust me wholeheartedly, go ahead. But I still think all this is unnecessary.”

He was already sitting on the chair anyway might as well go along with them and end this farce. Thinking along those lines he didn’t hesitate any more and turned around to show his wide back to them.

“Y- Yeah… Leave it to me.”

Asia slowly got out of the cramped bathtub, with a towel wrapped around her body hiding her modest figure from one’s eyes, and moved behind Basara.

After moving behind Basara, Asia sat down on the bath floor with her knees bent, her legs neatly placed side by side.

Then she soaked the sponge with some liquid body soap and stared intently at Basara’s broad back.

“I-I’ll start now…”

With a nervous expression and shaking hands, she started to wash Basara’s back gently.

‘This is what a boy’s back feels like.’

Needless to say, it was her first time washing a boy’s back.

It was broader than her own and, more than anything, it was sturdy due to the compact and trained muscles.

Basara’s body, which could still bring out incredible fighting skills in actual combat as he was an exorcist in the past, was scarred all over. He most likely got them from training and actual combat that pitted him against constant life and death situations. Each of the wounds was old.

Even Asia’s eyes, inexperienced in that prospect, could tell that this body of his was well trained. Therefore she could comprehend that he could cut down his enemies with just one swing of his huge magic sword.

Gently lathering his body with soap with her dainty hands, Asia realized once more—that she was saved by this person without a doubt.

“…Is something the matter, Asia-san?”

Falling into a trance, her movement had stopped for a short while, prompting Basara to speak up. In his mind, Basara was half-certain that Asia was forcing herself to wash her back and hoped that she would stop pushing hearself trying to serve him.

“Eh? N- No, nothing.”

Asia stammered by his sudden inquiry and hastily started to move her previously motionless hand.

Upon that, there was suddenly something caught at the edge of Asia’s vision. It was Lucia’s expression as she was looking over from the bathtub. That expression clearly was criticizing her for her poor performance.

‘I–I get it.’

Remembering what Lucia had advised her to do as it was a common tradition for warriors in Japan, she couldn’t help but blush further as she mused just how bold the Japanese were.

Still, even now, he was openly entrusting his back to Asia even after her blunder. As Lucia said, this showed that Basara trusted Asia wholeheartedly. Thinking so, she determined that she had to respond in kind.

Of course, Asia had forgotten that with the difference in strength between the two of them and her lack of offensive means, showing his back to her was not really a sign of mutual trust, since she had no way of threatening him at all.


Asia cleared the lump that had, unknowingly, formed on her throat with a loud gulp and unraveled the knot of the towel she was wearing. 

‘What if he turned around now?’

While thinking those heart palpitating thoughts, Asia got completely naked and brought her body closer to Basara’s back. What first touched his broad back was the part of Asia’s body that inevitably stood out the most.

Her breasts.


Basara was visibly startled by the sudden difference and the heat as well as the squishy sensation on his back.  

But was stopped from responding when Asia hugged him from behind, further accentuating the squishy feeling.

If he had been a little doubtful at first, now there was no need to. Clearly, Asia intended to wash him using her breasts. A moment brought straight out from a cookie-cutter hentai.

Furthermore, the culprit was evident. From the corner of his eyes, he could see Lucia showed him a victorious V with her fingers while keeping her trademark expressionless face.

Asia on the other hand only had eyes for Basara in this instant. From where she stood she could see the way his ears had flushed crimson—he was embarrassed.

Basara was conscious of her—for some reason, those thoughts made her incredibly happy.

When she was held by Freed earlier, all she had felt was fear and unbridled disgust. 

Right now though, as she hugged him while being completely naked, all she could feel was elation and a weird feeling of heat pervading her body and gathering around her lower part.

Further emboldened by Basara’s reactions,  Asia took the body soap bottle, poured the contents amply onto her breasts, and made it foam with a bit of her magic.


Determined to see this through, she pressed her breasts onto him again, then started sliding her body to wash his back.

Upon that, Asia’s small but firm breasts filled the muscle cavities on Basara’s back with their awkward movements, surprisingly lewdly changing shape. 

Gaining an unexpected wave of shame, soon enough there started to occur a change in Asia’s body. What slowly welled up from inside her body was a sweet tickling heat that jolted her with intoxicating sensations of euphoria.

…Mm, Ah…

Abruptly Asia noticed that the tip of her breasts had hardened inexplicably. Whenever she moved up and down, a slight electric feeling made her release small moans of pleasure that she was unable to hold in.

That embarrassment flared up Asia’s whole body with blistering heat, coloring her body in a bright red with extreme swiftness. She couldn’t believe that she was the one releasing such shameful sounds.

But, Asia didn’t remove her breasts from Basara’s back. Because Basara was standing still. Albeit not voicing it out, his body was clearly hot too, maybe even hotter than her own scalding hot body. Without a doubt, Basara was also feeling conscious of Asia right now. That fact made Asia feel unsurpassable bliss.


Her mind grew hazy with the feelings of Euphoria, but her movement never stopped as she continued to hug him tightly and washed his hard body.

She could feel something building up inside her from the depths of her core. 

It was without a doubt a very foreign feeling for her, but her body and mind craved more of it, the craving intensifying with each passing second. She instinctively knew that only by continuing whatever she was doing now would she be able to keep feeling this pleasant sensation build up and reach its climax.

In the end, Basara who was having difficulty sitting still and controlling himself while hearing those sweet moans turned to face her form.

He had been hesitant about touching her since he feared reminding her about the prior events of the night with Freed but, at this level, he had no need to care anymore.

But, by accident, his hand ended up touching her most sacred part.


This small stimulus was the last straw. In an instant, Asia felt like her mind exploded as an avalanche of euphoric bliss swallowed her whole.

When that feeling subsided, because of the heat accumulated in the room and the heat of her own body—she blacked out and fainted.

On this night, Asia experienced her first climax.


(AN: The ecchi is slowly increasing and Basara is slowly losing his inhibitions)






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