The moment Basara fully opened her swimsuit, he was overwhelmed by the sight that greeted him.

‘How big!’

At the same time, a sweet bewitching aroma filled his lungs, slightly intoxicating and arousing all of his senses. Blood quickly rushed to his male organ and it was gradually hardening. He had to quickly put all his willpower into subduing the raging boner that was threatening to pop out any second.

Because of the unexpected situation, and the subsequent violent reaction in his nethers, Basara had completely forgotten to close his eyes, and also to avert his sight, at that moment and found himself staring at the large naked breasts in front of him. His mind was fully overwhelmed by their voluminous shape and the pink buds resting above the gravity-defying milk jugs.

“Your method appears to have been slightly more aggressive than I had expected it to be.”

Hasegawa said nonchalantly, without an ounce of embarrassment or any other emotion showing up on her face. She didn’t even try to cover herself, only an amusing expression adorned her face as she eyed Basara’s flustered visage. 

“S-sorry, sensei!”

Basara shifted his somewhat rude stare hurriedly, and turned around, his back now facing her. He was surprised at how calm and indifferent she was about the abrupt turn of events; in fact, he had expected her to scream or slap him immediately and try to defame him for the rude, even though unwanted, act he had inadvertently done to her.

“I wasn’t blaming you. I was the one that had asked for your assistance, and you had done what was asked of you. There were just some….mishaps along the way, that’s all.”

‘It is….a rather rational way of seeing the circumstances.’

Basara was left utterly speechless while Hasegawa’s clear giggling tone came from behind him as she quipped.

“To think that you would be so rough in taking off a girl’s clothes. How lewd!”

“I wasn’t, and I didn’t mean to….”

With conditions like the state of the zipper, saving time, and avoiding touching Hasegawa in any unwarranted way, he thought it through carefully and chose this method which he deemed to be most suitable. Unfortunately, even after so much thought, he had never expected her breast to pop out like it did which led to the rude event occurring.

“Well, thank you. Thanks to you, I don’t have to cut up this new swimsuit anymore.”

“Well… I guess it’s at least good that I managed to help you.”

“You did — speaking of which, Toujou-kun, help me with one more thing.”

“What is it this time…?”

Hasegawa said to Basara who had an eyebrow raised tensely. He felt disconcerted as he thought about the many outlandish requests she might subject to him that would make him feel even more miserable than he felt already. Thinking through, he more or less firmly decided in his mind to refuse her request if it happened to be of the same kind as the previous one.

“It’s nothing big. I just wanted to ask you to help bring over the wet wipes from the medicine cabinet and towel from the drawer underneath it.”

She smiled, a bit teasingly, a mischievous glint danced in her emerald-like eyes as she continued,  “Well, I am on a bed right now with a whitish viscous liquid on my breasts. It’s as if I gave you a titjob and you finished on them after doing the deed. It just feels inappropriate and well I am a girl, so it feels embarrassing and uncomfortable like this.” 

“I’ll bring it over immediately!”

A completely red Basara hurried to search for what he was asked for while Hasegawa looked at his back with a gentle smile, holding back the giggle that wanted to come out seeing Baasara’s flustered state.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

After taking the items from Basara, Hasegawa pulled the curtains to clean herself and get dressed. She pulled the curtains apart and got off the bed after dine being dressed up.

Wearing high heels, she unhurriedly walked towards the small movable stool Basara was sitting on and sat down on the chair by her office table, putting her leg up on the table and turning towards him.

Meanwhile, Basara had managed to calm down quite a bit and was feeling a little less flustered now. Inwardly, he was surprised by how he was acting in front of Hasegawa. After all, after seeing the face of his mother every day and being put through her antics, he had become a little desensitized to beauty and skinship.

Then again, he guessed that there was a great difference between looking at his mother’s face and looking at the breasts of a mature and sexy woman like Hasegawa.

“So, why did you initially ask me to come to the infirmary.?”

Basara asked as calmly as possible in order to steer the situation back on track.

The lunch break wasn’t that long and Basara honestly just wanted to end the day without any more surprises. His heart wasn’t ready to take any more shock like the previous one.

Seeing him act so calmly, Hasegawa understood that it was time to become serious.

“You know, before studying to become a nurse, I also obtained my diploma as a certified psychologist.”

Basara frowned at those words; he had a subtle inkling where this discussion was going towards, and he definitely didn’t like that scenario.

“I see. But I don’t know why it should matter to me. If this is all you wanted to say, I think I will see myself out.

He stood up and was about to leave, trying to get out before the talk went towards a direction he wasn’t willing to tread but…

“Sit down, please. I do not want to pry for the sake of prying. I just want the best for you.”

‘Why does she sound so convincing?’

He already noticed it before, but talking with Hasegawa put him rather at ease. He felt as if no matter what happened, she would never hurt him and always be there for him whenever he needed her support.

This was a weird feeling. One that he had only felt with his family. But aside from their eye color, they had nothing in common.

‘If I decided who was related to me by eye color then Asia, Dulio, and…even all the pure angels would be related to me.’

He hesitated a little bit, looking at her clear eyes that were almost pleading him to believe in her, Basara sighed and decided to sit.

Even if he ended up telling her all his past, all he had to do was mind control her and erase those memories, he assured himself with those thoughts.

Basara disliked using such extreme means normally since he felt like he was violating their privacy and freedom, but he knew that it was a necessity sometimes to go to the extreme. 

Like erasing the memories of humans who witnessed the supernatural. It was better if normal humans weren’t aware of the supernatural as nothing good ever came when they became acquainted with it.

Still, he had always been very careful with that power. After all, at the end of the day, Basara was no saint. He had impulses and needs.

How many people could control themselves while knowing that they could manipulate the memories of all the people around them?

“Okay, so you are a qualified psychologist…What then?”

Understanding that Basara was putting his trust in her, Hasegawa smiled and continued,

“I believe that what you are suffering from is a case of PTSD. I do not know if I can help, but I believe that speaking about what you are suffering from could alleviate some of the pain.”

Basara scoffed inwardly. It wasn’t as if he had never visited a psychiatrist. Even though he had been banished, his father had still tried to help him and he visited many doctors all around the world.

But all of them had been helpless with his case. After all, it was impossible for a normal ten-year-old, or even an adult for that matter, to have his mind unscathed despite what he had gone through on that day.

In fact, Basara was sure that if he didn’t already have some experience as an exorcist, and wasn’t able to use gravity magic as a substitute for his main power, his situation would have been way worse.

Hasegawa took no offense at his reaction but rather looked at the clock.

“I won’t hog your time any more than this. I just want you to know that if you want to speak to someone. Anywhere, anytime, I will be there.”

“Heh. So even if I want to talk to you on the weekend during the night, will you be available?”

Basara had said this in jest, however, seemingly thinking that as a great idea, Hasegawa clapped her hands in joy.

“What a wonderful idea! I believe discussing your issues here in school would be pretty callous and we also lack the surplus time. But we will be completely alone in my house and have plenty of time to discuss with each other.”

The more she talked, the more excited she became. In the end, she stretched her hand towards him.

“Your phone, please.”

Basara, who was still confused by the sudden turn of events, gave his phone to her almost in a trance. After fiddling with it a little bit, she gave it back to him.

“I put my number, mail, and my address. Come on Sunday at 1 pm. I will even have lunch ready for you.”

“What the hell just happened?”

Even after sitting back in his classroom later, Basara was still astonished by the occurrences that had transpired at the later part of their discussion. He never thought in a million years that Hasegawa would invite him to her home just like that. He was honestly disgruntled as to what may happen if he went to visit her this Sunday.


Back in the infirmary, Hasegawa chuckled a little as her eyes stopped shining in a green tint.

“Now I can stop the repulsion order.”

Basara did not know, but generally, it was impossible for the infirmary to stay calm and quiet for so long.

Be it because of the new male students who were enamored with her or because of the girls who liked to ask her advice, due to her popularity with the student body Hasegawa was always busy.

But this time, for some reason, no one even walked near the infirmary. 

‘Thankfully I used the order, otherwise, it would have been quite embarrassing if a girl or a boy surprised us when he opened my swimsuit.’

Thinking about that moment, Hasegawa couldn’t help but blush slightly. This part of the day had not been in her plan at all, but she had to admit that she was quite happy with how everything played out.

Scribbling on her notes, Hasegawa couldn’t stop the jubilation in her heart.

After all, she had finally found a way to become close to Basara. If she could also heal the wounds in his heart, how wonderful would it be? The possibility was there, and it exhilarated her to no end.

“Raphaeline, don’t worry. I swear I will take care of your son.”

Her expression grew steadfast. Because of her identity, she couldn’t move around too much and search for her cousin.

In fact, she was only allowed to enter Japan after she fought and convinced the Japanese Gods to allow her entry on their grounds, and that was only because they believed her to be a hero who rose to godhood in the far past.

Thankfully, not even the gods knew where she was really from. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have stopped merely at that.

Right now, all she could do was to believe in Jin and Sapphire.

 Believe that they would be able to find her cousin. In the meantime, all she could do was take care of Basara’s security and try to mend the scars that shouldn’t be present on a sweet boy like him, and definitely not at such a tender age.

Even so…

‘I must admit…He is a pretty handsome young boy.’

She wondered what kind of relationship they would end up having in the far future.






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