[Kuoh Academy, Infirmary]

“Hasegawa-sensei, I’m here.”

Basara politely knocked on the door and waited at the infirmary door for permission to enter. Technically he could enter right away since it was the infirmary and was accessible to all the students. However, he still decided to wait, after all, there might have been someone else already present, receiving treatment from the beautiful nurse.


“Sorry for interrupting.”

After a voice gave him the requisite permission to enter, he came in through the door, what greeted him immediately was a burst of refreshing soft air tickling his nostrils.

Even though it was only the second time Basara came here, he felt that the school infirmary was the place where he could relax the most. He couldn’t explain why, but he especially felt at ease while being in this room.


Looking around, he saw that the person in charge of the room wasn’t sitting at the office table by the window, but was located at the sickbed by the door instead, and had pulled aside the white curtain a little.

“That voice…is it you, Toujou-kun?”

“Yes, it is me… Sensei, you can tell?”

“Is it that strange? I had talked with you just this morning and the number of boys in this school is rather minuscule. It should be normal for me to be able to recognize your voice, right?”

“If you say so…”

Hasagawa’s explanation was logical, but Basara still felt weird; besides, it was different from a homeroom teacher remembering the voices of their students. A teacher in the infirmary had to take care of all the students in the school, so it was quite scary how good her auditory memory was, if she could recognize a person just by hearing the student’s voice once through the door. 

As Basara was contemplating about her unique ability, the beautiful nurses’ beckoning voice made him refocus on her. 

“Actually, you came just at the right time. There’s something that I need your help with. I’m sorry, but could you come over here for a moment?”

“? Okay….?”

He originally thought that his help was needed in taking care of an injured student, but that didn’t seem to be the case from what he was seeing.

‘She appears to be alone on the other side of the curtain. If that’s the case, does she need my help in changing the sheets?’

 Once he went past the curtain, however…


He froze with an absolutely bewildered look plastered on his face the moment he saw Hasegawa.

“What’s wrong, Toujou-kun?”

Hasegawa had a dazed expression formed on her face after seeing Basara’s reaction. She was wearing a one-piece, glossy blue-colored school swimsuit, with a white coat draped over it. Though such swimsuits were designed to cover most of one’s skin to give off a modest and proper feel, when it was worn by someone like the beautiful school nurse, Hasegawa, with an excessively voluptuous body that outlined every piece of her asset splendidly, the result was a weird showcase of indecency.

“Se-Sensei! What are you doing!?”

Excitement and confusion caused Basara’s pitch to be raised by several octaves. If he had to be honest, it was quite shocking to see her like that.

“Well… There’s a swimming class in a few days, and apparently, there is a female student who has a relatively weak body in that class. I will be going with them to observe and take care of the girl when necessary.”

Hasegawa answered truthfully, seemingly unaware of the turmoil she was causing to Basara with her rather lewd appearance.

“I had advised her not to participate as usual, but she had insisted on joining in no matter what. Since the student wanted to join the class so badly, I, as a teacher, had no choice but to attempt to fulfill her wishes. I gave her permission, on the condition that I’ll be observing from the sides.”

But still—

“It seems that there are currently no school swimsuits of my size… While I might have been able to fit into a two-piece, it seems that the dean had said that it wouldn’t be good to wear that type of clothing during a class since there are boys in the school now. I could only have one custom-made for me from outside the school. As for the product…”

Stopping here, Hasegawa then moved her hand to indicate towards the zipper that was only done halfway, seemingly stuck in between her cleavage, showing the upper part of her bountiful breasts.

“Unluckily, the zipper seems to be stuck, not budging even after I pulled on it. Sorry, Toujou-kun — can you help me undo this zipper?”

“Eh… That probably won’t be good. While ignoring the status as a teacher or a student, it would be better if this kind of task was done by a female…”

It was only in those sleazy unrealistic hentais that a female teacher would ask a male student to take off her swimsuit, right? 

More surprisingly, ‘I wonder if I should be awed by the fact that her swimsuit had to be custom-made since her breasts were too large.’

But right now, Basara could only tentatively bring his sight to the side, trying to avoid looking at Hasegawa’s revealing form.


Only to see another thing that he shouldn’t be seeing. 

Her clothes that had been taken off to put on the swimsuit were folded nicely on the sickbed by the side; while that would still be fine by itself, what was problematic was the small stack beside it which happened to be a set of black lacy lingerie that instigated indecent, amorous thoughts in his minds. 

‘How bold.’

“I understand that. Just like you said, I should be asking another female for help… But I am already quite strong, you see? I doubt any girl could open it if I myself can’t. Therefore, I can only ask a male for help.”


Ignoring his pitiful protests, Hasegawa continued.

“It’s a good thing that you appeared at this time. I was originally even considering calling you for help.”

“Ah…? Why me?”

“For no special reason… When I was thinking about asking for help, you just naturally came to my mind.”

‘Can’t I, Toujou-kun?’ Her expression seemed to ask as she looked at him with her head tilted to the side.

‘Such a cute expression on such a sexy adult is definitely cheating.’

“Well, I’ll say it from my viewpoint then. Since it’s a request of this nature, of course, I’ll prefer someone I’m closer with.”

“You do have a point there, but still…”

‘Just why did it have to be me?’

No matter how they cut it out, Basara had only met Chisato two times. 

While it was true that he felt unexpectedly at ease while being close to her, it was still an amount of time too small to foster such a level of trust between them or any semblance of it for that matter.

 Upon seeing Basara’s confused look, Hasegawa backtracked a bit.

“It’s okay if you really don’t want to…”

Concealing her disappointment, Hasegawa then said while pressing her hand against her breasts.

“Then can you help me find another male to help? I don’t really want to use scissors since I’ve only worn this once.”

Hearing these words, Basara finally gave up on declining and made up his mind.

“……I understand. Please allow me to help you.”

Basara was far from being a vain person, but the thought of another man helping her out of her swimsuit stirred uneasy feelings to arise in him, and he was really surprised as he couldn’t pinpoint the origin of these feelings. He only understood that he wished to keep her vulnerable appearance to himself.

Hearing Basara’s reply, Hasegawa immediately smiled, looking a bit relieved, “Really? It’s really great that you’re willing to help.”

“…It’s nothing. After all, there isn’t any other proper way other than doing it myself.”

Basara moved beside Hasegawa who still had a smile plastered on her mature face, and slowly muttered out an assurance, “I’ll try not to touch you in any other places.”

No matter how enticing the sight was, Basara was no helpless pervert that would try to cop a feel while abusing the trust that was put in him. Only a lowlife would act in such a hateful manner.

“Thank you for your kind thoughts, but I’ll prefer it if you focus on the zipper. It’ll all be for naught if the situation turns worse when you hesitate too much, so just focus on the zipper for now.”

Basara nodded, and let her sit properly on the bed. She had been kneeling straight for the whole duration of their talk so sitting for a chance made her more comfortable; furthermore, it also allowed Basara more convenient access to the zipper.

After Chisato was in a proper position, Basara stood in front of her, observing the overall structure of her swimsuit.

While it had the appearance of a one-piece swimsuit, it had no shoulder straps; the material was supposed to cover the area around her neck and shoulders like a standing collar, with the zipper in the center. From the looks of it, it might not be possible to first pull down the top opening to her shoulders and then remove it entirely by pulling it downwards.

“Umm…sorry, but could sensei release your arms? I’d like to see the condition of the zipper head.”

“Like this…?”

Hasegawa slowly released her arms that were holding up her breasts. Seeing its overwhelming volume and softness, his heartbeat rose wildly but he immediately tried his utmost to calm it down, taking veiled deep breaths. 

He continued honestly, inspecting the zipper head that was now visible, trying not to touch her breasts while moving the zipper around to test it. The zipper head was really stuck, not moving at all no matter how he tried to nudge. To try to resolve this situation…

“…Please wait for a moment.”

Basara left the side of the bed after saying that and brought over the bottle of milk soap by the sink.

“May I use this? I would like to try lubricating the zipper.”

“Of course, you can. You can do whatever you want to do.”

Ignoring the incredibly misleading and enticing words she spoke, he pressed on the pump, squeezing the soap around the zipper head.

The whitish viscous liquid stained Hasegawa’s breasts bit by bit just like that. Not only on the outer visible surface, but Basara also brought the head of the pump into the swimsuit and squeezed it carefully. 

Just then, “Nnn…!”

As if she felt an itch deep within, Hasegawa’s body shuddered a little while her breathing grew heavy.

“I’m sorry if it feels uncomfortable.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it, I was just a little surprised. Speaking of which, Toujou-kun…while this will give the zipper lubrication, won’t the head also become slippery?”

Her question was to be expected, and Basara also had a solution in mind.

“Yes, but it wouldn’t matter — because I’m not pulling it.”

“Is that so? Then how do you plan to —”

Hasegawa stopped here as both of Basara’s hands had then grabbed the parts above the stuck zipper on both sides.

“I’m pulling it now.”

Without waiting for a response, Basara forcefully pulled the two sides apart, as if wanting to pull the swimsuit into two pieces.

Because he had applied forces equally from both his hands, the stuck zipper moved downwards with a sound effect.

Hasegawa’s upper body thus revealed itself in front of his eyes. Her voluminous breasts popped out boldly to celebrate their freedom.

‘How big.’

This was all he could think of as his brain froze because of what he was seeing.

(AN: This chapter was a little hard to write. For those who know Shinmai, Basara didn’t become an A-class chad from the get-go. He was a little shy and a little embarrassed during his first experience. Here, in my fic, he doesn’t have the experience he accumulated with Mio and the others(yet), so he is still very much shy. But, no worries. Vol 1 finished on Patreon and he already did some naughty things. Won’t spoil more)







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