“Be careful!”

Thanks to Asia’s shrill scream, Basara focused on the road and saw the sight of a kid in the middle of the road, running after his football. 

On the other side of the road, a truck was rushing towards the child at full speed. The sound of the brakes being stepped on and the screeching friction between tire and road filled the air, but it was clear that it was already too late for the vehicle to stop short.

Asia, the one who had screamed, was already trying to run toward the kid, but it would not be possible for her to cross the distance in such a short amount of time.

Indeed, it was impossible for her to save the child, but…

‘Not on my watch.’ (AN: Begone Truck-kun)

Faster than anyone could perceive, Basara rushed past Asia and took the kid in his arms and then leaped out of the way of the truck.

The few pedestrians on the road were completely gobsmacked as they didn’t even understand what happened.

“Basara-san! Are you alright?!”

The first one to reach him was the nun, Asia. She had a worried look on her face but seeing that everything was alright, she let out a sigh of relief before focusing on the kid in his hands.

Aside from a slight wound on his knee, everything was alright for him too which made her doubly relieved.

“There there, don’t cry. Strong boys shouldn’t cry.”

Soothing the now crying child, Asia raised her hand and placed them above the wound. Suddenly, two rings appeared on her fingers, then a green light covered his knee and healed the small wound in the blink of an eye.

“There, everything is good now.”

‘A Sacred Gear? Is it Twilight Healing?[1]’

The original God of the Bible created the Sacred Gears as part of his system to enact miracles on Earth.

Consequently, only humans or hybrid humans like him could use sacred gears.

They were the jokers of humanity. The only way humans could surpass their limitations and face the supernatural without having to sell their freedom to other magical races.

[Oh? This girl seems special.]

Ignoring the dignified voice that sounded in his head, Basara focused back on Asia.

A nun with a healing type sacred gear…it was impossible for this girl to not be related to the church, or more precisely— The Exorcists.

‘Did they finally find that this city was filled with devils?’

Not that it mattered much. Sona and Rias were not only stray devils; rather, they were basically near the top of the hierarchy in the devils’ nobility. 

If an Exorcist attacked them without a good enough reason, then it would most likely be the start of another war that would not bode well for the human side.

‘This isn’t the time to think about all that.’

“Let’s get out of here. People are coming.”

Letting go of the child, Basara took Asia by the hands and ran away from the site of the accident quickly. He didn’t want to deal with the police first thing in the morning.


After running for a while, the two of them stopped and shared a jovial laugh.

Asia was a little out of breath, but the smile on her face was bright, it resembled a miniature sun.

“I must have surprised you.”

Asia talked quietly when the two of them resumed walking.

“Well…” He scratched his chin, “It’s a surprising power, and no doubt an amazing one too.”

Healers were one of the most important people during a fight. One good healer could dramatically lower the possibility of any death during a mission.

Until now, the only person with healing type Sacred Gear that Basara knew was Diethelm Waldseemüller. 

A senior exorcist whose sacred gear, Holy Resuscitation, was said to be able to heal an entire army if necessary.

It was a power he envied quite a bit. After all, compared to his power that could only hurt and destroy, this kind of power was more beautiful, more divine. It was a power he yearned for but lamentably could never be his due to his genetic disposition.

Asia seemed genuinely happy at his praise. 

“It’s a wonderful power granted by God. Yes…a wonderful power.”

He could feel her mood plummet abruptly at the end. Basara was not a stranger to such a sudden change in emotion. Like him, this girl had a story — A past that was haunting her.

“Well, you should be careful when showing that power. Not everyone would accept it.”

Asia shook her head, “If I can heal people, I will not hesitate to use my power and…”


“I feel like if it was you, it wouldn’t be a problem…What a strange feeling.”

The more she spoke the more embarrassed she seemed to become, her pale skin dying a deep shade of red.

Basara understood that she wasn’t just making allusions to the fact that he was no normal high school boy.

After all, she may seem naive, but it didn’t mean she was dumb. It was obviously impossible for a normal person to react and move as fast as he did.

The fact that she didn’t ask anything about his power showed that she was the kind of girl who respected others’ boundaries.

“Oh! That must be the place!”

Abruptly changing the topic, Asia pointed towards the church in the distance.

Looking at the church she pointed to, Basara frowned. He had never set foot in that place since Churches were the territory of angels or fallen angels. He didn’t want to cause any problem with his appearance.

Still, he didn’t remember anyone visiting that church for prayers. Then again, exorcists just needed a holy ground to replenish their weapons and get home advantage when facing devils. After all, abandoned or not, a church was still a church.

“Well then, I think this is it.”

“Thank you for your help! I would like to return the favor…would you be willing to accompany me?”

Basara estimated the time. He had already wasted quite a bit of his time bringing Asia here. More than that and he would surely be late.

Also, he didn’t want to come too close to a holy ground right now. He knew the chances were low, but it would be quite distasteful if he was to meet someone he knew.

“I am sorry, I think it will have to be another time for me. I am pretty late for school.”

“Oh…I see.” She was clearly disappointed but didn’t wish to press him further.

Then showing a bright smile again she cheerfully spoke to him, “I am so happy to have met someone as kind as you this quickly after arriving in Japan! Please visit the church when you find the time.”


“I will do so. Then, see you later.”

“Yes, I hope so!”

[1] Something important to note is that aside from the Longinus and a few special ones, no sacred gear is unique. There are many users of twilight healing, well not many since healers are rare but Aisa isn’t the only one. Though she is the only one who can heal both devils because sacred gear is affected by personality. It’s like Kiba’s sword birth and Jeanne d’Arc who has the same gear.


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