“Heh~ To think that I would be done in by my own student. Yuji, you are really a pain until the end *Cough*”

A white-haired man laid on the ground, his body bloodied as he murmured softly.


Next to him, a young man – clearly still a high student – was tearing up. His body, covered by black tattoos that were slowly fading away.

His expression was full of guilt as he gritted his teeth.

“It’s all my fault. You wouldn’t have lost if you didn’t have to hold back.”

After Yuji was forced to devour more than ten fingers in one go, the inevitable happened. Sukuna managed to completely take over Yuji’s body.

Thankfully, Satoru Gojo – the strongest exorcist – had managed to escape the seal he was previously in.

What followed was an epic fight between Gojo and Sukuna. A fight of apocalyptic proportion that had completely changed the landscape of Tokyo.

The result of this fight was… A draw. At least in appearance. Yuji couldn’t accept this result.

After all, while Sukuna fought with all his might intending to kill, Gojo on the other was severely limited since he couldn’t kill Sukuna without killing his own student.

“Haha *Cough* Remember what you asked me back then after you swallowed the second finger?”

Yuji, who closed his eyes, nodded. “I asked you who would win in a fight between you and Sukuna.”

“Heh~ I told you right? I would win.”

It was on those last words, that Satoru Gojo, the strongest exorcist, closed his eyes. Even after death, he never lost his smile


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