Standing in the large square, Gojo observed as a gate was slowly being constructed to allow passage. 

The ones doing this work were the members of the Kido Corps. 

On the far side, he could see Momo working and directing a small team to bring the support necessary. 

Opening a door toward Garganta was not a simple feat. From what he could see, it needed tens of skillful shinigami to do so. 

What’s more, it wasn’t just a question of opening it willy nilly with brute force. It was necessary to make it so the opening would not attract too many powerful hollows, and it was also necessary to record the opening and create a beacon. 

After all, with how much space was messed up in the Garganta, without those beacons, the team would get lost and wander for eternity until they die. 

In the infinity of Garganta, those beacons would serve as fixed coordinates. 

From what he knew, only powerful hollows, at the level of Gillians at the very minimum, could open Garganta as they wished. 

Aside from those hollows, no single being could open a gate at will. 

At least that was what he had read when he did his research. 


[Karakura Town] 

Standing with a cane in his hand, Kisuke Urahara was observing his construction with a skeptical eye. 

Caressing his chin, he finally nodded and turned his attention to the tanned woman next to him. 

“Are you ready?” 

The woman, clad in tight-fitting attire and an orange kimono, ignored him as she continued to stretch her muscles. 

Once she was done, she nodded to herself, 

“I initially planned to stay as a cat for another 50 or so years, but it seems like I really shouldn’t have. I can already feel that some of my skills have regressed.”

She frowned a little as she said this. As of now, if she didn’t use her ultimate skills, she felt that her speed would fluctuate between Mach 300 or 500.

Even though it wasn’t bad, it was far from enough when compared to her maximum speed at her peak. 

In the end, she sighed, 

“Well, I have no one else to blame but myself I guess.” 

Steeling her expression, she finally gave her attention to Kisuke, “I am ready.”

Kisuke nodded gently and walked a little away from her before standing in front of what looked like a large gate made out of wood but without any door. 

“I lack resources so it took me some time, but I finally finished setting the frame. Since you’re ready, I will begin.” 

Giving a carefree smile, he slowly placed one knee on the ground and began to chant, 

“My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black-haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis!” 

The cadence of his words was slow at first, but it slowly accelerated. At the same time, a bluish energy formed on his hand before covering the gate. 

When he cited the last word, cracks formed in the air as if the structure of space was being broken open. 

Finally, what looked like an eye full of darkness opened. 

Standing up, Kisuke wiped the sweat that had formed on his forehead, 

“Even though the result isn’t perfect. It can be slowly improved. Well then, you should go in fast, it won’t last long. Once you are ready to go back, just push your Reiatsu in the bracelet. I will be able to sense it.”

Watching this scene quietly, Yoruichi couldn’t help but shake her head. 

No matter how low-key Kisuke liked to act, she was always awed by his skills. 

Even though the process was still a little rough, he had clearly done something that had been deemed impossible. 

Making sure that the beacon in the form of a bracelet was well fixed on her arm, Yoruichi jumped through the gate. 

As she passed through the gate, she thought back about the information Kisuke had shown to her. One name and photo had particularly taken her interest. 

For a short instant, a smile formed on the corner of her lips. She really wondered how that genius student from five years ago was now doing. 

Though she doubted she would meet him any time soon. After all, with how big Garganta was, what were the chances of it happening? 


Back to the Soul Society, after dozens of Kido users finished summoning the gate and after it was stabilized with the help of the scientists, Gojo could finally admire the other side of Garganta. 

The gate that was opened was different from the one in his memories from five years ago during the outing. 

It was more streamlined and showed less power. He also did not feel the same power of space-time from it. 

“How many people can this gate take at the same time?” 

Akon answered with assurance, 

“We can keep this gate open for days.”

This time, Soi Fon intervened, 

“Very well. Now it’s our time.” Without turning around, she snapped her fingers, “Omaeda.”

Omaeda understood her signal and stopped eating his chips and raised his hand. 

Immediately, tens of shinigami clad in black from head to toe appeared in front of him before following him toward the gate. 

Before they entered, each of them received a bracelet that would serve as a mini beacon. 

Watching them act in such a disciplined way, Gojo couldn’t help but nod in appreciation. 

Omaeda wasn’t just the vice-captain of the 2nd division. He was also the commander of the patrol corps. 

The secret corps wasn’t just one whole. It was divided into 5 smaller corps, each in charge of different things. 

For example, Soi Fon was not only the chief commander of the whole secret corps, but she was also the Corps Commander of the Executive Militia, which was mainly responsible for combat and assassination. 

As for Omaeda, the corps he commanded was more geared towards spying and information gathering. 

Currently, not only were they equipped with mini beacons, but they also had different machines that would register the environment. 

Once they came back, the scientists would examine the results and take the appropriate actions necessary. 

All those actions were extremely boring and time-consuming. But he also knew that they were necessary to ensure the lowest death rate possible. 

After Omaeda came back with the results, the scientists began to work on it and it didn’t take long to give the verdict. 

“No problem detected.”

“Well, go.”

Soi Fon once again raised her hand and another group of shinigami ninja appeared. This time they were the members of the Militia. 

Their goal was to assure the protection of the gate on the other side and kill any hollows that came too close to avoid the possibility of powerful hollows entering the heart of the Seireitei. 

If it happened, none of them could avoid the punishment that would follow. 

Once they entered and sent the reports, Soi Fon finally turned to Gojo, 

“Your help will be precious.”

Gojo lazily waved his hand with a smirk. 

“No problem. Anything for my little Fon-Fon.”

A nerve formed on her forehead, but she fought the urge to pull out her Suzumebachi and poke him with it two times. 

Ignoring her stiff expression, Gojo laughed mildly, 

“You really need to learn how to take a joke. Well then, let’s go shall we?” 

Soi Fon could only helplessly shake her head and take the lead. 

Even though she hated his frivolous way of acting, she was happy to have someone reliable next to her. 

She hoped that this mission would not suffer any complications. 

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Akon answered with assurance,

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