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“Why is the one who organized everything not participating?”

“Hahaha. Sit down and drink with me.”

Walking with silent steps, Yoruichi asked as she sat down beside Gojo.

“I thought you didn’t like drinking?”

Taking a big swing from the bottle, Yoruichi released a sigh of contentment.

“Heh. I really don’t. It’s just that…I drank alcohol on the day before the Shinigami Academy enrollment. I once again felt like drinking now, since my life is about to change again.”

He had already sent Senna with Nemu so that the two of them could have fun during the festival in Rukongai. They should spend all night with the Shiba.

During those years, Nemu had become quite close to Miyako, Kaien’s wife. Gojo guessed that he saw in her a surrogate mother of sorts.

Yoruichi kept silent for a while before asking, “Are you talking about becoming captain or…leaving the soul society?’

“Hum… I don’t know. I have different plans, I guess.”

Currently, they were in the back of his house, and Gojo was observing the different events by watching the large projection in the sky.

Gojo had been pretty thorough during his preparation. Aside from the speech with Yamamoto, he organized different events such as gift-giving, songs, dances, comedy acts, and so on.

For the children of Rukongai, he increased the production of Jushiro’s book and also added new clothes and swords that were pretty sharp.

After all, at the end of the day, nothing could beat a practical gift and there were few things more practical than a weapon to defend yourself with in this world.

He had even prepared a special guidebook for training. 

Those who did not have the required Reiatsu level to enter the academy will never become Shinigami, but it didn’t mean they couldn’t become a little stronger.

Rather than letting the civilians be helpless in the face of hollows, it was necessary to give them a way to protect themselves.

The final gift, and the most important one in his opinion, was a special ward he created. Once the main component was installed, it would fuse with the leylines and erect a powerful barrier.

Furthermore, since the barrier passively absorbed the Reishi in the atmosphere, it would stay active indefinitely. It was an anti-hollow barrier that could resist the full power of a 3rd seat for three days. The barrier was also equipped with an alarm system connected to the 12th, 11th, 2nd, and 4th Divisions.

There would be more than enough time for Shinigami to come and take care of the situation no matter how far they were.

All in all, Gojo could be said to have greatly increased the security of people from Rukongai, so much that it was hard to believe.

Yoruichi, of course, knew all this and she couldn’t help but admire him more than ever. This was also the reason for her surprise.

The Gojo she knew was a boastful and arrogant man, how could he not shout his own greatness after managing such a feat?

Gojo, who could understand the question in her eyes, smiled.

“Sooner or later, I will be branded as a traitor of the Soul Society. What do you think will happen to what I created then?”

Yoruichi did not even need to think.

“The Central 46 will order the destruction of everything out of shame.”

“Yep. Those old bastards would rather destroy them than keep something so useful. That’s why I didn’t boast about my creations. Only the captains and the Central 46 know that I created them, for the others, it will be the results of the investment of Central 46 and the work of the 12th division.”

Yoruichi immediately understood. This was the same with Gigai, created by Kisuke.

Even though everyone used them during missions, it wasn’t very well known that he was the creator.

“I didn’t take you to be the altruistic type.”

“Haha. I am really not the type to do such a thankless task. But you know, no matter what, Soul Society took pretty good care of me. It’s only fair that I pay back some of it before leaving.”

Gojo did not believe in Karma. However, he believed in paying back the good with good and evil with evil.

He might have only spent 10 years here, but those ten years were full of joy and happiness, something he only obtained in the latter part of life when he was alive.

He held absolutely no loyalty for Seireitei, but he had a duty to the citizens of Rukongai.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but chuckle.


“Are curtains even necessary in the first place? Does it matter if regular people see us? It isn’t like they can see cursed spirits or jujutsu anyway.”

“Of course, it matters. The prevention of cursed spirits is most important for the citizens’ peace of mind. Not only that-“

“-Yeah, yeah. Gotcha. *Sigh* It’s such a pain looking for the weak. Don’t you think so, Suguru?”

Sitting on the roof of a high school, two young boys were conversing. One was silver-haired with a pair of black glasses, while the others had black hair tied in a chignon.

The black-haired boy, Suguru gave a wry smile.

“You are wrong. Society should protect the weak and keep in check the strong. You see, Satoru… Jujutsu exists to protect non-jujutsu users.”

“You are being righteous again. You know…I hate that stuff.”


“Applying reasoning and responsibility to jujutsu is what weak people do. Don’t get all proud of yourself for spouting that garbage. It makes me want to barf.”

—-End of Flashback.

‘Haha. Man, I was really hateful back then. It’s a wonder I even had friends.’

He reflected on his way. If he had to be honest, those events were what shaped him into the man he was.

If he hadn’t had to kill Suguru with his own hands, perhaps the one that would have turned to evil would have been him.

Not like he was all that good…

Still, it was ironic that after despising Curtains and protection of the weak so much, he was using curtains to protect the weak now.

Truly an amusing twist of fate.

Yoruichi couldn’t imagine everything that was going through his mind but she made a clear observation.

“I guess taking care of Senna made you more mellow.”

“Yeah… I guess so.”

Sometimes he wondered if he had become weaker mentally because of it.

Until now, he never had any true weakness. Not even keeping hundreds of people hostages had stopped him. He had been willing to act even though they were getting killed in front of him.

But… would it be possible to do the same if Senna or Nanao were the ones in danger?

Gojo closed his eyes and thought deeply. The only answer he found was…


He would definitely be restricted should they be in danger. Those two had become his weakness.

That’s why there was only one way-

‘-I just need to eliminate all possible threats.’

A cold light flashed in his eyes as he finally gathered the resolve.

On the day of the captain selection, he had a big surprise in reserve for Aizen.

Once he was done gathering his thoughts, he finally took a look at Yoruichi.

“I must say, those clothes really suit you.”

Currently, Yoruichi was clad in shoulder length gloves, boots with knee socks, santa themed hat and an extremely revealing tank top that showed the upper side of her boobs and her impressive cleavage.

“Liking what you see?”

“Of course. You are sexy and beautiful.”

Neither Gojo nor Yoruichi were the kind of shy people who would cower because of someone else. Furthermore, even though they never had any sexual relationship until now, Gojo had seen Yoruichi naked many times over those five years. So there was even less reason to be embarrassed.

Was it because of the alcohol or was it because of the previous heavy mood?

The two of them drank even more and continued to flirt progressively more boldly.

In the end, was it Gojo or was it Yoruichi that initiated it? 

It didn’t really matter. What mattered though was that the two of them were now heavily kissing.

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