“Tou-san! What do you think?”

“I think that my little Senna is the cutest.”

In the compound of the 4th division, a heartwarming scene that could capture the hearts of many could be seen.

After Senjumaru finished making the clothes, Unohana proposed that they stay in her quarters, hidden from everyone.

It had to be said that the authority of the Royal Guards surpassed all in the Seireitei. This was why, when they came down, they should have been welcomed by a bunch of dignitaries as well as Yamamoto.

But since they hated this, both Senjumaru and Kirio came incognito and wished to leave incognito as well.

Gojo, meanwhile, was at his home and had given the costume to Senna.

Senna was wearing a collared, red long-sleeved shirt with a light white scarf to match, a long white skirt, and red boots.

Her hair was decorated by a pin in the form of a cute snowman and she had a red hat with white stripe on her head.

‘Man, oh man!’

He hugged Senna and twirled around with her while laughing.

Until now, Gojo had never understood why parents would gush when looking at their children in costumes.

It didn’t help that the jujutsu society didn’t exactly foster good familial relationships. In his own family, Gojo was more revered as a god than anything else and knew very little about such interactions.

Now though, he could totally understand. 

Looking at the cute Senna waiting for his opinion while nervously fidgeting filled his heart with warmth and joy.

“Tou-san! Hahaha~! Let me go, you are messing up my hair!”

“Oh! We can’t have that now, right? My little Senna needs to show that she is the cutest.”

Chuckling, he placed her back to the ground before kneeling at eye level with her.

“Tell me, Senna…Do you like it here? The Seireitei, I mean.”

Senna tilted her head in wonder at the sudden question but still answered with a smile.

“I like it. It’s fun here. Also, I can play with Ya-chan, and the big brothers of the 11th division are super cool! Ken-chan is also super gentle even though he looks so scary. He is like a big teddy bear!”

Gojo let out another chuckle. 

Perhaps only Yachiru and Senna could call Zaraki Kenpachi ‘gentle’ and ‘teddy bear’ without risking having their necks broken.

Showing a warm smile, he gently pinched her cheek, “Then, would you rather stay here?”

Soon he would leave the soul society. His first destination was the human world, but there were chances that he would visit Hueco Mundo for an extended amount of time.

Gojo couldn’t help but wonder if making Senna live the life of a fugitive was too harsh.

‘Haha. I am really becoming too soft.’

It was hypocritical of him how he didn’t mind training young teens while knowing that they would most likely die fighting Curses, but now here he was, trying to protect his daughter from all harm.

Even so, Gojo didn’t care. He already knew that he was a hypocritical bastard. He wasn’t about to change now. 

Senna’s eye widened at his question before shaking her head hurriedly.

“Ken-chan, Ya-chan, bald head, and the others are my friends but I don’t want to leave Tou-san…Tou-san, are you going to abandon me?”

Tears could already be seen at the corners of her eyes.

Even though she was young, Senna was in no way stupid or unaware of her surroundings.

“Shh! No need to cry. Everything is alright.”

Gojo wiped away her tears and calmed her down.

“Listen to me, Senna. Tou-san will always be with you, no matter what. If anything happens, you just have to call me and I will come. Alright?”

“*Sniff* Okay.”

Even though she nodded, it was clear that her mood had become heavier.

Gojo thought for a while before waving his hand, creating stuffed toys of him and Yoruichi in her cat form.


From the way her eyes sparkled, Gojo could see that he made the right choice.

“I initially wanted to give them to you at the end of the day, but here — Merry Christmas, Senna.”

“I love it! Merry Christmas, Tou-san!”

Gojo nodded in satisfaction. Those toys had been made by Senjumaru.

They were self-cleaning, did not keep odors, and were also self-repairing.

Furthermore, Kirio had added sleeping Artificial Souls in them that would activate should Senna be in danger.

Finally, Gojo had enchanted it with enough spells for attack, healing, and defense to change it into a small tactical weapon.

He had also added a GPS function and a record function should it be damaged.

When combined with all the protection Gojo had already given to Senna, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that even the members of Central 46 weren’t as well protected as her.

It might appear exaggerated for many, but in his opinion, nothing was too much for the protection of his daughter.

In fact, in his opinion, it was still not enough. The truth was that he couldn’t always be with Senna.

So he had to give his best to protect her.

‘Well then…it’s time to go.’


“Merry Christmas everyone!! Here is your favorite animator, Isshin Shiba. I hope everyone is alright!?”

“Hello everyone! Here, Rangiku Matsumoto at your service. I will be helping Captain Isshin in describing the super events that will happen.”

Simultaneously, in all the districts of Rukongai and in the sky of Seireitei, large screens appeared, on which Isshin and Rangiku were visible.

Isshin was wearing a red shirt and red pants while Matsumoto was wearing a short red fluffy skirt and a simple red swimsuit bra.

Gojo had chosen them for the animation because they were the most laid-back Shinigami in Gotei 13.

Currently, they were in a super large hall that had the size and form of a stadium.

The bleachers were full of Shinigami seating as all the Shinigami aside from those on mission or those sent to the different districts were present.

“Sooo! First things first, a short speech of the Captain commandant, Yamamoto Genryusai!”

An epic music resonated as light filled the stadium and Yamamoto slowly appeared. *Put music: https://youtu.be/bHe_i98krmo*

He was clad in a Santa Claus costume but behind him, a large trail of fire followed him. 

When he finally reached the center of the stadium…

“Ohohoh!! Be good everyone, or I will take your soul.”

He gently caressed his large beard while laughing loudly. 


“Its Santa from hell!”

“Diabolo Santa!”

Laughs and shouts filled the stadium at the entrance of Yamamoto.

Since no Shinigami was Christian and because it had been an impromptu situation, Gojo had to make some slight changes in the lore.

Furthermore, he had to take into account the personality most Shinigami had.

In the end, he invited some writers and gave them a script, a story that depicted a slightly more badass version of the normal Santa and his adventure in redressing bad boys, killing hollows, and sending good souls to the afterlife 

It had only been a few days but it was a smashing hit and what should have been a simple one-shot of five chapters was on its way to becoming a new series.

Either way, the main character was an old man who shared many similarities with Yamamoto, something that had been intentionally done by Gojo.

Yamamoto had been a little reluctant at first, but even though the old man was stubborn, he did like entertainment.

This was how this moment came to be.

Standing alone, under the gaze of everyone, Yamamoto looked emotionally at all the Shinigami.

“I will not give a long and boring speech.”

The moment he began to speak, silence immediately fell in the stadium as well as in the whole soul society.

“Today is a day that will be remembered by all. If I had to be honest, initially I was against this initiative. I could not understand the interest in celebrating such a useless day…

…But now I understand. This day doesn’t need to have meaning. All that is necessary is to know and understand that this day is a special day where all of us can be united. 

A day where we can share gifts and happiness. A beautiful day, made to forget all sorrows.

This is why — Merry Christmas everyone!”

“Merry Christmas!!!”

A clamor so loud the ground itself shook was the answer Yamamoto received.

How long had it been since he witnessed such a magnificent scene?

Though the reason this was happening was slightly ridiculous, Yamamoto couldn’t help but feel glad.

All of this was thanks to the help of one man—Satoru Gojo.

If he had been previously hesitant about giving his vote to the man despite the pleas of Toshiro, now he held no such qualms.

Gojo had been able to do all of this simply as a 3rd seat. What would he do if he became a captain?

This was something he wanted to witness.

(AN: Lol I really want your opinion on this Christmas arc. I think I did a pretty good job by fusing Christmas with the actual plot of my story. Also, I really really want your opinion on the Christmas song I choose for Yamamoto. Just imagining the old man with his flame behind him and that song in the background gives me chills with so badass it looks like) 





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