[Gotei 13]

“What is this?”

Looking at the three special packages and the nearly more than 200 normal packages that were continuously being sent through his door, Yamamoto Genryusai, despite his thousands of years of experience, couldn’t help but show a bewildered expression.

On the other hand, Toshiro, who now held the 3rd seat of the First Division, couldn’t help but chuckle awkwardly.

“This is a gift from Nii-san. He said that even if no one else accepted them, it was imperative that you, at least, wore one.”

Toshiro had been curious about the tradition behind Christmas since Gojo was making such a big deal out of it and, after seeing a particular character in that story, he more or less understood why Gojo was insisting so much on the commandant wearing those clothes.

‘He is as amazing as always.’

At first, he thought that it would just be a small party like Obon. Mainly affecting the first few districts of Rukongai. But no. This time Gojo was really going big.

Spectacles, music, demonstration fights, and many other such programs. Furthermore, he had paid and mobilized many shinigami so that they inspected all the districts and placed projection machines that had been created by Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

He also managed to get a bunch of toys from the human world to share with the children of Rukongai and Seireitei. 

The most impressive was the absurd number of costumes available. All the divisions had received them. 

Red and white for the 1st to 3rd seat and green for the shinigami below. Even the members of the Kido corps weren’t forgotten.

Since all divisions had more than 200 members each, this would mean that he essentially provided more than 3000 costumes easily.

Even now, Toshiro couldn’t understand how he did it. 

All those expenses should have cost too much. Even if Gojo had managed to become rich thanks to the entertainment department, this wasn’t nearly enough.

‘Well, it doesn’t really matter.’

He was already used to Gojo making miracles. 


“Power of deflation! Hahaha!”

Laughing like a madman, Gojo was currently swimming in a sea of coins.

“Pfft! I always dreamed of doing this once, but this isn’t all that was cracked up to be. Like damn, pretty sure I have some coins in my pants.”

[Ugh. Stop being so vulgar.]

Shrugging, Gojo laid down on the sea of coins and released a satisfying sigh.

His research on the manipulation of matter had been going great.

At first, he had been under the misconception that he needed to “know” the structure of an object before copying and reproducing it.

Because of this, he had spent some of his years reading books about biology, metallurgy, and other such subjects.

Later though, he understood how stupid he had been.

Even though he was a doctor, it wasn’t as if he knew everything there was to know about the body of a Shinigami.

This didn’t stop him from reconstructing one. This was when he got it. 

He didn’t need to ‘know’, but to ‘understand’.

By using the six eyes and the domain of his Shikai, he could analyze and grasp the structure of any object.

Once this was done, all he had to do was reproduce it.

What was the first thing he reproduced?

The answer was simple — Money.

Thanks to his power of creation, he literally had an unlimited amount of money in Soul Society.

Of course, he had to be careful in order to not affect the economy of Seireitei but, in the first place, the Seireitei wasn’t that concerned about money overall.

“This is truly interesting. Your power is something I never witnessed.”

Standing on the side and watching him, Kirio was scribbling crazily on her notebook.

She had always been curious about the manipulation of Reishi that was innate to Quincy, but she wasn’t as amoral as Mayuri and was against human experiments.

Taking one of the coins rolling on the ground, she twirled it between her fingers and took another coin from her pocket.

“As I thought, there is absolutely no difference between the two. What a masterpiece!”

‘Haha, what a bunch of weirdos.’

Gojo could only be baffled at her reaction. When he revealed his power he had been ready for her to show concern about the economy or whatever but she was completely uncaring.

Her mind was only filled with the thought of studying and understanding his power.

[They are all super nerds.]

Gojo chuckled. 

That statement couldn’t be more right. They were nerds, yes, but they were nerds who were more powerful than 90% of the Captains.

Looking at Kirio, then at Senjumaru who was busy working on the last clothes on the side, Gojo’s eyes shone as he observed their bodies.

More importantly, the interior of their bodies.

{What do you think those bones do?}

[I don’t really know. But I feel like they are linked to each other through those bones. I would advise against copying them.]

Gojo clicked his tongue but did not refuse her advice. Just because he could make his body stronger by copying it didn’t mean it was a good thing.

The structure of the body of the members of the royal guards seemed different. 

Gojo didn’t know if it was only those two but, with how he felt like the two were linked to other people, it was clear that it was something common to all the royal guards.

{Did you notice?}

[Sure did. Those bones seem to have properties similar to that of the Hogyoku.]

Ever since he had witnessed the Hogyoku, Gojo had been curious about how he could recreate it.

But, even though he ‘understood’ the structure, it seemed that he was completely unable to recreate it.

This meant that Hogyoku wasn’t just composed of Reishi but also of other substances, something much more important.

Now after analyzing the body of Kirio and Senjumaru, he understood that the Hogyoku and those special bones were sort of related.

‘Does this mean that the Hogyoku is related to the Soul King?’

This was becoming bigger than he thought.

He had already stealthily stolen some hair from them to study at another time, but it wasn’t enough. It would be great if he could get some blood before they left.

“I have finally finished!!”

Shouting in happiness, Senjumaru stood up while holding a short Santa Claus skirt as well as a tank top.

This was the dress he wished to send to Soi Fon.

Smiling, Gojo stood up,

“Thanks for the hard work. It seems that we can now celebrate Christmas.”

(AN: The arc is coming to an end. So is the peace. After the Christmas arc ends. Events will happen one after another. Hope I will be able to keep the hype. Also, let’s admit that Yamamoto would look lit in a Santa Claus costume. Badass Santa XD)



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