Floating aimlessly in the void of Garganta was Gojo, with eyes closed and expression serene.


After making the bet with Yoruichi and Soi Fon, and talking with Nemu, Gojo had been spending his time in the Garganta.


Since the moment he had regained a part of Limitless, he had felt that his mastery over Reishi had reached a completely new level. As such he had begun to wonder about how he could grow even stronger.


One of the solutions he found was strengthening his body. The body was the vessel. The larger it was, the more energy it could contain. But this wasn’t enough. A large bowl made out of paper would not be able to contain water. What he needed was a large and sturdy vessel.


This was why he had been slowly experimenting with his body, trying to make himself stronger. After all, his body was made out of Reishi. If he could make his body as strong as when he used <<Blut>> all the time, then even Zaraki or Unohana would be inferior to him in this case.


Sadly, the results until now were minimal since he was very careful.


‘Should I experiment on some hollows?’


Hollows and Shinigami were both made out of Reishi. If he could strengthen hollows and increase their powers, then he could do the same for himself. He did not even entertain the thoughts of using Shinigami.


After all, Hollows were things he killed in masses, like curses. He understood that, like Curses, Hollows at a certain level had their own ways of thinking, and as such not all hollows were evil. The world was never black and white after all.


But Gojo believed in only what he saw. Until now, he had never seen any hollows worth sparing and as such held no scruples.


‘Either way, I need to visit Hueco Mundo sooner or later. So might as well do it then.’


As he was about to continue musing, something caught his attention and he opened his eyes, before turning around, a platform of reishi appeared under his feet.


“So you girls are here.”


Behind him stood three women, obviously Soi Fon, Yoruichi, and Nemu.


Nodding to the two women, Nemu walked until she stood behind him and watched his back. For her, this was the best place. The one where she felt the most at ease.


Neither of the other two were surprised at her actions.


“Are you ready?”


“Of course, I am ready to beat your arrogant ass.”


Gojo nodded, “Firstly.”


He raised his hand and created a white translucent cage made out of Reishi around Nemu. 


Hollows could appear at any moment in Garganta, so he wished to keep Nemu close to him. But, the result of the fight between three powerful captains level shinigami would be too much for her to bear. At least, with this cage, she wouldn’t be affected much.


Once he was done, he put his attention back to his two opponents and whistled in admiration.


While he was covering Nemu. The two of them had already taken away their coat, leaving a black skin tight uniform that let their backs uncovered and left little to the imagination.


“Well then, Shall we get started?”


Immediately, the space around them was flooded and trembled as the three of them released their Reiatsu.


<<Flash War Cry>>[1]


Violent gulfs of wind surrounded Soi Fon, while white lightning covered Yoruichi. Encased in this power, the two of them looked like two goddesses of war.


Despite the flashy display of power, Gojo was not deterred. He had a way to completely end this fight, but if he did that, there wouldn’t be any fun and he also wouldn’t be able to test the limits of his current power. This was why-


<<Black Flash>>


Torrents of red and black lightning covered his body but did not affect his clothes. After all, in terms of energy controls, he was the best.


Watching his form, Yoruichi showed no surprise as she had been warned by Soi Fon earlier. Still, seeing this form that was close to the technique she had created, she had to admit that geniuses were really different.


Of course, she did not take into account the fact that she technically was bragging. After all, she was the one who created Shunko and could proudly call herself a genius. 








At a speed faster than anyone normally should have been able to react to, the three of them vanished from the spots they were standing and began to fight.


Nemu, standing in the box created for her, felt herself getting dizzy as she tried to keep track of what was happening. 


All she could see were flashes of lightning, all she could feel was the stirring of the wind and all she could hear was the rumblings of thunder.


The three people that were facing one another seemed to clash again and again as they left trails of energy on their wakes as if they were racing to the end of the world.


If this fight had happened in Soul Society, Nemu had no doubt that they would have been forced to readjust the maps.


Even now, despite the protection of the shield, she could feel as if she was being pressed down by a mountain and had difficulty breathing.


If Nemu was surprised and admired them, then on the other hand, Soi Fon and Yoruichi were completely shocked.


In terms of pure speed, Gojo was definitely slower than them and not by a little. Normally, he should not have been able to respond to so many of their attacks.


But, it was as if he could predict the future and had a complete understanding of where and when they would attack.


It didn’t take long for Soi Fon to remember her first meeting with Gojo, five years ago. Back then, the same situation had happened. Members of her team, obviously faster than him, were completely unable to touch him.


She immediately understood that trying to blitz Gojo was impossible as long as the difference in speed between the two did not reach a certain level.


While Yoruichi did not have that information, her years of fighting experience were not for naught as she soon came to the same conclusion as Soi Fon.


Without even speaking to each other, the two of them immediately stopped engaging Gojo but stood on either side of them at a distance of a few meters.


Despite the earlier flurry of hits and attacks, none of them showed any signs of exhaustion. Clearly, this had been nothing more than a probing for the opposing side.


At the same time, as if by a tacit understanding, neither Gojo nor Soi Fon summoned their zanpakuto. 


Of course, the reasons were deeper.


For Soi Fon, her zanpakuto was a killing weapon unsuitable for sparring and her Bankai was useless in a fight at such high speed.


For Yoruichi, she was simply unable to use her zanpakuto like normal shinigami because of some experiment she conducted with Kisuke. The only way she could use its full power was by assuming her final form but even then there was a problem – she lacked complete control over it.


Finally, for Gojo, the reason why he did not use his zanpakuto was simple.


He was sure that he could win against the two of them even without it.


[1]: Shunko translation is flash war cry. The English translation sounds way better. Even more so when compared to Gojo.


(AN: There are many theories about Yoruichi’s zanpakuto. One thing for sure is that it exists and was shown on her hips in a flash back when she was running around with Kisuke. So, I wrecked my head and came to the conclusion that…Well, it wouldn’t be interesting if I spoiled you. I gave enough hints in this chapter for those who read the Blood War. For those who didn’t, I won’t spoil the surprise for you.)



GOJO CH 102: Limitless Neutral phase: Infinity


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