“I object!”

Just as the two were about to discuss how to fight. A scream of indignation stopped them. 

Looking back, they could see Soi Fon stand up with difficulty, her face drenched with sweat and her teeth gritted. 

“Satoru Gojo, I can accept many things. But do not disrespect Yoruichi-Sama.”

Gojo was a little startled before showing a weird smile, 

“It seems like this girl is really infatuated with you.” 

He murmured to Yoruichi, causing Soi Fon to blush and Yoruichi to cover her face in helplessness. 

Of course, it wasn’t because of the implications in Gojo’s words. She knew Soi Fon very well and she had no lesbian tendency nor had any romantic feelings toward her. 

It was just that Soi Fon’s loyalty toward her was extremely high. It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that Soi Fon basically worshiped the ground she walked on. 

This fact could be seen even now. 

Gojo had been able to somewhat restrain Soi Fon with the bomb in her heart. But now, Soi Fon completely disregarded this bomb just for Yoruichi. 

‘Such a loyal woman. It’s truly rare.’

Even though her blind loyalty was awkward to look at. Gojo had to admit that it was also endearing. 

Few people could say for certain that they understood the heart of all those around them. 

But for Yoruichi, she could say with the confidence that even if the whole world betrayed her, Soi Fon would never do so. No matter what Yoruichi did. 

It was something really enviable. He never had anyone like this in his past life. Not even Yuji and Megumi. 

He had a best friend, but that friend took another path. 

Of course, blind loyalty could bring many problems. But it did not change the fact of the matter. 

Thankfully, in this world, he had Kogo. The only one he could trust with all his heart. 

Thinking about this, a smile formed on his face. 

“Why do you object? Do you not believe in Miss Yoruichi?” 

Soi Fon paled before shaking her head in a hurry. 

Her head was still a little foggy because of the strain she had to endure and as such lacked her usual rhetoric. 

Gojo did not miss this occasion, “How about this, you can also participate in the bet. If you beat me. You win and I serve Yoruichi. If I win, you serve me.”

Soi Fon was stunned and so was Yoruichi, 

“You want to fight the two of us at the same time?” 

Yoruichi asked with a bewildered voice 

“Of course. Why not? It isn’t like I will lose either way.” 

Both Yoruichi and Soi Fon’s faces became firm. 

As skilled spies and assassins, the two of them had been trained in how to effectively kill for as long as they could remember. 

And because of their upbringings, they saw nothing wrong with using numbers to defeat a powerful opponent. 

As long as the difference in Reiatsu wasn’t too high. A group of soldiers could beat someone powerful. 

In that sense, Gojo’s proposal itself didn’t offend them. It was the meaning behind it. 

“You are trying to say that you can beat both of us at the same time?” 

Yoruichi asked, the smile now gone from her face. It had been a long time since she had been belittled like this. 

“Why don’t you give it a try?” 

The three of them looked at each other before Yoruichi finally nodded. 


Saying so, she approached Soi Fon and said.

“As she is now, Soi Fon isn’t able to fight. We will wait for her.”

Her voice was stern and solemn. 

Yoruichi was many things and generally, she hated having to think too much. But this didn’t mean she was dumb. 

Anyone else in her place would have believed that Gojo was simply too arrogant or could not understand the situation. 

Yoruichi, on the other hand, didn’t think so. Since she was used to staying beside a genius, she understood one truth, 

‘Never judge a genius with common sense. What seems impossible for you isn’t necessarily impossible for them.’ 

Initially, when Gojo only bet against her, she did think that she could win. Not because she was stronger, but because Gojo knew nothing about her while she had some ideas about his skills. As such, Gojo misjudging her skills was a possibility. 

But here was the thing, Gojo clearly knew Soi Fon’s abilities and yet, he was still so sure. It meant that either he was really arrogant and stupid or that he really had the means to win. 

Yoruichi would rather bet on the second possibility. 

Of course, the easiest way would simply be to forgo the bet. She was not obligated to fight after all. 

But, where would be the fun in such a situation? 

What made betting so attractive was the thrill of not knowing whether you will win or lose and the prize in case you won. 

If she won, she would get a great helper, and if she lost it wasn’t a big deal. 

As long as he didn’t go too far, she was even willing to listen to some kinky orders. 

Of course, she wished to win. This was why-

‘I will use these six days well.’

She already knew that it would take about one week for Soi Fon to recover completely. She planned to use this week to explain many things to Soi Fon and make their partnership seamless once again. 

She didn’t plan to explain the situation about Aizen yet. If she did so and Aizen noticed any incongruity when Soi Fon went back, Yoruichi was sure that the chance of Soi Fon dying without even understanding what was happening was rather high. 

“Soi Fon, I think it’s time we talk.”


[Why are you suddenly acting like this?] 

Gojo turned his back to the duo that was resolving the grievances accumulated for a few decades and walked toward the silent Nemu. 

Hearing Kogo’s question, he shrugged inwardly as he said in his heart.

{Now that I found the clue for limitless, the benefits Gotei 13 can bring me are now relatively low.} 

[So, you plan to betray them now?] 

There was no condemnation in her voice. She did not care the slightest bit about Soul Society. 

She already knew that Gojo had never decided to stay all his life in Soul Society. She just wondered what was the reason for hurrying. 

{Not now. I plan to at least become a captain and finish my bet with Unohana. Then once I accomplish a few side goals. It will be time for me to leave. By then, I will need a team.} 

[Ah. So this is why.] 

{Yoruichi is a top-level fighter and she has a great identity. Having her on my side will make things easier for me even if I leave Soul Society. As for Soi Fon, she is hopelessly infatuated with Yoruichi. It’s basically a bargain. 2 for the price of one.}

[Pfft ! You are such a bad guy.]

Kogo laughed, but then turned serious.

[What about the bastard that created the trap?] 

At this mention, Gojo’s warm eyes chilled.

{The enemy is without a doubt someone high graded. Either a captain or a noble. But I don’t even have to search, after all, if I get Yoruichi, I can obtain that information.}

[I am surprised. You really thought carefully about this.] 

{What kind of man do you take me for? Do you think I made that bet just because she was sexy? I am a principled and kind gentleman.}

[Hehe, whether you are a gentleman or a thief, you know yourself.] 

She gave a snide remark before cutting the connection, making Gojo laugh awkwardly. 

Since Kogo knew him so well, how could he hide the truth from her? 

Yoruichi was an extremely beautiful and alluring woman. Few straight males wouldn’t feel their blood boiling at her sight. 

With how flexible she was, Gojo couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel. 

‘Haha. I really became a dissolute bastard.’ 

It wasn’t his fault either. The soul society had basically no entertainment facilities. So, during those five years, he could only entertain himself in the most primitive and natural way. 

The wretched smile in his heart vanished the moment he reached Nemu. 

Gojo was many things and he did not see himself as a good person but he still had his scruples. 

As Nemu was now, she was basically nothing more than a child in the body of an adult. 

He needed to slowly raise her and guide her for her mind to mature completely so that she could stand alone on her own. 

‘Man, why I am feeling like I am raising her to become my woman? Is it perhaps what Hikaru Genji felt when he was raising Lady Murasaki into his perfect wife.’

(AN: Next chapter will be the start of the fight. Hope I will be able to make it epic. Also Tales of Genji is basically the first JP novel and Hikaru Genji(the mc of the story) is also the first Harem mc in Japan history XD.) 






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