[Soul society]

“Do you think he is dead?”

In a clearing, two young kids were looking at a white-haired man who was laying on the ground, his eyes covered by a black shawl.

“What kind of questions are you asking? Of course he is dead. Otherwise, how could he be here?”

“Ah~ No, I meant is he dead, like really dead?”

“Well, who knows? Anyway, whether he is dead or not doesn’t concern us. The academy opens its doors in a few days. We should prepare.”

“You are right. Let’s go!”

After those words, the two kids began to walk away, never looking behind them.

“Man, this world is so harsh. Even kids have no compassion.”

The moment they left, the white-haired man, Satoru Gojo, opened his eyes.

It has already been a few hours since he entered this bizarre world. At first, he was rather disoriented. But after playing dead for a few hours and listening to different people, he had a better understanding of his situation.

This was the afterlife.

Despite how surprising this was, Gojo wouldn’t be who he was if he let something like that bother him. Even though he died, he did manage to punch the greatest curse of mankind into oblivion.

“Haha~Those kids better make a statue in my honor. Perhaps Nobara will even write a book about me?”

Thinking about his students, his smile dimmed a little. He had come to like the little team he was in charge of and he had to admit that leaving them made him sad. But at least they were alive.

“Well, enough about this. Moping is useless.”

The most important thing at the moment was to know what he would do.

Raising his hand, he looked at them carefully while frowning.

“I can feel a weird energy flowing through my body. But this isn’t cursed energy.”

He didn’t know how to describe it, but it was something purer.

As the name said, curse energy was born from the malice of the human heart. From it, monsters known as Curses could see the day, and people known as sorcerers used this energy to deal with them.

“In the first place, I am dead right? So how come I can feel sleepy, tired, and hungry?”

This was another problem he didn’t really understand.

“But the worst…”

He frowned, as he focused. This lasted for a few seconds before he sighed,

“For some reason, I have managed to keep the six eyes, but I lost ‘limitless’.”

This was a heavy blow. Since he didn’t know how to use his current energy, for now, he could do nothing. Even though the six eyes would be extremely useful in helping him control this new energy source, losing Limitless means that he had lost more than 80% of his full power.

Thankfully, he wasn’t in a dangerous zone or anything of the like,

“I do not have enough information. I have no money, no house, and I am wearing some weird-ass kimono. Man, this is really a great start. I feel like the hero in an RPG.”

Even though the situation was rather dire, he was still able to laugh at it.

It wasn’t because he was naively thinking that everything would be alright. It was just that he refused to bow down to adversity.

Standing up, he began to follow the road the two kids took. He could feel a large cluster of energy like the one flowing through his body.

Those were his firsts steps in the soul society.


After he left the place where he was previously laying down, It didn’t take long for him to see what was most likely a city. Though, after reaching it, calling it a village or a slum would have been better.

Once there and after asking a few questions, he surprisingly got answers rather easily. After all, most, if not everyone here had once been in the same situation he currently was.

“So this place is really the afterlife.”

Sitting on a rock on another side of the city, Gojo sighed wistfully. Somewhere in the corner of his heart, he had still been a little unbelieving, but now, there were no doubts. But what really ticked him off about his current situation wasn’t him dying or appearing in the afterlife.

“I fought to protect the world and after my death, I am sent to the slum of the afterlife? Or perhaps is it because I was cheating? But hell, It shouldn’t have been enough to offset my good karma right?”

He joked a little to himself before finally sighing once again.

If all the information he received were accurate, then, he was in the soul society, more precisely in the 80th north District of a zone called the Rukongai. The zone where lost souls generally appeared.

But out of all the information he received, the one that particularly caught his attention was,

“Shinigami and Hollow.”

After dying, people generally had two destinations depending on their luck.

Either their souls were guided by shinigami and they could enter the soul society, or they became hollow and entered the Hueco Mundo.

“This is truly like sorcerers and curses. What’s more, hollows are born from souls, and Shinigami are also evolved souls. Basically, they use the same energy source. Like how sorcerers and curses use cursed energy.”

What’s more,

“Shinigami can visit earth to kill hollows.”

This was very important. He didn’t know what happened after he died. Even though he did manage to completely seal Sukuna inside Yuji, who could know what would happen?

If he could go back to earth…

“Of course this is with the assumption that time flows the same.”

At least, from the clothes and way of acting, he was sure that this ‘heaven’ had a relation with Japan. But, there were too many unknowns.

But thankfully, he now had a solution,

“I need to become a shinigami.”


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