In an unknown place, a group of men and women were kneeling to the back of a man standing on the edge of a cliff. 

In the valley below, a disturbing sight could be observed as beings, composed nearly entirely of white, walking aimlessly. 

More precisely, not all of them were walking aimlessly. Some of them were walking in the same direction and were seemingly fusing with each other, creating a ball of energy. 

Back on the cliff, the sole man standing, a white-haired red-eyed man clad in green and gold muttered while observing this scene with attention. 


He had no other words about this creepy but wondrous sight. 

Pinching his chin he asked, 

“How is the use of those beings as a source of energy progressing?” 

A tan-skinned violet haired woman raised her head and answered, 

“As we are now, we can already use them to heal ourselves if necessary and can even create weapons with them.”

The leader of the group nodded, joy displaying on his face. 

Then, turning his attention toward the place where the white beings were concentrated, he asked, 

“What about this?” 

Another henchman answered, “We are researching this cluster of energy, but we believe that it could give us a great amount of control over this valley of scream. Unfortunately we lost too many archives so understanding this phenomenon is taking longer than we thought.”

At the mention of the lost archives, the leader and all the others present clenched their fists, anger, hatred and unwillingness etched on their face. 

“Soul Society!”

Even though he was murmuring the name, the venom in his words was like a vicious curse. 

How could they not hate the Soul Society? 

One thousand years of exile. The once large clan was reduced to a few dozen individuals, none of them even had a zanpakuto in their possession and the memories of most of their Kido spells had been sealed. 

For one thousand years, they had to live in the infinity of space like bereaved dogs without a home to go back to. 

Every day, they had to fight for their life, observe as people dear to them died slowly but surely. 

The hatred they had for Soul society had long since gone past the level of being deep bone and was already mixed with their very being. 

Forcing himself to unclench his jaw, the leader shook his head before beginning to walk away, 

“No matter, this place is extremely well hidden. We have waited one thousand years, a few more decades are nothing. Once everything is ready–we will have our revenge.”

His red eyes shone eerily as he murmured. 

For their revenge, they were willing to go to any extreme. Even if the result was mutual destruction. 


[5th division; Seireitei] 

Sitting on his chair and dealing with some documents on his table, Aizen let out a smile when he saw the report about the joint mission between the research department, the healing department, the secret forces, and the Kido corps.

Even though the reason for such deployment was kept secret, how could he be ignorant of the reasons? 

After all–he was the cause of everything. 

“Everything is going according to the plan.”

Aizen adjusted his pair of glasses as his smiles stretched further, 

“Well then, this is my first true move. How will you answer? Will you quell at the first trial or will you become a sturdier obstacle?” 

Aizen murmured as a faint feeling of anticipation bloomed into his heart. 

Since he was such a variable, it was necessary to assess the level of Gojo earlier on. 

If this plan failed, he had another batch that could be used later, and if everything failed? 

Then, and only then would he act personally. 

He understood from a logical standpoint that such actions could very well push him toward his destruction, but it did not matter. 

Failure for him was impossible. For the simple reason that even if he failed in appearances, he would gain something else. 

(AN: For those who watched memories of nobody, then this plot will be easy. For those who didn’t, no worries. This happens basically 50 years before the film. So there will be many different things and as such, you won’t need to have watched the film to understand what I am doing. Also, Aizen is really the kind of guy I don’t want to face. Writing him is hard. Thankfully he is more of a schemer so I can limit his appearance. Anyway, I think I have set most of the pieces for the start of this arc. Hope it will be interesting for you.)

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