Waking up to the sound of birds chirping, Nanao looked at her surroundings, her eyes still heavy with sleep. 

When her gaze finally landed on her side, her eyes opened wide in surprise before her face turned as red as a tomato. 

Recollection of the events of last night filled her mind and she covered her face with her two hands because of the shame. 

‘So it really happened.’

She both felt incredulous and extremely happy. 

At the same time, she couldn’t understand what gave her such courage to try to seduce him. The curse aside, she knew that there were high chances of being refused.

Now though, she didn’t really know how to define her relationship with him.

She knew that as things stood now, trying to keep him for herself was impossible. But at the same time she hoped that, even if he did not stop his dalliance, he would at the very least lower their numbers.

At the end of the day though, the decision rested with him.

“Already awake?”


The sound of his voice caused her to jump in fright as she tried to cover herself with the blanket in reflex, movements which were stopped by Gojo.

“What’s the rush? I believe that we hold nearly no secret to each other, right? At least, physically that is.”

The grin on his face and the teasing undertone of his voice made her heart beat even more wildly in her chest. She stuttered a little, trying to find the right words, but all she could do was hide her face by using his chest.

‘What a cute creature.’

It was difficult to associate the current bashful girl with the highly competent and ever serious Nanao.

Caressing her hair lightly, Gojo’s lips curved into a gentle smile without his own knowledge.


After messing around a little with Nanao and taking a bath with her, she booted him out of her house before rushing toward the quarter of the 8th division.

Clearly, she was still too embarrassed to face him properly, even more so since they did go for another round during their bath.

In order to stall for time, she asked that they shouldn’t talk about their relationship until he at least came back from his mission. This would give her the time to calm down and assess the situation with a calmer mind.

Gojo did not particularly mind, after all, he himself didn’t know how to define their relationship. 

More than sex friends but less than lovers? 

Either way, it was a question for another time and as such began to walk in the direction of the Shiba’s house in order to recuperate Nemu.


[12th division, secret lab]

In the underground of the 12th division, Mayuri was currently revising some important documents when the door of his office was opened.

Stepping in was a tall man with short spiky black hair, three small horns protruding from his forehead, and wearing a white lab coat. He was Akon, the 3rd seat of the 12th division, and the vice president of the research department. 

Raising his head, Mayuri asked curtly,


It was well known that he absolutely hated being disturbed during his research. The only reason Mayuri did not immediately flare up as he would have usually done was that, like him, Akon had been incarcerated in the maggots nest as a ‘potential danger’ and was one of the founding members of the research department.

They shared a sort of camaraderie in a way, though if he had been disturbed for nothing, this wouldn’t stop him from lashing out at him.

Bowing slightly, Akon showed the document in his hand to Mayuri.

“Mayuri-Sama, I have read the document sent by the Kido corps and I need the authorization of vice-captain Nemu?” 

Mayuri frowned before waving his hands, 

“You have full authority to deal with it.”

He could not be bothered to read the document and believed in Akon’s skills. 

In fact, for many people, the true vice-captain of the 12th division was none other than Akon, while Nemu was more of a secretary. 

This was why the division did not fall into chaos even though its vice-captain was missing. 

Hearing Mayuri’s order, Akon frowned.

Anyone else in his place would have been happy since it meant grabbing for more power. 

But, even though he was not as crazy as Mayuri, Akon was still first and foremost a scientist. He did not wish to waste more time on paperwork when he could spend that time more proactively by studying or making experiments. 

Sighing, he resigned himself to the bothersome task, but still decided to ask, 

“What about Nemu?” 

He had heard that Nemu was now following Satoru Gojo, a powerful man who was gunning for the position of captain of the 3rd division. 

From the reports he read, he admitted that Gojo was an exceptional man. But he could not understand why his captain accepted to leave Nemu with him. 

Others may not understand, but as one of the main participants in project Nemuri, he understood deeply just how much of a miracle Nemu Kurotsuchi was. 

Be it, mod souls or artificial souls, they all had many defects and a limited ability in assimilating new knowledge. 

In short, they could not grow. 

For someone like Mayuri, this was something unacceptable. 

The Nemuri project managed to produce 6 results before Nemu. All of them were failures, with the 6th one only living for two years before dying. 

Out of them all, Nemu was the final result. Not because she was strong, but because she could grow, and Akon understood that for Mayuri, that was all that mattered. 

Hearing this question, Mayuri pondered a little. 

Why did he leave his greatest creation with Satoru Gojo? 

Was it because he was afraid? Certainly not. 

Mayuri feared many things, but death was not one of them. In fact, he would not mind dying since he wished to explore some legends about a dimension of legend, hell. 

The reason he accepted to leave Nemu with Gojo was that he wanted to observe how a completely different environment could affect her evolution. 

Another reason was that he had always wondered about one important problem. 

‘Is Nemu able to give birth?’ 

He had already studied her body and knew that she had all the necessary organs for reproduction, but he still wasn’t sure if it was enough. 

Another question that plagued him was,

‘If Nemu can give birth, what kind of genetic makeup would her children have?’ 

Those questions had been agonizing, but since he believed in the advantage of genetics, he had never tried to place Nemu in relationships. After all, he may treat her badly but she was still his greatest masterpiece. How could he allow any random low-class Shinigami to hook up with her?

Now though, the perfect specimen had presented itself. How could he miss such a perfect occasion? 

“… Mayuri-Sama?” 

Brought back from his thoughts, Mayuri frowned before dismissing Akon. 

“I have my own reasons. I give you full power to deal with this issue. Do as you see fit.”

“*Sigh* Understood.”

Seeing the dismal, Akon stopped asking and left. 

It seemed that he had a job to finish. 

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